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Buckle up and get ready to charge into a adventurous Sapphic valkyries and Norse Mythology novel filled with descriptive landscapes, enchanting fantasy elements and fierce badass Valkyries. 

This book is perfect for you if you enjoy any of the following: 
📍Norse Mythology
📍Queer MC
📍Underdog story
📍Animal companions 
📍Slow burn romance 

We follow Sigrid, an orphan and stable hand who with everything in her wants to become a great Valkyrie. Without a horse her dream seems less likely every day, until one day the Eye reveals to her a vision of who she is to become, hope is sparked and she sets out to fulfill everything she was shown. With a threatening attack on Vanaheim that results in Sigrid killing a mere of an enemy valkyrie. This enemy, Mirriam is tasked to bring Sigrid to Helheim after the incident and Sigrid accompanies her while setting out to fulfill the vision she was given. 

The story gave me a lot of Percy Jackson elements which I loved, I also enjoyed the immense growth Sigrid went through as a character. Mirriam was an absolute compassionate sweetheart, and I love the contrast between her and Sigrid and yet how well they fit together. I am also a sucker for a slow burn so this was right up my alley. It was jam packed with beautiful descriptive scenery and adventures and I can honestly say there wasn’t a moment I was bored.
I think my favorite part of the book was Sigrid’s relationship with her horse Hestur and the beautiful bond they shared.

Overall it was a good book, I think I might have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t YA, but as an adult reader I still found it enjoyable enough. 

Thank you NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for this ARC.
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A Sapphic YA fantasy as described by the author's promotional materials, this book lives up to the claims. There is an awareness if the pitfalls of the tropes used which I appreciated. What the book lacks in refinement, it provides with the Norse mythology references. It's an enjoyable read.
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Thank you, Entangled: Teen, for allowing me to read The Valkyrie's Daughter early!

This Norse-mythology-infused sapphic fantasy was definitely a thrilling reading experience, action- and emotion-packed, I loved seeing Sigrid's development and her blossoming feelings for the treacherous Valkyrie Mariam. I will undoubtedly recommend this to students.
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This book was a fun, easy read and I liked it quite a bit. I would definitely like to read other books by this author. The only piece I'd like to mention is at times the pacing felt a little off, but the writing was still well done.
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I am a big fan of Norse Mythology, so I was very excited by the premise of this book!

I give the premise of this book 4 or 5 stars. I love that the focus was on Sigrid trying to figure out who she was and where she belonged. She has big dreams and yearns for more, and by the end realizes she's right where she's supposed to be. I also loved the idea of Sigrid and Mariam together. Unfortunately, the writing just didn't execute the story as well as I had hoped it would.

The book has so much going for it--Valkyries, visions, Norse mythology brought to life! But it felt as if the author went very surface level with everything. The battle scenes were very repetitive, and everything that happened on the journey felt very convenient and didn't give me any surprises as a reader.

Sigrid and Mariam's relationship didn't feel fully flushed out to me, though I love a good enemies-to-lovers trope. I would have liked to see the author dig more into most of the characters so the reader really felt involved with them and their stories.

While it may not be for me, I appreciate what the author was trying to do and the representation this story offers.
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First off, a big thank you to both the Author and NetGalley for allowing me first access to this incredible story.

This book was soo good. As someone who loves anything to do with Norse Mythology and Vikings, this was right up my alley.  The story begins with Sigrid, a stable hand, who is the lost amongst the world of high-flying Valkyries, with only her Midgard horse- Hesture, she finds herself stuck in a life she knows she's better than. In this life, she's bullied, and held down by bother her peers and superiors. It's not until her home is attacked and a precious artifact is taken that we get to follow s Sigrid as she goes on an epic journey to not only retrieve the stolen stone, but unveil the truth of her past while finding both love and friendship along the way. I plan to purchase this once it becomes published, I found it appropriate for YA and older adults alike.
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"The Valkyrie's Daughter" by Tiana Warner is the story of Sigurd an orphan in Vanaheim who wishes to join the Valkyrie's but faces many obstacles. 

