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Charlie Gibson kills a man in self defense who ends up being the brother of a very vengeful mobster, and when she finds a severed finger on her doorstep, she decides it's time to get out of Dodge, fast! The only place she can go, seeing as how she has no money, is Hawaii, where she spent her childhood and where her mother still lives. I mean, there are definitely worse places to go!

I thought this was a very fun book. The premise is far fetched, to say the least, but if you could look past that, it was a good read. I loved that the main characters were all strong, independent women, other than Charlie's mother, who just couldn't seem to talk about anything other than her daughter's lack of a sex life and her single-minded need for her daughter to find a man and get married. That was really annoying. 

There was a semi-romance set up between Charlie and the "infuriating-but-smoldering-hot cop" but it felt forced. I would love to see that delved into further in a more organic way.

Since this was an audiobook, I have to say that I thought the narrator, Khristine Hyam, did a fine job with the different characters, and she injected a lot of feeling into her reading, which was great.

All in all, I enjoyed this cozy mystery, and look forward to reading any further books in this series as I can see the promise in this book.

4/5 stars.

Many thanks to NetGalley for an audiobook arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review
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this was a fun read.  there was an interesting way to get the MC back home, conflicts for her, and a twisty mystery to solve.  There are some great sidekicks for future fun, and possibly a love interest in the wings. I look forward to reading more in this series
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I listened to this book and I really enjoyed the narrator. It is a short and sweet cozy mystery which is certainly going to have additional installments coming soon! The quirky Dot and Rosie were my favorite characters. 

I will be looking out for the new books! 

Thank you #NetGalley and Blueberry Books for giving me the opportunity to listen to this!

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A good fun mystery set in Hawaii with Charlotte and her 2 elderly finds who decide to solve a murder.
They get into some situations which are dangerous and sometimes fun.
In all a great fun mystery with god characters.
Really enjoyed listening to.
The narrative was good.
Voluntarily reviewed.
Looking forward to more stories.
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Charlotte opted to return back to her home town Maui, Hawaii to keep herself safe and sound away from a mobster. While at her new job, Charlotte met a business man who sometime later was found dead and his company posted a reward for those who could locate the killer. The story about starting life anew in the home town, renewing old friendships and forming new friendships. A very interesting story about friendships and solving murder mystery. A book for readers who love the combination of finding love, friendships and solving murder mysteries.

#AlohaAlibi #NetGalley
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blueberry Books , Independent Book Publishers Association and Members’ Audiobooks via NetGalley for my honest review of the book.   The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own thoughts, feelings and viewpoints of the book.
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So my sister was skimming through Netgalley and came across this book she thought I'd like. Aloha Alibi is a cozy mystery and debut novel by Jasmine Webb. The story starts with a very shocking introduction to the lead character, and Charlie's life stays strange for the entire book. She is definitely not the stereotype amateur sleuth we normally find poking around. Plenty of cozy mystery charm that is key for a story like this, but there is also an edge that I appreciated. The crack team she assembles is fantastic, coming together in the most unconventional way. I'm sure a romance is coming down the storyline somewhere, but for now Detective Jake is doing his best to lend a hand to this fun and powerful female team.
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I really liked this audiobook! Usually I have trouble keeping my focus when I listen to audiobooks, but this one kept me hooked. 

It was a fun and cute read that takes place on beautiful Hawaii. Except for the story I also have to give a big thumb up to the narrator. She had a perfect voice and good pace. 

I will continue in the series.
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Thank you Netgalley for an ARC audio copy of Aloha Alibi in exchange for an honest review

Charlotte Gibson, was working in a jewelry store in rainy cold Seattle when a local mobster decided to rob her store. She recognized him right away from his infamous family, but he had the jewelry and all he had to do was leave. When he turned the gun on her she had no choice but to fight back, grab the gun and shot him, dead. His goon family did not take that lightly and began threatening her so she escapes back home to her sunny Maui. She needs a job to afford her own places and begins working at a local ice cream shop. A mysterious business man that she serves at the shop is murdered minutes later. A large reward is offered to find his killer and Charlotte decided to take the opportunity but along the way meets a pair of zany older ladies looking for the killer too; antics ensue.

This is a light fun caper story set in beautiful Hawaii, with interesting characters, I really liked her best friend. It is predictable and a bit far fetched but it adds to the charm of a quirky mystery genre. Would recommend this to fans of the Miss Fortune or Hula Maidens series of the same style. I had the audio version read by Khristine Hvam who did a great job and was easy to listen to
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Aloha Alibi is a debut novel by Jasmine Webb. I received an advanced listener’s copy of the audiobook from NetGalley in exchange for my review.

