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Eli And The Mystery Of The Hallowshine Dragon

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Unfortunately this expired before I could get to it. I apologise for that. If made available in the future please email me.
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Thank you to Twenty Two House Publishing, the author, and NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.  

My son was riveted as I read the book to him.  It is a good introduction to fantasy and to the concepts of quests in stories.  It is touching how Eli immediately takes off to help her friends.  I like the moral at the end of the story that through the quest she has learned something about herself and that she realizes that there is even more to learn.

The drawings are beautiful and ethereal.
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This book was gorgeously illustrated with a really sweet message. I wish I had a copy just to look at all the beautiful illustrations!
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A moon elf has to save a baby bunny that fell from the window that turned into hard rock candy.  She and the mom go on a quest to find who can fix him.
Twenty Two House Publishing and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy now.

There are dangers on the way to find the Hallowshine Dragon but they only have until sunset to save the baby bunny.  They get scared but they continue on.  

When they find the dragon, he's crying.  Eli knows what to do.

Will they be in time to save the baby?
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With beautiful illustrations by Ekaterina Ilchenko, Eve Cabnel takes us on a journey with unicorns and faires. Eli and Luna must save Lunas baby and that means finding and confronting the Hallowshine Dragon before nightfall. Courage and determination with the power of friendship at its core, this is a cute read.  This little book has all the fantasy characters included with adventure and friends. Something kids typically love. Thank you Twenty-Two House Publishing for letting me read this little gem.
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My 5 year old and I loved this book. The story is fun and the illustrations are beautiful. Stunning, really. We'd get to the end and she'd want to start over. It's a beautiful story of friendship featuring unicorns, rainbows and fairies. Oh, and a scary beast to defeat. What more could a little girl want? it really was lovely. 

Thanks to net galley and the publishers for our electronic ARC copy in exchange for our honest review. Loved it.
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A story of true friendship, bravery and of believing in yourself and what you can do.  Very inspiring!   The drawings are colorful and the prose can easily be understood.   Length is just right for a bedtime tale with just enough conflict and adventure.  Overall a good reading experience to jumpstart a love for reading.  

Thank you, NetGalley for this ARC!
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This is a really hard book to rate and review. The illustrations are absolutely lovely, luminous and colourful and appealing. The text, on the other hand, is overabundant and weak, with grammatical errors throughout. And the quest is ultimately a bit pointless.

Eli, a moon elf, is friends with many forest creatures. For some reason, nasty sugar crystals have appeared. If touched, they'll turn a person into rock candy. (A bit dark, I know.) Anyway, a baby bunny gets himself turned into rock candy, so Eli and her friend Luna set off to find the Hallowshine dragon. It has magical spit that will undo the rock candy curse... but only if it's used before nightfall.

That's a decent enough story, but the ending ruins it for me. Basically, the whole object of the quest turns out not to be necessary, and Eli pulls a deus ex machina to solve their problem. Perhaps if we'd known more about Eli and her origins, this resolution might not have seemed so abrupt and convenient.

I can see some readers really enjoying the illustrations in this one. What's annoying, though, is that the illustrator isn't even credited on the cover! It's unfortunate, given that the pictures are the real strength of this book. Children might like listening to the story, but be aware that the book is somewhat heavy on the text, so it might take a bit longer to read.
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Eli And The Mystery Of The Hallowshine Dragon, written by Eve Cabanel and illustrated by Ekaterina Ilchenko, is currently scheduled for release on October 23 2021. A moon elf’s journey to undo a dragon’s curse illuminates the power of friendship. Two courageous friends adventure through lands of unicorns, fairies, and magical rainbows to confront a terrifying beast with a surprising wish. In a beautiful enchanted forest lives a moon elf named Eli and her friend Luna. When Luna’s baby bunny is turned into hard rock candy by magical sugar crystals, the friends begin a journey to do the impossible to reverse the curse: confront the terrifying and legendary Hallowshine dragon for a drop of its healing saliva. In their race against time to find the dragon, Eli and Luna meet magical creatures and travel through various dreamy lands including the Abyss of Time, a marvelous unicorn’s kingdom, a whimsical fairy’s home, and a waterfall with enchanted golden shoes. A magical lesson is learned about how love, friendship, and acceptance can heal all if you have courage and believe in yourself.