I would give "The Valkyrie's Daughter" by Tiana Warner a 3-star review because, 1; I love Sigurd 2; the main character reminds me a lot of one of my favorite video game characters 3; I love the action and Norse concepts of the book but 4; something about this book just didn't get along with me.
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All I had going on in my head while reading this book was The Pirates of the Caribbean theme song, and it was a wildly good time. The first 20% of the book was a bit chewy and little bit hard to get into, but the story begins to flow super amazingly especially when Sigrid means Elina. Also this story was so gay!! Wish I had this back in my little questioning days. By the end I was sprinting through pages because I was so invested. Book 2 now plz!!
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3.5 stars! (coming out May 3, 2022!!!)

**Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

~PETITION! Please change the cover back to the original blue one with the woman warrior on it! It looked so awesome and unique. Unfortunately, the current yellow cover is not one I would pick up :(

+ Canadian author
+ LGBT+ rep: lesbian
+ themes: Norse mythology, valkyrie legend, horse girls, proving your worth, loyalty, bravery, strength, destiny/fate vs. choice
+ Sigrid: a highly-skilled equestrian who is one of the valkyrie stable hands
+ plot: Something important is stolen away to Helheim (Hel) and Sigrid must team up with the thief, Mariam, on the journey to recover it and fulfill her destiny.

/ This is shelved as YA, which IS appropriate. However, many YA novels these days are skewed older in themes/writing style. This is NOT the case with this book. If anything, I'd say the writing is lower YA, nearer to middle grade almost. (It probably isn't appropriate for middle grade since it has battle scenes.)

- The breadcrumbing in here is as subtle as a hammer. But, again, that might fit the lower-YA target audience better than a 31yo lady (me).
- The character relationships are VERY dramatic, in a near-hyperbolic way. Again, can't tell if I would have loved that when I was 13 or not... it's been a while.
- The battle in Hel essentially happens 3 times, in the exact same way... It felt a bit repetitive and I wished it had been executed differently.

TW: child abandonment, animal cruelty, animal death, death, bullying
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Unfortunately this book just wasn't for me. Over the past couple months I keep picking it up but I just can't keep myself interested. The start was very slow which some people enjoy I sadly am no one of those.
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I gave feedback in Nov 2021 when it was named The Helheim Princess but it must have been erased when the title changed names. 

This was a quick read and super enjoyable! Though this book seemed targeted for teens (I’m in my upper 20s), it was easy to get lost in the story and the pages seemed to fly by. I honestly wish I read this book in high school. 

The characters are flawed and relatable and the MC’s strength and resiliency is inspiring. The horses were by far my favorite characters. I loved how the author was able to show the horses’ personalities even without dialogue. 

The descriptions of the worlds had a good amount of detail and the author was able to portray the atmospheres of each scene so that you could feel like you were there. 

The slow burn love side story is just intense enough to hold interest but not ✨spicy✨ so it’s definitely appropriate for younger readers. 

The only negative opinion I have about this book is the chapter titles. The titles often gave away what was going to happen so I ended up trying not to read them to avoid spoilers. 
This book could definitely be a standalone book but I’m excited to read more about this universe in the following books and the author’s take on Norse mythology. 

Side note: I now have an urgent need to take up horseback riding 

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Norse mythology? Valkyrie? Night elves? Flying horses? An LGBTQIA+ romance? The Valkyrie’s Daughter by Tiana Warner had everything I wanted, and I WANTED TO LOVE IT SO BAD. But it just didn’t connect with me — not the pacing, not the writing, not Sigrid or any of the other characters. And I really wanted to love it?? But it really (tragically) wasn’t my thing.

While I didn’t finish The Valkyrie’s Daughter, I hope that, if the synopsis/aesthetic/concept resonates with you, you still check it out. Who knows? This might just become your next favorite read.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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Thank you to Entangled Teen for a e-arc copy to read and review.

I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure with Sigrid and Hestur. There are Valkyries, Night Elves, Royalty and Gods all wrapped up in this quick paced adventure. This is an underdog story, and who doesn't love an underdog. 

