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My Sister's Big Fat Indian Wedding

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This was fantastic! As a South Asian, it's so refreshing to see such beautiful South Asian representation that truly captures what it's like to be living in the diaspora. I love Sajni Patel's writing, and I loved loved loved the two main characters!
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From the first paragraph, I knew this book would be a good one. I immersed myself into the book from the first chapter and I cannot say enough good things about this book! Honestly amazing! The writing is incredible and the plot is just one to die for. I am absolutely obsessed with this book. My favorite part would have to be the character development throughout the book. Character development is something I look forward to and this book did not disappoint.
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This was a fun read. It had a lot of the tropes I love (black sheep, will they won't they) and I really loved learning about all the Indian wedding traditions.
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Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this amazing book! 

As a South Indian I truly enjoyed reading about the wedding, all the festivities, family interactions and all the events leading up to the big day. 

Zuris oldest sister is getting married and as the sister, Zuri has an important role to play in ensuring everything goes perfectly and without any hiccups. 
During the wedding week, Zuri has an opportunity to audition for a music scholarship. Between juggling wedding prep and dance rehearsals, she has to find a way to prepare for one of the most important auditions.

I how Sajni Patel wove a story about family expectations, following your dreams while detailing the many wedding events. It was wonderful to read this during the pandemic when all the big events were put on hold.

Highly recommend!
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This was an absolutely adorable read, and it always feels nice to see my own culture reflected in books like these. I loved the MC's relationship with her sisters and her parents, and it was just a wonderful book on South Asian joy. It most definitely gave me extra feels because I have a cousin's wedding coming up to look forward to! Absolutely recommend this to anyone who is brown like me and wants to see themselves in a story or anyone who wants to get a glimpse of how the culture and traditions around South Asian weddings are (this being a Gujurati wedding).
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A beautiful YA romance that's full of diverse characters, backgrounds and I learned a lot about Indian customs in weddings. I can't wait to read more YA from Sajni Patel!
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I loved how this book shared Indian wedding traditions with the world, and so many other pieces of Indian-American culture as well. I personally found the central romance a bit lacking in development and appeal, but I did relate to a lot of Zurika's struggles in attempting to pursue an artistic passion and maintain a positive relationship with her family amongst her role. Overall, I loved the writing style and premise of the book, and the representation of Indian weddings, but would have loved a stronger romance.
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This would be a great book for anyone who enjoyed Bend it Like Beckham, as it has elements of the main character preparing for her own older sister's wedding while she herself strives for a goal of attending Julliard to play pop-rock violin.  I loved the character's voice and personality throughout the book, and the love interest was swoonworthy.  This was such a fun read, and a great escape!

I highly recommend this fun wedding season read for all readers.
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Ok, so I’m like obsessed with this author’s adult romance books and was excited to receive a copy of this YA novel! One thing I loved about this book was how much detail was given about Indian wedding traditions. It was so so interesting reading about so many cultural customs that I wasn’t familiar with before reading. 

The pacing of the story was really nice as well. The amount of conflict ratcheted up with each wedding event as the days drew closer to the reception itself and I enjoyed how easy it flowed. I also enjoyed that the main focus of the book was family and following your ambitions and while there was a bit of a romance involved, it was not the focus of the main character. 

I will definitely be recommending this book to fellow YA readers! 

3.5 rounded up
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I’m not Indian, but I am an ethnic person living in North America, and I loved reading about characters who went though experiences so much like mine.  The entire book revolves around the main character’s sister’s wedding (I know, shocker, right?), which offers the opportunity to the author to weave in the many traditions of an Indian wedding.  And weave in she does, expertly and quite naturally.  I learned so much about traditions related to Indian weddings without even knowing about it – and I realised this when, shortly after finishing this book, I had a conversation with an Indian friend about her upcoming wedding and I realised I knew what she was talking about.  And this is one of the beautiful parts of fiction; we enter into a world that welcomes up with open arms and, if we let it, allows us to experience new things without ever leaving our reading chair.  Patel’s book is a charming read with an obvious ending that makes it possible to relax and enjoy the ride in all its glorious details.
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My Sister’s Big Fat Indian Wedding - Sajni Patel 

This was such a fun read, and I really enjoy Sajni Patel’s writing! I tend to enjoy her adult romances a bit more than her YA books but I still really liked this. 

We follow Zuri during her sister’s wedding week. Zuri is auditioning for a music scholarship (she plays violin), but she has to sneak around, because the auditions are during wedding events, and her family wants her to go to law school. 

