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Beyond Fame and Fortune

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Beyond Fame and Fortune by Afsaneh Varzaly. 
Finding A Hero book 1.

It’s not easy to break-into the fiercely competitive and fast changing world of electronics. John Bradcliffe shocks his executives by risking his company’s resources to enter this arena of the giants. They are to develop a cutting-edge technology in a race against time to become a major player. Will his ambition be his undoing?

His son, Aden, seemingly has it all; fast cars and more money than he can spend. Yet, he is not happy. When his relationship with his father reaches breaking point, he meets the mysterious Christina. She opens his mind to new possibilities and helps him discover powers beyond riches. A thrilling new pathway emerges for him, where he not only encounters amazing adventures, but hidden dangers.

To safeguard his venture and Aden’s future, John devises a plan that cannot fail. Or can it?

A good read with good characters.  Likeable story. 4*.
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