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I couldn’t put this book down.  I was captivated by Antonia’s journey and her heartbreaking childhood. 
Many thanks to Random House and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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This story was a bit of a change from all the Danielle Steele story from the past. It had the least repetition of the books I’d read before. There are only so many ways we need to hear the same thing over and over again.  I will always read her books just because I don’t want to miss anything.
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Again my all time favorite author writes about gifted young woman that rappels with the legacy of a troubled childhood in order to peruse her dreams. Antonia Adams is the product of a troubled marriage between a young model and an aristocrat. As a child she is abandoned by both blamed by her mother, ignored by her father, and neglected by both. Unprotected and unloved she learns that the only way to feel safe is hide from the dangers around her, drawing little attention to herself, to be “invisible”. Books are her refuge and movies her escape. A day spent being carried away by an unforgettable film in a dark theatre is her greatest thrill. Her love of movies turns her dream to become a screenwriter and a job at a Hollywood studio. When a famous British filmmaker notices her, she suddenly is invisible no more. He wants to put her in a movie and make her a star. She is suddenly in the public eye and even more so when they fall in love.  She will never let go of her dream of becoming a filmmaker and if she takes the leap she will have to expose herself in ways she never has before. When tragedy strikes, she must decide wether she will remain center stage or become invisible again where she feel’s safest. Will she face her demons or run and hide? An incredible story of neglect and being ignored by the people you love only to become invisible to all until you find your true place in life.
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Invisible by Danielle Steel is a heartbreaking story about Antonia Adams and the loveless home she grows up in. The daughter of an irresponsible and disinterested model and an indifferent father, Antonia does her best to be invisible. After mother leaves her father's inability to love Antonia grows and she finds herself drawn to the movies.  Despite her father's protests, she persues a career in film and finds love that ends in tragedy.

Thank you to Random House Publishing-Ballantine and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this ARC.
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I am an avid Danielle Steele fan but this book was not one of her best.

The story line was good and although the book dragged for me she did pull it together in the end. I just could not identify with the main character ,Antonio and did not feel that she protrayed well in the novel. Some of the other characters were unbelieveably cruel, heartless and selfish.

