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Louise, Wyatt’s mother, was not only mentally unstable, she was a master manipulator with seemingly no idea how to stay within her own boundaries. She was such a powerful influence she had her son believing everything she said and did to the point that he took her word over his wife’s, bringing their marriage to the brink. It took a powerful, repulsive incident between Wyatt and Louise to make him see the reality of what his life was becoming. I was gripped by this thriller!
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In this book at the start the father in law passes away. Is there more to it than a stroke? This happens at the start of the book and its then told from the perspective of the wife/son and daughter in law. I found this part quite refreshing as its not very often that this happens. I t really highlighted the different dynamics to the family group and how they were in effect playing each other off against each other. It shows as well how small cracks in a relationship can be made bigger by other people. I really enjoyed this thriller - very twisty and i would definitely read more by this author.
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Always Remember begins with a death in the family. Louise's philandering husband is dead. Wyatt has lost the father who tormented him. Kelly found her lecherous father-in-law's body in a sauna. The story is told from all three of their perspectives, giving fascinating and infuriating insight into their individual miscommunications, manipulations and misunderstandings. Each of them brings the drama in their own way. Tension builds throughout until you're not sure who's crazier or more aggravating. 

Wyatt is embarking on a new career, trying to fulfil his dream of becoming a musician, after a shove in that direction from his doting mom. Louise also gives Kelly the push she needs to go back to work after being at home with her and Wyatt's twin boys for a few years. There's a lot of change and, through it all, Louise manages to embed herself in the young family's lives and home ‒ with no intention of leaving. 

Can a relationship survive a never-ending third wheel? Not if it's Louise, that's for sure. She is the queen of gaslighting, and then some. For me, Always Remember was a gripping thriller with just the right amount of drama and intrigue. I honestly didn't know what was going to happen until the end. I genuinely felt for Kelly, I wanted Wyatt to have some backbone and I would never, ever want to live with Louise. It's an interesting story in that I think different people might relate to the characters completely differently. However you view it, it's a well-spun tale. I look forward to reading more books by Cathryn Grant.
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I was very excited to read this trilogy, yet, it was archived prior to my download.
However, I am going to peruse buying a copy, as I have read numerous excellent feedbacks about it.
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Kelly finds her difficult father-in-law dead in the family sauna.  He and his wife had been living with them while Frank recovers from heart surgery, and he should never have been in that sauna in the first place. The grieving widow continues to stay with her son while she is grieving, and gradually takes over care of her twin grandchildren.  At first Kelly is fine with that, but it soon becomes clear that grandma has no intentions of moving, she becomes controlling, and Kelly's husband doesn't understand what is happening.

Ramona Thompson
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I have read most of Cathryn Grants books and I have enjoyed all of them.  However, I don't feel that this one is quite as good as the others.  For one thing this scenario has been written about many times and on top of this none of the characters are very likable.  Wyatt was the most compassionate and caring so that being said, it makes the ending somewhat unbelievable.  It is fast paced and interesting and will definitely keep your attention.  If you like domestic thrillers you will enjoy  this book.
Thank you Net Galley for allowing me to read this ARC for my honest review.
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What a disturbing ride!

I picked this up from Netgalley just for the premise, glad I did!
This was a very good and very frustrating story of a mother who's desperately trying to safe her family from the mother-in-law from hell.
Grant did such a good job of portraying the MIL, because I honestly got where she came from in the beginning. She seemed legit and just a caring person....untill she didn't anymore. 

Giving it 4 stars, not 5... imo... the ending didn't fit well with the rest of the story and especially the character of Wyatt.
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Not a unique premise necessarily as I feel I have read a lot of thrillers involving mother in laws recently, but this story put a new spin on it with lots of twists and turns that kept me engaged the whole way through! Great read! And I will definitely be looking forward to more from this author.
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This is my first Cathryn Grant book and all I can say is wow!  This book kept me turning the pages late into the night.  I finished this in one day.  I am definitely going to pick up another of her books!
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This book has it all!  Just when you think you’ve figured it out, the author blocks you!  This story unfolds with accounts by 3 POVs. The widow, the son & his wife. All 3 are manipulative and naive but very clever.   
I am so glad I found this book because I will be reading more by this author!
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This book had me hooked from the very first page! It was interesting, suspenseful, exciting and surprising! I loved it and will definitely be on the look out for more books by the author.
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Louise loves her family. To death.
Kelly is married with two kids, enjoying an ordinary peaceful life – until she finds her father-in-law Frank dead in her backyard sauna.
Now, Frank’s grieving widow, Louise, has installed herself in Kelly’s house and shows no signs of leaving. Ever.
In fact, she seems determined to take over Kelly’s role as mother and wife, inserting herself between Kelly and her twin boys, lavishing attention on Kelly’s husband Wyatt.
Kelly tries to be understanding – Louise has had a huge shock, after all, losing her beloved husband of so many years.
But Louise knows exactly what she’s doing, and as her horrifying agenda slowly becomes clear, Kelly realises she has to fight. For her children, her marriage – and her life.

