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Miss Independent by Nicole Lapin is a wonderful beginner book about saving and investing aimed towards women. This is a great place for beginners to start as it is written in a conversational, easy-to-follow manner. FYI, there is some mild bad language scattered throughout if that puts you off. Though she is obviously very wealthy and lives a different life than most of us, her tone is very friendly and motivating. If you buy the ebook/audiobook, please note, you can download the documents from Nicole Lapin’s website. I found the PDF incredibly helpful as it includes her charts for a number of items, including balance worksheets, planning for future goals, etc. I am personally using this book to get my finances into better shape for 2022!

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This book hooks you immediately in the first few paragraphs and was a wealth of information for me, even after reading many other financial books.  I took away a lot of information from this book and found her advice on how not to use a broker, really helpful because it was something I had been curious about, and I also loved her little blurb on TIPS, which I was completely unaware of! 

Of note, it may be helpful to have an entrepreneurial spirit to make her system work for you because she does say that you should have multiple income streams to invest, and she does give you ideas for those. 

I think this book is good for people who are interested in investing. It is a lot of information to take in at times, from mutual funds, to bonds, to retirement, to buying a house; but her examples help you to understand what she’s talking about in plain English, not financial terminology that sounds like gibberish to the average person. I did read the digital version of this book, so I may pick it up in a physical copy so I can highlight and have it as a quick reference. 


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Nicole Lapin is a fantastic author of financial literacy books, ones of which I have been able to aid my personal financial situations. I appreciate her passion for financial education and to ensure others understand the importance of investment opportunities for their financial futures.
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Nicole Lapin has a way of making personal finance concepts easy to understand. One could use her attitude of knowing things too. Very accessible read.
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