I’ll start with some things I liked. Charlotte, or Charlie as she is known to her friends, is a well-developed and likable character. I like that there are two older women as supporting characters. The vibe of the book is humorous and light-hearted even though it is a murder mystery. It definitely falls into the cozy mystery sub-genre. The story is well-paced. Khristine Hvam does a good job with the narration.

Now for some things that I feel detract from the story. The premise of the book isn’t believable. The path to solving the case is more luck and coincidence than skill. Charlie’s mom’s constant efforts to get Charlie a man so that she could have grandchildren seems uncaring towards her daughter’s feelings and irrelevant to the plot. There are several places where the author tries to insert social commentary into the story, such as police brutality, bribery by politicians, etc., but none of them are developed as an integral part of the plot. As a result, they feel episodic and make the story a bit disjointed. It is hard to understand the actions of some of the supporting characters because they need a bit more development. All these things are common to a debut novel.

I see the bones of a good series. There are two more books out now with one planned for release in early 2022. Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley. #alohaalibi #jasminewebb #netgalley
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I really enjoyed the characters in Aloha Alabi. Charlie and company are interesting and fun to follow. Hawaii makes a great background. 

I look forward to listening to the next book in the series.
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This book was interesting from the beginning, but as the story went on it didn’t hold my attention. The main character solves a crime with her two older female companions and I was reminded of the show Only Murders in the Building. Fans of True crime  podcasts will enjoy this journey that many listeners wish they had the means to do themselves. It puts you in the roll of the amateur detective. All in all it wasn’t bad, but bit my cup of tea.
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I want to thank Netgalley and the author for gifting me the audio version. A cute murder mysteries book. The narrator did a great job!  It does seem a little bit unrealistic but it is not over the top. If you want an easy read this might be for you.
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Charlie’s staying with her mom in Maui to avoid the mobsters threatening her in Seattle. Working a job at the local ice cream shop, she finds that one of her customers is killed on his way to the airport after leaving the shop in the taxi she called. She’s determined to find out what happened, solve the case, and get the reward money. Entertaining characters and mystery in a wonderful location! Great start to a series!

Wonderful narration -- voice, pacing, expression!
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Delivers what you want from a cosy mystery - quirky characters and scenarios you need to suspend your disbelief for.  Unfortunately, I couldn't connect to the characters.
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I actually listened to this book as an audiobook also provided to me by netgalley and i absolutely loved it! i found the storyline so engaging and loved the two older characters. i think they contrasted so well with the protagonist. i adored how the book was so heavily focused on females and although there was a slight love interest it was more about friends and family which was so positive and refreshing. it was very easy to follow and i look forward to reading more books in the series. the narrator took a while to get used to as ive been recently listening to british narrators but after a couple of chapters it was absolutely fine. loved the book and would definitely recommend.
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I had the ebook with me when I got the chance to listen to the audiobook, and I took it. It was an interesting experience as the narrator kept me hooked until the end.
We begin with our leading lady in a tight spot, she is being held at gunpoint, and things do not get better from that point on. This first part is when Charlie is on mainland USA, and she is leading a small life with a variety of jobs, enough to sustain her for extended periods.
The events in the first chapter slowly precipitate her leaving for her sort-of hometown of Hawaii. Her mother and best friend are on the island, and she now wants to build a temporary life until she can run back 'home'. 
This thought process does not last long since opportunities come her way to better her life and maybe even help her family and friends. It is a pretty solid start to a series, and I liked the reason that facilitated her investigation. This latter part is usually not as believable in many of the cozy mysteries that I pick up, but here there is an obvious need for the tale to turn the way it did. The build-up was good, and the characters were very entertaining. The mystery's conclusion was mildly surprising but not completely out of the blue.
 I might not have liked it as much if I had read it (I wouldn't know now since I have the individual voices in my head). I would read the rest of the series (given a chance) and recommend it to others who like this genre. 
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.
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Aloha Alibi by Jasmine Webb is the kick-off book to a new series.  The book opened at a fairly fast pace with the main protagonist, Charlotte (Charlie) Gibson working in a jewelry store in Seattle and being confronted by a bungling burglar who during the course of the robbery was shot and killed by Charlie.  Because this burglar happened to be in a crime family, Charlie became a target of revenge and subsequently relocated to her hometown of Maui, Hawaii.  Upon her arrival in Hawaii, Charlie quickly decided that she needed to find a job so she would not have to live with her mother for very long.  On her way home from her first day on the job in an ice cream parlor, she came across a crime scene where one of her customers from that day was murdered.  When the family of the victim offered a sizable reward for the identity of the killer, Charlie became determined to solve the case and use the reward to enable her to move into her own place.

