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Pleading the Fish is the 7th (and seemingly final) book in the Seaside Café cozy mystery series by Bree Baker. Released 29th March 2022 by Poisoned Pen Press, it's 336 pages and is available in mass market paperback, audio, and ebook formats. It's worth noting that the ebook format has a handy interactive table of contents as well as interactive links. I've really become enamored of ebooks with interactive formats lately.

This is an engaging and well written small town cozy with a female  protagonist (complete with potentially slightly magical seagull and cat, requisite handsome lawman romantic interest, and wise aunties dispensing advice and sweet tea (it's a southern thing) with equal abandon). The pool of suspects is small, and although the denouement and resolution are fairly easy to guess beforehand, they're well written and satisfying. It's a fast and very easy read - light cozy mystery and quite entertaining. The language is squeaky clean and there's no graphic gore or sexual content. 

The authors have provided an extended epilogue at the end of the book which ties up loose ends and gives a look at the future for the cast of characters. Although it's self-contained, since it's the last book in the series, it will spoil the endings for all of the characters if read out of order. 

Four stars. Entertaining and readable. The authors have included some recipes for sweet treats in the back of the book.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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Pleading the Fish
by Bree Baker
 Poisoned Pen Press 
Pub Date 29 Mar 2022 
Mystery & Thrillers

I am reviewing a copy of Pleasing the Fish through Poisoned Pen Press and Netgalley:

Pleading the Fish is the seventh and final book of Bree Baker's critically acclaimed Seaside Café Mystery series, and it does not disappoint.

Everly Swan's wedding plans are upended by a dead body. She'll have to run her teashop, find a dress, and catch a murderer all before she can walk down the aisle!

Everly Swan like every Swan woman before her, is cursed in love. The only problem,  is that her fiancé Detective Grady Hayes has something to say about it—he doesn't believe in magic and is determined to prove the curse wrong so they can spend their lives together. Everly wishes it could be so simple!

After a historian looking into the Swan’s history is found dead in an antique wishing well, and Everly fears the curse is spreading. Grady takes the case, looking to find justice and prove the curse wrong, while Everly does a bit of investigating on her own. Big change is coming for Everly and her friends, but with mysterious strangers lurking about and someone leaving increasingly threatening messages for the happy couple, Everly's not sure she'll get her happily-ever-after!

If you’re looking for a fun, weekend read, or a book to enjoy on the beach, them I’d recommend Pleading the Fish.

Five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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Although I'm sad this is the last book in the series, the author wrapped everything up in a very satisfying manner. The characters are interesting (as they always are), and there were plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing whodunit.

Huge thanks to the author for all the books in this series. I can't wait to read whatever comes next.

Many thanks to Poisoned Pen Press and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book My thoughts and opinions are my own and without bias or favor or expectation.
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Pleading the Fish is the seventh entry in the “punnily” (my word) named series, following on Partners in Lime. As readers can no doubt deduce from the title and the cover, this book is a cozy and will certainly appeal to readers of not too violent stories. I know that I find myself enjoying cozies more and more as the world goes scarier and scarier; I so welcome the escape.

This time, in what which the publisher indicates is the final book of the series, readers find all the genre’s ingredients including, literally, someone who uses ingredients as a cafe owner. There are also a picturesque setting, murder and an amateur sleuth in Bree. There is also her police foil and fiancee.

Stakes are high here as Bree does not want her nuptials destroyed by a murder. She and the women in her family are reputedly cursed in love; will she get her happy ending? Even though readers know that the case will be solved, they will enjoy the story along the way.

As an extra gift to readers, there are recipes included in the book. Enjoy!

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own, including that I am sad to see the end of Ms Baker’s run with these titles.
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In short: The final cozy installment in the Seaside Café Mystery series. 
Everly Swan has her hands full with running her tea shop, breaking a curse, getting married, and solving a murder of the local historian researching her family curse. Now Everly and Grady must solve the mystery before they say I do! 

What to expect:
🌊 Outer Banks setting
🌊 Cozy Mystery with romance included as the main character Everly is getting married. 
🌊Fun, memorable characters. From Everly (who drives you nuts by putting herself in danger all the time) to her fiancé Detective Grady to her aunts and the family curse. 
🌊Solving a murder with lots of suspects and twists

My thoughts: I dreaded reading this book because I didn’t want the series to end. I have loved this series and these characters so much and this final book was a fantastic ending! I laughed, I cried, I gave the book and the town of Charm a big hug. I cannot recommend this series enough, especially on audiobook!
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This is the 7th and final book of the Seaside Café series. If you've made it this far, you already know what you're getting into. A very selfish woman who people like for some reason in a town where everyone is nice, cool, and fun except Everly.