Invisible did not appeal to me but I will continue to follow Danielle and look forward to her next book.
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Another great story by Danielle Steel. This is the story of how Antonia overcame a childhood in which she was neglected by parents to fulfill her life’s dream of becoming g a screenwriter.  DS has a way of  making you feel like you are right there with the characters, living every moment with them. A great book to read.
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I will always take the opportunity to read a Danielle Steel novel.. The stories are always solid and they never disappoint. Invisible is another novel in that category. A young girl, was born into a very unhealthy marriage. A mom who only thinks of herself and a dad that has the ability to be disconnected to both. As his business does better and better, his wife wants out. She wants to move to California and be an actress. Antonia Adams is the daughter left behind. Her mother never looks back and her father never nurtures their relationship. He actually removes himself, almost entirely. Antonia finds out it is best to be invisible to keep out of her fathers moods. She escapes into a world of books and the movies. She does well in school and makes no trouble.
The time comes when Antonia has to apply to colleges. She wants to be a film maker but her father is adamant against it. He doesn’t want her to become like her mother. But her step mother helps her get her way and she goes to NYU. Their relationship continues to be strained, father and daughter, but Antonia and her step mom become even closer. The years pass and Antonia is ready to head to California and make films. While on a film set a very respectful British director wants Antonia to be in his movie. She doesn’t want to upset her father but she feels like this could be the best move for her career. Her father is furious. But who could have thought that he would cut her off? After the movie comes out Antonia is thrust into the limelight. She turns out to be a great actress.. She is getting a chance to make movies.. and she seems to be in love. But will Antonia find peace? Will her father give in? Can she still be friends with her stepmom? There are many twists and turns and I felt this was a very good story.. I was continuing to root for Antonia.. This is the kind of story that makes you feel good.. This was a four star read for me.. I hope you enjoy it as well!!!
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In Invisible, Antonia Adams is the product of a loveless marriage.  As a child, she is abandoned and neglected by both.  She learns that the only way to feel safe is to hide from the dangers around her, becoming invisible. 
Books are her refuge and movies her escape.  Her love of the movies turns into the dream to become a screenwriter, and a summer job at a Hollywood studio.  A famous British filmmaker notices her, and suddenly she can remain invisible no longer, because he wants to put her in a movie and make her a star. The pair fall in love. Antonio experiences love, tragedy and becoming fulfilled and not invisible.  This is another great Danielle Steel book.
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Danielle Steel is one of my favorite authors and I can always count on her books to take me out of the chaos of life.  We have all wished to be invisible at one time in our life, but imagine being made to feel that you had to be invisible by your own parents.  I wonderful tale of growing up and learning about life and love.
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Invisible will tug at your heartstrings with themes of abandonment and trusting those you love. Antonia has had a rocky childhood fraught with feelings of not being wanted by parents who are self centered. While most of her young life she chooses to hide behind a cloak of “invisibility”. Somehow she manages to overcome her troubled childhood to find love but also more heartache. Through the love of reading and movies she becomes a success as an actress and writes screenplays. As she forges through life she once again begins to trust, however the life of invisibility comforts her at times. Thank you #NetGalley for the ARC #Invisisible.
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Love Danielle Steele and she can never go wrong in my book. Every book gets better and better and this one certainly did not disappoint.  So glad I got the opportunity to get to read it earlier!
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Invisible by Danielle Steel is a pleasant story about a young woman who wants to be, and stay invisible.  haven't we all felt that way at some time.This was a heartbreaking novel from start to finish, but one that I enjoyed because not everything was wonderful and it had a more authentic feel  thank you netgalley and the publisher for an e-arc in exchange for a review.
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I loved this story. You fell in love with Antonio's gentle demeanor and you wanted to protect her throughout the book. She had a rough childhood but she was an invisible fighter who was finally visible to those that truly cared for her and left an impact on everything she did.
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Thank you NetGalley for this ARC. This is my second Danielle Steele title to read. As I was not won over by the first one I tried, I decided to give the author a second look. Invisible portrayed a sweet but lost child that won over my heart. Antonia Adams life started in cruelty and remained that way until she was able to escape and make her own happiness. This book is heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. For parents to behave as they did is upsetting but also realistic of many, but at the same time we see a child that does not allow this cruelty to filter into her adult life and change her own sweet nature.  
Kudos to Danielle Steele for a great read.
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Invisible was a wonderful escape for a holiday weekend. I loved how Antonia stayed true to herself and her goals. There was just the right amount of romance and travel and ups and downs to keep me engaged and rooting for our protagonist and her successes. I thought Steel's descriptions of Antonia's emotional school years (invisibility) prior to college were a touch over the top, however. Thanks to #NetGalley for the opportunity to preview #Invisible by Danielle Steel. I really enjoyed it and am already looking forward to her next release!
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Another loved book by Danielle Steel. I love that Danielle Steel has found ways to reach deep into the childhood trauma of her characters and develop a story of perseverance and hope.
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I received an arc copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion of it. Antonia was born into a family where she was not wanted. Her mother never bonded with her from birth and basically refused to take care of her. Antonia's parents were in heated arguments all the time and as she felt it was something she did to cause it, she stayed out of the way and felt being invisible was the best. Her mom left her to move to California to try to become an actress. She was raised by nannies and babysitters as her dad worked all the time. He had so much hatred toward Antonia because of her mother. Antonia becàme enamored with movies at a young age and vowed that she wanted to be a screen writer.
I loved this book!!! It so reminded me of the author's old stuff. I couldn't put it down and finished it in a day!
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I have been reading Danielle Steel since the early 80's, and more recently her books have been hit or miss for me.  This one was enjoyable, but I did have a few issues with it.  As I have said after reading each new novel, where is her editor?  She repeats herself over and over again.  Enough!  Her books are so formulaic, but that hasn't stopped me or her other fans from reading!  Having said that, the story did engage me.  I did find it a bit far fetched that a 44 year old man would marry a 2o something recent college grad after only a few encounters, but hey its fiction!  

. We follow Antonia as she goes through life being ignored by her parents making her reliant on herself. After her mother leaves to pursue her Hollywood dreams of becoming an actress, Antonia spends her days getting lost in books and movies.

