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Loving Her Highland Thief is time traveling romance set in Scotland.  Honestly? When I read synopsis for this book all I could think about was Outlander and honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect. But luckily this was something different and much better. 
Kenzie and Mathias are likeable characters who made readers root for them since beginning to end. The story itself was well written and I couldn’t put it down. 
This genre isn’t my typical read but I really enjoyed this book. If you’re looking for fresh romance this is the right choice. 
Thank you to NetGalley, the Publishers and the Author for an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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Love time travel books. Kenzie can give as good as she gets. I like it that she is also from the Highlands in the future. That her, her dog brodie and the ram Ramsey went thru with her and how protective they are. Mathias is in for a rude awakening at how brave she is and a strong woman in her own right. Things get testy when they start calling her a witch among other things. Plenty of suspense, action and heat. Great story. HEA.
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I love a time travel romance, especially when they are in Scotland.  This book begins with a bang.  SHe runs into a battle while chasing a dog.  From 2019 to 1203, she is in for a huge shock.   

THe heroine spends her time determined to get home only to make an about face into I must stay in this horrible time for this man forever.  

It was okay but not terribly memorable.
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This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.

I love time travel romances and always extra love to those Scottish time travel romances!  It was fun to see Kenzie  as she arrives in the past and not realize it then learn how to live in the past.

Mathias and his clan members are not too impressed when they meet Kenzie but that changes as the book progresses - some for the better and some sinister.

It was hard to put the book down and just had to keep reading to find out how it worked out - did she stay in the past or did she go back to her time???  Would Mathias give up leading the clan for love or was duty more important??  

The second romance was kind of sweet and unexpected and I enjoyed it along with the conclusion and the HEA!
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Tracking her runaway sheep Kenzie MacMartin and her Brodie, her wee dog,  end up in medieval Scotland where she thinks she’s stumbled on a reenactment of some sort history on her land. Mathias Stronach questions his sanity in laying claim to the strangely dressed woman and her vicious wee dog. I love Kenzie she’s worried about her farm and Mathias is trying to keep the crazy woman safe and alive. A captivating story of time travel and a 21st-century farmer and a 13th-century warrior. A great beginning to a new series. I have voluntarily read and reviewed this great book with a story so intricately woven story in this excellent time travel romance to find a love of a lifetime.
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Readers should know that this one does have insta love. But it works perfectly well for the story.  I actually really loved how this one unfolded and I need to read book two ASAP!  The setting and feel of the story was great and I think readers of higher ya as well as adult will fall for this one.
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Sheep farmer Kenzie MacMartin and her trusty collie are searching for a valuable escaped ram.  The caves that she goes through will take her somewhere she never imagined. 

Mathias Stronach and his men are in the process of stealing some Highland cattle when he has to rescue a strangely dressed young woman.  

This is a time slip,  historical romance.  Our twentieth century heroine is in for a very difficult time.  Our medieval hero has more than his share of trouble without a crazy woman turning up to cause more.  Lots of fun, danger and great characters.  

I loved it.
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ends up in medieval Scotland in the middle of a battle! Coming from the 21st century has her a little scattered at first until she figures it out. Luckily she sheepdog and the sheep they were chasing come through with her.

Mathias, a highlander,  protects her and takes her back to his keep. Let the adventure begin!! 
A strong attraction, entertaining characters, including the animals, secrets and of course a little culture shock bring this story full circle.  

Will she stay or go back home?  An entertaining, fun story  that will leave you only wanting more!
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I enjoy time travel stories and really enjoyed Kenzie and Mathias's story.  Story was very well written.  Kenzie was from 2019 and ended up in 1203 with Mathias in the middle of a skirmish.
Loved all the characters - Kenzie, Mathias, Lilias, and Annag.  However, I think the animals, Brodie and Ramsay, stole the limelight a time or two.  Maeve Greyson included a nasty villain and suspense to keep your attention.
Great Story!
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I really wanted to like this book, but it just left me feeling underwhelmed. I probably would not have finished reading it if I did not receive an ARC. However, I am still glad I read it to the end. 

It’s a cute story, and I actually really like starting in modern time and going back in time. However, I just couldn’t get past the dreaded “insta love.” There was too much Stockholm Syndrome and not enough development between the characters. 

Also… I hate to say, my feminism got the best of me with this book. Normally this is never an issue when reading romance, because let’s face it, that is what we are here for. But, I had a hard time turning my brain off when she… ahhh, now that would have been a spoiler. O_o

I will post the rest on goodreads so I can cover the spoiler for those who do not wish to read it.

All in all, it was ok.
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Loving Her Highland Thief by Maeve Grayson is a new book in as series, Tome to Love a Highlander, which promises to be more time travel, as was this one. Kenzie MacMartin was chasing her very expensive ram into a cave when she felt odd, an odd trembling: must be vapors. When she came out the other side, she found a group of re-enactors; re-enactors who did not have permission to be on her property. Her dog, Brodie, was having none of it as well. She started taking names. She would be reporting this and pressing charges. It all of a sudden, dawned on her that something was not right and she asked Her "captor" what year it was. With his reply of 1203, she nearly lost it. The finest of this group, Mathias, had taken charge of her and was protecting her from other who may have been less honorable. Within several days they were back at the keep and then things really started happening. It turns out the internal politics of 1203 are every bit as complicated as modern politics. 

Mathias had never been in love, but he was now, for all that he was betrothed to marry the laird's daughter, Lilias. Fortunately, she was no more interested in the marriage than was he and so she helped them. Everything was interesting, especially the secrets. Everyone had some. Mathias was strong, intelligent, and honorable, and wanted Kenzie although he knew it made no sense. Kenzie grew more and more enamored herself, although she missed her da and brothers. Navigating past men with ambitions and men from other clans was more difficult that it would seem when all of them wanted you dead. It was a good story, although I cam not a huge lover of time travel. It had plenty of action, romance, and friendship. It had everything. I recommend it.