I love how supportive Zuri’s cousins were to help her get to her auditions. Zuri meets a cousin of her future brother in law, and he is also auditioning, as a singer. They bond over their love of music and it was super sweet. I also really loved seeing all the different Indian wedding traditions. Family was a really big focus of this book and I really loved that. This is just a story about Zuri following her dreams, while not wanting to disappoint her family, with a hint of romance sprinkled in. It was a joy to read.
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Sanji Patel does it again! I find her writing to be delightful and full of joy, descriptive and full of life. Her own admiration of her personal culture and the intersection of Americanization is so beautifully woven together. This book I’m particular held a special place to me as a musician myself, the heartache of wanting to pursue a field that your family feels will never get you far financially but makes your soul soar. The characters were easily likeable and while there was no “real” villain there was the drama of being a senior in high school and battling time and your family’s expectations.
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Love this Indian Wedding! So much beauty, tradition, and a spectacle worthy of Bollywood. I could just see them in their finery, chosen specifically for each piece of the ceremony. I thought I had a ton of details to keep track of when my sons got married. That was nothing! The musical ambitions of Zurika and Naveen are another fascinating part of the book -- and their meet cute plus sweet, budding romance. Inspired by the wedding of the author's brother, the book is full of rich detail. Want to go to a wedding?
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Man I love sajni’s books. Her writing style is mind blowing, so captivating and easily creates a visual in your head. This was such a cute and fun read and it just had me there smiling and giggling 🤭 I just know if Sajni ever wrote a book with the arranged marriage trope I would EAT it up like it’s my last meal.

Reading this has me wishing I can experience this type of story at a wedding too😩

I wish we got an epilogue tho :(
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My Sister’s Big Fat Indian Wedding is a cute meet story with meddling older relatives, a generation of supportive cousins, and two teenagers trying to follow their hearts and desires while finding more than they planned on.

Family expectations weigh heavily on Zurika, whose true calling is violin. A gifted musician, with a penchant for hip hop, her family expects her to enter a suitable profession, such as becoming a doctor or lawyer, and leave her music as a hobby. Her cousins conspire to help her follow her dream while fulfilling her role in her older sister’s upcoming wedding.

Her plan may be thwarted when she finds herself caught sneaking out by the groom’s brother, who happens to have a similar plan and is part of the musical competition at the auditions she is sneaking to. Following her dreams may lead to more than she bargained for.

Disclaimer: A copy of the book was provided by the publisher.
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I really enjoy Sajni Patel's adult books. However, this YA felt flat to me. The characters feel like I've met them before, I've heard the dialogues before, I've seen the scenes before. It's a fun premise, but not a new one. I felt almost a bit bored from the start because it didn't feel that original, and the YA voice felt a bit whiny.
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such a fun and cute read!

it felt like spring romance come alive — hence why the release date was so perfect. 

i loved how it was a completely fresh, new story while still using a multitude of tropes that one can’t help but love. the characters were very lovable and i did find myself rooting for the main leads.
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Zurika Damani is a gifted violinist who wants to pursue her career in music but her parents want her to become a lawyer like her successful sisters. Zuri has a shot at getting into her dream music college by winning a music competition. Unfortunately, the competition is during her sister's wedding weekend. While Zuri sneaks off to audition for the competition she meets Naveen her future brother in law's cousin who is also sneaking off to audition for the same competition. The book takes us through all the wedding events and how Zuri tries to realize her dreams and gives us a sneak into her chemistry with Naveen.

This was a cute read, that authentically represented a Gujarati wedding in great detail. Zuri, Naveen and all the side characters where sweet and likable. Even though the book was loaded with a lot of cliches, it was still an enjoyable read. 

Thank you Abrams books for sending me an ARC of the book.

Rating - 3.5 stars
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Everything about this book spoke to my soul as a South Asian-American, from Zuri wanting to follow her dreams instead of following her predetermined path set by her parents, to the family relationships and lavish wedding events.
I loved the romance aspect as well, Naveen Patel definitely could be the love interest in a '90s Bollywood movie played by Shah Rukh Khan.

4.5 stars
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My Sister’s Big Fat Indian Wedding is such a fun and cute read! There were actually times where my cheeks hurt from smiling so much! 

Zuri dreams of attending Juilliard, but her family has other plans for her- follow in her older sisters’ footsteps towards a future in law. On top of the stress of college admissions and a music competition that could be the key to starting her music career, Zuri also has to juggle the responsibilities of being sister to an Indian bride, who has made it very clear that everything must go perfectly. Oh, and don’t forget about Naveen, the cocky and charming rival her mom wants to match her with. What could go wrong in one week, right?

The beautiful descriptions of the food, outfits, and wedding festivities reminded me so much of weddings within my own Gujarati family. I could feel the energy and excitement coming up from the pages! Growing up, I was always surrounded by relatives and family friends, so reading about Zuri’s brought back many memories of loud dinners and get-togethers. 

One of my favorite things about this book (because trust me, there were many) was the importance of music. Music is not only a passion for Zuri and Naveen, but also a way for them to express and cope with emotions. Music is also a huge part of the wedding festivities, which I thought the book highlighted well. It just wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t a dhol player or a DJ hyping everyone up. 

I absolutely loved the chemistry between Zuri and Naveen! Their rivals-to-lovers arc had me hooked, and I looked forward to their interactions with one another. I also couldn’t stop myself from squealing whenever Naveen flirted with Zuri or when Zuri, to the best of her ability, tried to avoid catching feelings.

This is later than I expected, but thank you @PiqueBeyond for providing me a NetGalley copy of the book in exchange for an honest review! I loved the story so much, I just had to get myself a physical copy when it released!
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