After many years of being 'Invisible', she starts to explore her passion of film making. When she meets a filmmaker on a summer intern job, he encourages her to come from behind the camera and in front of it..

She falls in love with this director, moves to Europe and has two children with him.  Tragedy strikes on one of the sets, and Antonia is forced to face life without him.

Public libraries will definitely add this book to their collection.  Patrons never seem to get enough of DS, myself included.
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Wow, Danielle Steele  has done it again and if possible even better. Her portrayals of feelings are amazing and this book has alot of " feels" she gets them all. This is Antonia's story from birth to adulthood. Raised by emotional distant father and a mother that resented her birth and left without another word at age 7. She learned at a very young age to be invisible to her arguing parents. Escaping into a book or just hiding in apartment. Growing up striving to make no waves, had no or few friends till college. Not going to recap entire plot, just going to say read this book. I highly recommend it, has all the " feels"!
Thank you to Net Galley, Danielle Steele  and Publishers for sending me this ARC in exchange for my honest opinions
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An emotional story about a girl who will do anything to remain invisible due to her parent's selfish ways.

Antonia Adams was born to a wealthy American father, Brandon, and a narcissist mother from France, Fabienne. Brandon fell in love with her when she waited on him several times in Paris. He always wanted a wife and children and not a society girl from NY. Fabienne just wanted to be an actress and have the world revolve around her. Brandon realized his wife's true colors years later after Antonia was born. Fabienne despised her daughter from the day she delivered her, refusing to nurse her or even hold her. Brandon fell in love with his blonde haired angel on first sight. But Fabienne hated when Brandon spent anytime with the baby. So to calm her down, he made himself ignore his child to keep the peace at home.

By the time Antonia was only seven years old, Fabienne was sneaking out to go party at clubs with her other actor friends and do drugs. With Brandon traveling so much for work, she knew she could get away with it. By this time, Antonia knew how to become invisible when they fought. She had several babysitters come and go throughout her young life, because her mother refused to take care of her. 

The night her mother left them for Hollywood, Brandon became someone else. A bitter man stuck with a seven year old that he didn't want to raise. He forgot that Antonia was half his. The one thing Antonia loved to do was write screenplays and go see movies. She'd go every Saturday by herself.  

When she was fourteen years old, her dad remarried a nice woman, Lara, who loved spending time with Antonia. It gave Antonia a glimpse of what having a mother would have been like. They went to the movies together on Saturday's and Lara saw her leave parts of her shell behind when they were together. She also saw the neglectful way her new husband was his only child. When Antonia applied for colleges, her dad wanted her to study law or business. She only wanted to go to NYC and study screenwriting. He was adamant that she would not be an actress like her mother, who never had a chance acting. She became a bartender. With a promise to never try acting, she went to the school she wanted.

She loved college. Every summer she worked for a movie studio. The summer of her sophomore year she was hired to work with a very prominent director. She loved the work and she had a small part in the movie because the director, Hamish, loved her look. The following school year, Hamish came to NY for the movie premiere and took Antonia as his date. She hated the paparazzi, but loved the movie. Weeks later, Hamish had a small part for her in his next movie that would shoot in June. 

Even though she only wanted to hide, he saw right through her, he helped her shine. He wanted to protect her from her father's cruel words. Her beauty shouldn't be hidden. He was 20 years older than she was, but they fell in love.

Her father was furious and refused to talk to her. She was still writing her screenplays and Hamish taught her so much about directing; which was what she wanted to do as well. Lara was the piece of family she had.

She graduated college and her dad refused to come to her graduation. Lara and Hamish were there for her. After graduation, she moved to London with Hamish and started her life. They made more movies, got married, and they were the "it couple." At the end of their last movie, Antonia realized that she was pregnant and they were thrilled. 

But when her husband dies in an accident, Antonia gave up acting all together. She was pregnant with their second child and alone. Hamish was the only person who made her feel safe. After giving birth to her daughter, she decides to move them to the States. She buys a big farm in Connecticut where she can raise her kids without the press following her.

There she spends the next 17 years writing and directing movies and raising her children. When she hires a new assistant director, she doesn't realize that she will find love again.

A powerful read.
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