As the story progressed, Charlie met up with a variety of characters that included a couple of senior citizens who were also determined to solve the case, a pair of police detectives, and several individuals who had reasons to be involved in the murder.  I was particularly impressed by the author's ability to develop the two senior citizens into individuals who possessed unexpected skills that greatly improved the team's ability to solve the crime.  Unfortunately, the pace of this book fell off and in some parts were more about filling in the history of the various characters, Charlie's mother attempting to discuss Charlie's love life, dipping lightly into social issues such as police ineptitude and brutality, bribery of public officials, and going off subject by injecting an unrelated crime of stalking into the story.  Hopefully, future books in this series will be able to move forward and remain more on point throughout the body of the story without devoted excessive amounts of space to additional history of the characters and positions on social issues.

Hopefully, future books in this series will This book was provided to me in audio book format and I was impressed with the ability of the narrator to maintain the different character voices throughout the reading as well as being able to inject proper emotional inflections for specific scenes.

Overall, I would give this book an average rating because of the off topics issues but am more than willing to give this author a second chance on future installments of this series.

I received a free audio copy of Aloha Alibi through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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What a fun book! The narrator was sooooo good! Love the characters, especially Charlie! Love her sassyness! The setting is in Maui, Hawaii where Charlie is returning home from stateside, and goes in hiding from the criminals that are trying to kill her. She of course leaves one crime scene only to get involved with another. Although this time there is a $100,000 reward, which she desperately could use since living with her mom is driving her crazy after a couple of days. She winds up partnering with two senior citizens, Dotty and Rose and the laughs continues with this who done it, If you love cozy mysteries, this does have a different spin to it. Written with a sense of humor throughout, of course the actual solving of the murder is a little far fetch.
Thank you NetGalley for this ARC. I am voluntarily posting an honest review after listening to  an Advance Reader Copy of this story. #NetGalley #AlohaAlibi
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🎧 Audiobook Review 📖 
Aloha Alibi
By: Jasmine Webb

So I’ve been deep into my Christmas reading when this popped up in NetGalley and I thought, oh, that looks warm. It’s been SO COLD 🥶 here in NY so I thought an escape to Hawaii was just what I needed. 

Charlotte “Charlie” finds herself in the middle of a heist gone wrong, and when her new stalkers leave her a “gift” she high tails it home to Hawaii and her baby crazy mom. And somehow, manages to get wrapped up in a murder. 

This book is super cute, super funny and has everything from spunky “old” ladies, a hunky cop, and so much more. The plot moves right along, and it had some really great, funny bits. A quick listen, I was pleasantly surprised to learn it was the first in a series! I can’t wait to read the rest of them!
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Aloha Alibi is a debut novel by Jasmine Webb and the first book in what is planned as a murder mystery series Charlotte Gibson Mysteries. 

It’s a short, cozy, fast paced murder mystery set up in Hawaii.

I listened to the audio book version narrated by Khristine Hvam. For me narration was very good, not at all annoying or distracting. 

At first, I didn’t think I’ll like this book much but over time it grew on me. It suffers from some problems I noticed in other debut novels, it is sometimes heavy with dialogues that can be little stiff or basic, in audio version it worked fine, almost like you are sitting by the characters while having a cup of coffee, but I’m not sure how it works in written text. Some transitions between scenes are awkward but nothing deal breaking. 

I think that length of the novel, lighthearted approach and humor that was handled pretty well, definitely go in favor of the story and mitigate shortcomings of the book.

The characters are good, Charlie, Dot and Rosie have the most screentime, and I guess other such as Zoe and Jack will be further developed in the future. 

The story has some troubles with structural points. There are scenes that lead to nothing story wise and are more episodic. Maybe they are setup for future books, but it would be better to focus more on the main plot and not to veer to future plans because “detective” work is rushed in places and characters just tumble into clues and solutions. 
Examples, Mild Spoilers ahead: For example, in the opening of the story Charlie kills a mob member and is therefore threatened with her life what leads to her coming back to Hawaii. Never again is this mentioned or has any influence on the story except as her “badge of honor”. Then we have a guy stalking her best friend, Zoe. He stalks her, she gets restraining order, he stalks her again, they beat the crap out of him, he ends up in jail and that’s it, the end, no connection to the plot.

There is a lot of attempted social commentary in the book such as police brutality, police failure to act, strong female characters, bribery of city councilmen and American patriotism. Which in itself is ok, but sometimes these episodic stories and are created solely for the purpose of conveying a message with no connection to the plot. And in times characters word them out so often it’s annoying. In one scene Charlie was unlawfully shocked with electric taser by the policemen. She mentions it every single time she sees Jack to the point it interrupts each natural conversation they are having. I believe this aspect of the story could have been handled better. 
Overall, I’ll still give this book 3/5 stars, but it is a strong positive 3. I’m interested in how the writer will develop her writing style and what comes next for Charlie and her companions on the beautiful Hawaii. 

Thank you NetGalley and Jasmine Webb for free copy of the book in exchange for honest review.
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