This is possibly my favorite of the series. The mystery was wonderful, loved the look into the Swans past, and the side character round up was just what I wanted =) especially the Town Charmer reveal. Called it :P

The real hero is Lou. What a gull!
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I realized this was the final book in the series before I started it and that felt like a letdown and wasn't the best way to start the book. The issue I had with this one was that it just didn't feel like the previous books. I felt like the author was trying to wrap up all the loose ends of the series and it felt forced. I did love the characters and the setting, the mystery was well done and it was still a good read. Just wasn't my favorite of the series.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press for this ARC.  I am leaving this review voluntarily.   This was a satisfying conclusion to a delightful series.  I admit that I teared up a little.  It is like saying goodbye to a group of friends.   Everly and Grady are preparing for their wedding.  Amelia is leaving for a year long book tour.  The aunts are riding high and love is in the air in Charm, North Carolina.  The festivities would not be complete without Everly stumbling upon a body.  She is devastated when she learns the body is that of a local historian who was helping Everly find more information about her family.  She still believes the Swan women are cursed in love, and Grady is determined to prove the curse is a myth.  This final installment will culminate all of the character's stories that have been building since the first book.    The memories of Lou the seagull, Maggie (the mysterious cat), the boisterous loving relationship with the great aunts, the blog named the Town Charmer with a mysterious author and Everly's love/hate relationship with her fitness watch are what make this series and this book such a delight to read.  The ending of the book was actually quite a surprise for me.  I loved the way that Bree Baker wrapped it up with a nice tidy bow with a few shed tears!   The town of Charm will live on in the hearts of readers who fell in love with a little town on the outer banks of North Carolina.
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Thank you to NetGalley for sending me a free arc in exchange for a review. All the opinions are my own.

I have been a fan of the series for months and I was soo sad when I heard that this book was going to be the last. What an ending it was!

I feel like every single character, minor or major got a well deserved closure. The author really took the time to give us a beautiful ending.

The mystery aspect was the best out of all the books in the series. I was really shocked at the end.

We got a three part epilogue that was really well written. It felt like the best closure ever.

Please, pick up this series. It’s soo good and perfect for summer (but all year long let’s be honest!).
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The Seaside Cafe mystery series is one of my favorites. This is one book that you really shouldn’t read unless you’ve read the others in the series. It won’t mean nearly as much if you don’t know the events leading up to this finale. It makes me sad that this is the end, but it was spectacularly done.
The mysteries are set on the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Everly Swan is the main character and her family has been in Charm for hundreds of years. Grady Hays is the local law and a cowboy.
Everly still has her insatiable need and curiosity to solve the murder. Grady is great at saving the day.
Everly and Grady are engaged. In Pleading the Fish the reader learns more about Swan history, the curse and family recipes as Everly prepares for the wedding. We learn more about Northrop manor. The town charmer’s identity may be revealed. Old feuds may be mended. Characters’ stories develop. It is a beautiful wrap to the series. I appreciate the author’s sensitivity to the reader’s need to see what the future holds. She told readers on Facebook that we wouldn’t be disappointed and she delivered. Thanks Bree Baker for a lovely read.
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All good things come to an end and here we are with the final book in a very good cozy series. I'm glad that Bree Baker, wearing her other writing hats, continues to entertain this reader. With a wedding in the near future Everly Swan is worried about her family's curse. If the past comes true, her future groom will soon be dead. Most brides just worry about the perfect dress, the venue, the food, how long will the guest list be, etc. etc. On top of the curse, she is a murder magnet, finding bodies all too often. This is not the time to have to investigate a crime but it drops in her lap when the woman researching the Swan family is killed. With her groom, Gary, doing his job as the investigating officer things get complicated.
As this is the final chapter for Everly and Gary along with her family and friends, I was concerned that all the threads wouldn't be tied up, questions would go unanswered but I was very pleased with the result even if I didn't want to say goodbye. The mystery was engaging and I read it faster than I had planned. It was that good.
My thanks to the publisher Poisoned Pen Press and to NetGalley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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I have dipped in and out of this series and kicked things off in book 2 with 'No Good Tea Goes Unpunished', followed by book three 'Tide and Punishment'. I have yet to read book one, 'Live and Let Chai' and book four, 'A Call For Kelp'.

In this one, Pleading the Fish, the seventh instalment in Bree Baker's Seaside Café Mystery series, protagonist Everly Swan is living her busy life and has agreed to marry her fiancé, Detective Grady Hays provided certain conditions are met. Her seaside café and iced tea shop, Sun, Sand and Tea, is doing all right on the island of Charm, on the Outer Banks, North Carolina. But things turn sour when a historian, Susan, hired to research Everly's family, is found in a wishing well.

