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Blast from the Past

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I am fascinated with the idea of past life regressions. I sped through this book, not wanting the descriptions of her interviews with clients to end. I could listen to (or read) them all day.
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What an amazing book!  I felt such a sense of envy while reading the first two-thirds of this book wherein the author gives examples of supertrovies (past life memories bleeding through to the current lifetime.) The last third of the book consists of exercises to disconnect or connect to people & objects and healing through journeying to past lives.  Be prepared to be positively shocked and surprised not to mentioned healed.
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I have always been curious about whether I had past lives. Truth is I did not want to spend a great deal of money on it when I was just curious. Using the techniques in this book and the explanations for what a past life recall outside of hypnosis is made it possible. After doing the exercises and reading about what may have been my past I can tell you this book works and it gave me lots to ponder. The whole series of chapters are healing and positive. I recommend this book to anyone who has had thoughts about past lives or is curious.
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