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of Loving Her Highland Thief by Dragonblade, through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #netgalley #dragonblade #lovingherhighlandthief
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Author Maeve Greyson has created a fun Medieval Highlander Time Travel story that ends with a HEA. I enjoyed this book however it is not one of this authors best stories, I much preferred her Highland Heroes series beginning with book one The Guardian and her Highland Hearts Series beginning with My Highland Lover — I just feel like those books / series were more emotional. 

The MC in this story are Kenzie MacMartin (from 2019) and Mathias Stronach (from 1203) and as with all time travel tales Kenzie does not adapt well at first when she realizes she has been hurled back to the medieval era. The romance between these two was pretty limited as they went from Kenzie fighting to return to her time to all of a sudden declaring she loves Mathias and staying with him. There are other sub-plots woven into the story that I am sure future books will fully explore. I just wish this book was meatier as I felt like a lot was skipped or skimmed over. 

I will still be looking forward to the next book of the series!

3 Stars ⭐️ | 3 Flames 🔥
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A Scottish lass wanders into a cave only to come out in 1203. Bewildered she is captured by a Highland Warrior who is as stubborn as she. As the personalities clash the outcome is inevitable… love! The story captured me right away and I was drawn into the emotional turmoil of this strong-willed lass. The decision between her life & family isn’t 2019 or he heart in 1203 made for a compelling dilemma. The bond with her animals was a nice touch, her and Brodie (her beloved border collie’s) relationship is incredibly endearing. The story was beautifully written and the characters go straight to your heart.
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What's not to love about a 21st-century farmer and a 13th-century warrior in a time travel romance?  At least Kenzie MacMartin has her history books to fall back on, but Mathias is thoroughly confused by the woman in strange clothing and peculiar speech. Kenzie thought her day was going badly when she had to chase the recalcitrant Ramsay down with her sheepdog Brodie, but emerging from a tunnel in a cave and finding herself in the middle of a battle, did not factor into the equation. Whilst Kenzie's main concern is getting back to her farm and her family, Mathias is more concerned about keeping the feisty woman safe.  The attraction between them is real, but how can they possibly follow their hearts when there are so many hurdles to jump.  I found this novel romantic and entertaining and loved the inclusion of the stubborn ram and the loyal Brodie. I received a copy of this book as a gift through Dragonblade Publishing and NetGalley and this is my honest and voluntary review.
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Kenzie  MacMartin chases her ram through a cave in 2019 only to find on the other side she is now in 1203.
At first she thinks a group of re - enactors are trespassing on her land but it soon become obvious that something is not quite right.

Mathias kidnaps Kenzie and plans on taking her back to his clan. Kenzie has other ideas and tries to escape so she can return to the cave and 2019.

I loved this time travel romance. It was well written with great characters. I especially loved the ram and the dog in this story as it added a touch of humour and they were always there to protect Kenzie when needed.
It also had just the right amount of romance for me. 

Cannot wait to read book two in this series.
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I loved the portrayal of Kenzie’s perspective of finding herself in the year 1203, pure shock!  She begins with being ‘kidnapped’ by Mathias while still reeling and trying to wrap her mind around time travel while he thinks she could be an enemy.  The energy between Kenzie and Mathias jumps off the page as they try to forge a relationship.  Though drawn to each other, Kenzie pushes to return to her own time.  Matthias is torn between his love for Kenzie and his duty to his clan.  

The secondary characters are worth mentioning, especially since two of them are animals, a dog and a very expensive sheep.  Those two make quite a team.  Lilias and Annag will keep you guessing with what they will do next.  Nothing is as it seems is a way to keep you entertained!  

Kenzie is not only a brave, independent heroine, her use of her shepherd’s crook throughout the book is pretty amazing.  I loved how Kenzie would use a term from the 21st century keeping Mathias confused and wondering what she was talking about.

Such a great beginning to a new series!  Time travel and a Scotsman, cannot ask for more.
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I liked this historical time travel romance.  It was just what I needed to read in an afternoon.  It had the right amount of suspense and romance.  As it was my first read from Maeve, I look forward to more from her.

I received this book at my request and have voluntarily left this unbiased review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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I really enjoyed the first book in this new series.
It was extremely well written, but that’s not a Surprise coming from the pen of Maeve Grayson.

The characters are wonderful and entertaining, and I adore the animals incorporated into their owners lives so much, each with their own personalities and tricks.

Mathias, Kenzie, Annag and Lilias are all good characters with larger than life personalities and problems.
Their lives are about to be turned upside down by a run away sheep.
Wether in the end it’s for better or worse?
I’ll let them tell you their story.

Five stars for sure. 

I received an Arc copy of this book and chose to post this review
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The Highlands, time travel, and romance, what is there not to like!

This book definitely gave me Outlander vibes.  Kenzie chases her ram through a cave in 2019 and ends up in 1203.  Then enter Mathias battling against another clan. The rest is history.

While the romance part is obvious, I actually really enjoyed the animal sidekicks, Brodie and Ramsey.  They always seemed to add complications or aid at the right times.  The best part that lightened up this book a bit is the modern saying that Kenzie kept letting slip out confusing those in 1203.  

The only part about this book I had wished was a bit different was a slower pace to the romance.  A little extra teasing in the middle might have help in latching on to that part of the book more.

This book was enjoyable and had the right amount of suspense and fun to keep me interested in reading more!

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me a digital copy of this ARC for my honest review.
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