What a thrilling read this was!
Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start.
Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believable.
Great suspense and found myself second guessing every thought I had continuously.
Can't wait to read what the author brings out next.
Recommend reading.

I read a complimentary advance copy of the book; this is my voluntary and honest review.
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Always Remember is a perfect book for anyone not about to walk down the aisle (haha). It's a page turner that will keep you wondering what this poor family will do right up until the very end. This was my first book by Cathryn Grant and it will not be my last. 

The book starts out with the passing of Kelly's father in law, Frank. She has been caring for him in her home after his recent surgery. She finds him dead in the backyard and no one finds his death suspicious....not even his wife Louise. Louise plays the sweet, grieving wife card very well, that she finds a way to tangle herself up in her sons life. What comes next is a conniving woman who will literally send chills down your spine. This woman will do whatever it takes to stay number one in her son's life and the stunts she pulls will leave your mouth on the floor.  All I know is....I am so thankful my mother-in-law was nothing like Louise. 

5 stars and a thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of this book!
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Thank you Netgalley, Inkubator Books, and Author Cathryn Grant for this ARC. 

I had a really hard time rating this new Grant book. On one hand it was the classic domestic thriller of mother-in-law shoves her way into her kids' lives and destroys everything from the ground up. It was also a over-used plot. It held elements of Freudian psychology--ya know, the dark, icky stuff. It was frustrating in that the characters didn't communicate with each other or make smart moves in their benefit. This novel was certainly darker than others of the trope I've read, but otherwise, it wasn't unique from them. 

I enjoyed this read, it was good.
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Thank you Netgalley for the advanced copy of Always Remember by Cathyrn Grant. 
This is the first book I’ve read by this author and she is amazing. Grant paints such an intricate painting of her story I just loved it
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This story theme has been done lots of times before so it wasn’t as thrilling as I had hoped. None of the characters are very nice so I didn’t get attached to any.
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I've never read anything by this author before, but I have to say from the first page I was gripped! The lengths a mother & mother-in-law will go to in this book is nothing short of shocking. A real psychological twist. Although the ending left me a bit unsatisfied, it was so gripping the whole way through! I couldn't read fast enough and I constantly went back and forth with "who dun it". Seeing it also from the Mother's perspective in the chapters was a great addition!
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I really enjoyed Always Remember. It is the third book I have read by Cathryn Grant and I have loved them all. I loved this story, found the characters interesting and it was a very quick read.

Thank you to NetGalley and Inkubator Books for my ARC.
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Always Remember isn’t much of a mystery.  The reader always knows who the bad guy is and just waits for all to be revealed.  Father in law dies a mysterious death and mother in law moves in to her sons house and tries to replace his wife.  It was icky and, luckily, a quick read.
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This was a quick read for me. I'm enjoying reading psychological thrillers recently.👍

This story revolves around a family who just recently lost one member, Frank. We have Wyatt and Kelly with their twins and their newly widowed grandma Louise. Everything seems normal from the outside but inside is filled with conflict mainly between Kelly and Louise.

The fight for dominance inside the house kept Wyatt stressed all the time. He can't choose between his wife and his mother or there would be hell to pay.

I like the fact that Kelly, Wyatt and Louise have their own POV. The three of them are sufficiently fleshed out on my opinion. I was very much into the story and quite interested with the mystery of Frank's death. I thought of all the possibilities but was unsure until the clues started to be revealed.

I like the writing and quite okay with the pacing of the story. I was honestly confused and uncomfortable with the 'plot twist'. I reread the synopsis trying to find out if I missed the clue that it will go in that direction.

The latter part is quite suspenseful with some too convenient things that happened. I'm not that satisfied with how things ended. But still a fast paced read.👍

*Thanks to the publisher for making this book available for review via Netgalley. This review is voluntary and contains my honest thoughts and opinions of the book.*
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