I loved all the worlds, and world building and definitely recommend.
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The Valkyrie’s Daughter (weird title change since from what I remember she is not the daughter of a Valkyrie) is a sapphic fantasy novel inspired by Nordic mythology. It is categorized as YA which I think is not entirely accurate. Sure the it has all the outward characteristics of a YA novel (including a 16 year old protagonist) but it honestly reads more like a middle-grade book. Which is in no way a bad thing, I just think it’s worthy of note. I also think the old cover (while beautiful) was also aiding in that, it made me expect a way more adult story.
But enough of the formalities, how was the book? Really good! I did enjoy it a lot. The first half is a little stronger than the second but the whole thing is rather entertaining.
I do like all the main characters, Sigrid especially. She’s likable without being a pushover, makes mistakes but acknowledges them and feels true to her age (16).
I also really like the relationship between her and Mariam. It didn’t feel rushed and was very cute, exited to see how they continue from here. Although I think the romance aspect of this book is not as extensive as the synopsis and marketing make it seem.
The plot is fine. It’s a little formulaic which might annoy some readers although I don’t really mind. What I did mind is something I always hate in books: All the female characters other than our protagonist and the love interest are catty, condescending, and jealous. It’s not quite ‘Not like other Girls’ territory because Sigrid doesn’t look down on them but it’s still noticeable. It’s just not something I enjoy, and I think this trope can do real harm to young readers when they see it in a lot of books.
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I feel in love with this story instantly. I'm sucker for mythology and this book was perfect.  Even if you're not a fan of mythology,  this book is wwwaaaay to live and you won't want to put it down
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2.5 stars.

It's interesting, but nothing special. This is another one of your typical YA fantasy books. A strong female protagonist, who is strong willed. It is enjoyable to read, a quick read, but no longer what I look for in books. I would a 100% recommend this to a younger reader getting into the Fantasy genre.
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I have not read much Norse Myth but I want to! This story starts with Sigrid who is a stable hand for the winged horses. The strange thing is that most girls are BORN with a matched winged horse but Sigrid was born with a Midgard Mare. So she can't fly and train with the ither girls, she has to clean their tack instead. I loved traveling thru the Norse Worlds from Vanaheim to Helheim and the Gaint Snake Jorgumnundso and Garvir the dog that gaurds the underworld. Sigrid was a great character that grows and shows true spunk! Great read. I read The Witch's Heart previous to this and it helped a lot with the words and names of Norse characters!
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First off, let me just say that I adore this new cover & title! I read this book when it was called the Helheim Princess, but I think current this title sounds so much better. I know that it's awful to judge books by their cover, but I can't help doing it (internally!) sometimes. It's not a deal-breaker for me, but I really hate it when book covers have a picture of a real person on them. The new cover is absolutely stunning and if I were walking through Barnes and Noble it would definitely pique my interest enough to pick it up. 

I love books based on any type of mythology, so I was so excited to read this one since I haven't read anything based on Norse folklore before. I really wanted to dive into this world, and The Valkyrie's Daughter did NOT disappoint. 

The main character, Sigrid, was so easy to fall in love with, and I empathized with her struggles (always love an underdog!). Throughout the course of the book, she goes through an extremely well-written journey of self-discovery and transition that I thoroughly enjoyed reading about. I loved her bond with Hestur — it was such a great example of the lasting friendships that humans can form with animals. 

The romance was also adorable, but I'll admit that it was kind of forgettable too. I understand that the focus of the book wasn't on the love story, but I would have liked a little more of it. 

It was definitely a slower start than I would have liked, but the pace did pick up once I got a little way in. I also didn't like the writing at times — some of the dialogue felt awkward and stilted like it was just there to move the story along. 

Excited to see what happens next in the series!
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The Valkyrie's Daughter was a fun Norse fantasy. It's written more like an urban fantasy than high fantasy so it would be great for younger teens or a starter high fantasy. It features a f/f romance, adventure, Norse mythology and warrior girls.
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In other news I guess this one has been updated.  New title, new cover, and a new release date.  Well this one may not be coming out until May now but I am doing my review now.  This was a cute norse story. This horse loving girl was all in a flutter with this story of a girl who bonded with a regular horse.  I loved the mythology and the story and the characters and I can't wait for book two.
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