This wonderful cozy mystery, set on the small island of Charm was both compelling and enjoyable. With a fantastic plot, the characters are very well drawn by Bree Baker but I am gutted that this is the last instalment in the series. A perfect book to enjoy with a mug of tea and a treat or two, the clever writing from Bree Baker continued to impress me which held me in its enthral until the end. The conclusion was a surprise and the author did a wonderful job wrapping up the story and the series.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Poisoned Pen Press via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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I knew going into this book I was eagerly waiting for it but dreading when it was over. The way the author gave this series its sendoff was just amazing and so perfect! I absolutely loved the ending and I'm not gonna lie, there was a LOT of eye leakage at one point, but hey it's beloved series and having a good book cry is perfectly fine. I know I can revisit the series anytime I want simply by reading it again.

Everly got into a real pickle this time when hunting down the killer. The showdown was epic and so cool that her self-defense training with Grady came in handy. There was a side story involving Amelia and some good news she'd gotten as well as the aunts who were at first avoiding some guy they thought was stalking Clara. But that turned out as good news as well.

I've never read the total ending of a series that I liked as well as this one! As I said before, it was absolutely perfect! I'm not going to give away one little clue 'cause you'll need to read it to really appreciate it! I may have picked up the ARC for this book so I could read it sooner, but I'm definitely buying the Amazon digital version of it too. It's that worth it!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by Poisoned Pen Press via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.
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What a fitting ending for this wonderful series! There was a mystery here and it was a focus of the book but for me, it was more about the people and the relationships that have been building throughout the series. All loose ends are tied up. Bonus points for FINALLY revealing who the Town Charmer is. I loved this one so much and am sad to see the series end but this was really the perfect ending.
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I’m simultaneously so happy because of this book, and series, but so, so sad to be leaving Charm. This is the final installment in the Seaside Cafe Mysteries series by Bree Baker. The series follows Everly Swan, local cafe owner and amateur sleuth, as she seems to constantly find herself in the middle of all the action in her small town in the Outer Banks. Each and every one of these novels has brought me such comfort and joy over the last few years, I’m sad to leave my fellow Sippers behind! This was an extremely satisfying ending to a lovely, warm, and comforting series. Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for this honest review.
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Lemon cake is to bolster a hero's heart.

I have really enjoyed this delightful series, set in the coastal town of Charm, North Carolina, on the OBX, Outer Banks, and am sad to see it end as it is a favorite. But that being said, Bree Baker has done a wonderful job of tying up loose ends of different characters and situations while giving us an enjoyable final mystery for Everly Swan, owner of Sun, Sand, and Tea Shop, to investigate. Everly owns an old Victorian house right on the beach with a tea shop on the bottom floor, lives on the second floor, has a third floor, and widow's walk. She comes from a family of strong women, who seem to have a curse of losing their men at a young age. She was raised by her grandmother and great-aunts, Fran and Clara.
Swoon-worthy Detective Grady Hays loves Everly, and she loves Grady. She has agreed to marry him if the curse can be proven untrue. But Susan, the woman she hires to research her family is killed. Everly is determined to find the killer and why she was killed. This is another scary and crazy time of sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong to get answers but a mystery that I didn't guess beforehand.
Changes abound in Charm with friends and family...even an enemy. Lovely story and series that I will miss. I plan to check out the author's other series.
I received a complimentary ARC from Poisoned Pen Press and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. These are my own thoughts and opinions.
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Pleading The Fish by Bree Baker

Every Swan’s wedding plans are upended by a dead body.  she’ll have to run her tea shop,find a dress, and catch a murderer before she can walk  down the aisle.  Enjoyed this book.  I recommend it.

Thanks to Net Galley for sending me an advanced reader’s copy for my review.
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This was everything I wanted in the final book of this incredible series. Everly and Grady have been my companions the last several months and to see everything culminate in this story was so much fun! Watching Everly wrestle with the curse that has plagued her through the series and solve a murder and plan a wedding was so so much fun and Baker did an amazing job weaving all the plot threads together. I did wish a little more attention was given to wedding plans as I've been waiting for that moment forever, and I was a little sad that the wedding wasn't shown because I wanted all the details on it, but overall, this book was so satisfying, and I couldn't be happier with how Everly and Grady's story ended. I'm going to miss them (and gorge myself on lemon cake now).
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This is the final book in the Seaside Cafe Mystery series, I am so sad to see it end after 7 books but Julie Anne Lindsey ended it in the best way. . This books has all of our questions answered, a good mystery, and we get a glimpse into our favorite characters futures to end things perfectly. A perfect finale to a perfect series! And as always, I love Lou! 🕊🕊
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Is there a curse on the Swan women?  Everly is afraid that there is while her fiance Detective Grady Hayes does not.  This is the last in a series and while most of the installments are fine as a standalone, this  will probably be most appreciated by those who have followed Everly through her journey.  The mystery, which is twisty enough to satisfy, was less important to me than seeing how Baker wrapped things up. And then there's the epilogue.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ArC.  Gonna miss this series.
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