Eli And The Mystery Of The Hallowshine Dragon is a fantasy picturebook. First, I need to say that my favorite thing about this book is the artwork. The illustrations are beautifully done, and worth a look all on their own. I looked through the book more than once simply to admire the artwork. I will be keeping an eye out for more from the artist. I was less impressed with the story. The plot and characters were cute, but I felt like the text and story line was a little inconsistent or scattered. There were a couple times that I had 'wait, what' moments or felt like something had been repeated. I think there was great potential here, and the framework for something amazing is here, but it just did not come together for me. Perhaps one more editorial pass would have pulled everything together and made it work more for me.
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At first I was really drawn in with the illustrations and the fantasy and thought this would be a really great introduction to fantasy books for very young readers. I think it’s too long for a picture book and the pace is very jumbled. There are a lot of elements in a short amount of time and it reads like a made up bedtime story told by half asleep parents. I know because I’ve told similar stories countless times to my own children. Overall I think it’s just ok and there are little fans of faeries and unicorns and dragons out there who would enjoy it but probably not as many parents who would enjoy reading it to them.
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Eli and The Mystery of the Hallowshine Dragon reminded me of the fantasy stories and movies I would watch as a young child. It brought me back to the joy and enchantment I felt watching movies such as The Last Unicorn. This magical children's story was filled to the brim with creativity and imagination and even had a sweet message about not judging others based on their reputation. The art work is equally whimsical, imaginative and delightful.  

I really want to give this story five stars because it has so much potential and there is so much wonderful about it. Yet somehow it feels a little incomplete to me. I read an arc digital version of this book and I get the feeling that this story is best read in physical form to really bring the magic alive. 

My toddler son loved the images as well. 

I am giving this a tentative 4 1/2 stars but I do feel perhaps it would be more enjoyed and deserving of a higher rating as a physical copy of the book. 

I definitely recommend this for parents and children who want to read a magical story with some beautiful illustrations. But, get the physical version.

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A big thank you to NetGalley and Twenty Two House Publishing for the ARC.  I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  This is a childrens book.  It is beautifully illustrated, and is a fantasy/mystery/quest.  I enjoyed reading it as an adult.  My only thing was why did the dragon talk like Yoda?  Wise I am?  None of the other animals had odd speech patterns so why the dragon? It just reads funny.  The kids I read it to asked what about all the other animals that turned into hard rock candy?  So hmm.   A 4 stars from me.  I think most children would enjoy.
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Note: Review updated as the author fixed the printing issues. 

4 Stars 

Eli is a moon elf who lives with her friends in an enchanted forest. When a baby rabbit falls on a sugar crystal and turns into hard candy, Eli and Luna, the baby’s mother, race against time to find the Hallowshine Dragon. It’s the Dragon’s tears causing the sugar crystals, and only the Dragon can save the baby rabbit from becoming hard candy forever. 
The illustrations are super fab! I love the play of colors, the detailing, and the magical setting. The illustrator gave life to the story. 
The story is a typical adventure that ends with a moral lesson. For me, it’s the illustrations that are a huge hit. Kids who love fairy tales will enjoy the book. I do wish the author creates a series for Eli and the enchanted land. The setting is superb, and the moon elf seems like a beautiful character to know. 
I received an ARC from NetGalley and Twenty Two House Publishing and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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I feel like this is how you get a child hooked on high fantasy. This is a picture book, but honestly it was a very in depth, fairly fleshed out book. I loved the illustrations and thought the story was fun. I think there are a lot of adults who would happily read this to their kids in hopes that this will help them to love the genre later in life.
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Eli and the Mystery of the Hallowshine Dragon is a fantastical tale of Eli, a moon led, and her best friend Luna who go on an adventure to save Luna’s son. Along the way we meet a whole cast of characters, including a unicorn and fairy. 

This book is beautiful. The illustrations are colorful and pure magic. Any child who likes animals and mythical creatures is sure to enjoy this book. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy.
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This book is very adorable, the graphic illustrations are stunning and the story is really cute! Eli and Luna's journey together is wonderful and the ending is great! Would recommend for a cute Halloweenish book for your kiddos!
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This is a very Beautiful and cute book and I think children will love it. The colours and the illustrations are beautiful and bright and draw you in to want to read this book and it’s lovely story.
Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this book.
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Thank you #Netgalley for the advance reader copy of Eli and the Mystery of the Hallowshine Dragon by Eve Cabanel in exchange for an honest review. The illustrations in this book were so beautiful! I read through it twice just to look at them. The storyline was sweet and had the message of friendship and working together. I thought this was a great book for kids. My niece and nephew will love it.
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