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Transformers: Beast Wars, Vol. 1

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I watched the 1980’s Transformers cartoon when I was a child and loved it. I was hoping Transformers Beast Wars was going to be more like the 1980’s cartoon.  The story was fun and had the standard good Transformers vs the bad guys story line. I did like that Megatron was in this comics series and also some other familiar faces.

The artwork was sleek yet simple. It was perfect for kids who watch the new cartoons. I liked the battle scenes, they were fun and violent but not too intense. So kids would enjoy the art and battles but not be frightened or overwhelmed but it.

Children are definitely the audience for this comic series. Kids at heart like me will enjoy Transformers: Beast Wars Vol. 1 but we are not the intended audience.

I do recommend Transformers: Beast Wars Vol. 1 for children. They will enjoy this book. Maybe reading this volume of Transformers stories will lead them back to watching the old cartoons I did as a child.
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As a fan of the Beast Wars cartoon back in the 90s, I was intrigued by this new series. It's not exactly like the cartoon, but rather takes most of its inspiration from it and adds a few new elements, characters, and plot. It has just enough nostalgia to appeal to old fans, but enough new elements to attract new reads as well as an interesting art style.
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I'll be straight up with you here, I'm possibly not the best person to review a Transformers book - I've not really been a fan of the franchise outside of the original cartoons, movie and toy line (I'm that old!). But with the 25th anniversary of Beast Wars upon us this year, I was curious to dip my toe back into the waters to see what I was missing. 

From what I can conclude this is a retelling of the original Beast Wars story albeit with some differences and a little modernisation thrown in. The story seems to follow the familiar Transformers format; good bots Vs bad bots etc, but there are some added complexities to a few of the characters here. The art work isn't aligned to that of the original 3D animation, which I actually appreciated - that stuff hasn't aged well in today's world of super technology! But a special mention has to go to the colouring here - this alone will most definitely give you those nostalgic Transformers vibes!

Overall, I think my lack of pre-defined fandom here really hindered me with this book. Of course, that's totally on me, but sadly because of that I feel it struggled to keep my attention in places. That said, I can totally see how older fans of Beast Wars are going to get a super-massive nostalgia kick from this and I also think this would be a great read if you wanted to introduce your children to the franchise or to comic books in general.
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