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Around the Sun and over the Moon

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'Around the Sun and Over The Moon' by Ann Harrell with illustrations by Linda Heijnekamp is a picture book about a young boy being dropped off at school.

When Pete gets dropped off at school, his mother tells him she is going around the sun and over the moon and she will be back soon.  Pete goes to school happy, plays with friends and even takes a nap.  When it's time for him to get picked up, he sees everyone else get picked up, but where is Pete's mom.

This is a sweet story of the kind of thing that young children might have anxiety about.  The illustrations are superb.  I loved the illustration style.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Clavis Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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I loved the concept of this book - it was very short but it got the message across! Perfect for ages 3 1/2 and up! It teaches patience and understanding that saying goodbye is hard but in time the one you love will return.
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This is a heart warming story about a boy who misses his mom during the school day and the words she tells him each day that comfort him as he waits for her. I am a sucker for sweet mom and child picture stories and so is my son. Any story that gets my son to want to cuddle a little longer and read the story "one more time" gets my endorsement.

Five stars.
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Pete’s mom picks him up later than usual, but he remembers her daily words to him “around the sun, and over the moon, I’ll come back. I’ll come back soon” so he doesn’t worry. This book would make a perfect addition to a hesitant child’s drop off routine. The text is simple and flows well, and the illustrations are lovely and diverse. This book may wind up replacing the Kissing Hand as my favorite story about separation.
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This is a sweet book that I could definitely see parents using as a way to show their children they will always come back. Pete’s mom drops him off at school and promises to be back. When she runs a bit late, Pete gets a bit anxious before remembering the rhyme his mother shares with him. As she promised, she comes back. 

This book is short and sweet with lovely illustrations. Pete pays close attention to details and it was nice to see the variety of caregivers present. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy.
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4 Stars 

This is a sweet book about Pete, who waits at his daycare for his mom to come and pick him up. She drops him in the morning saying, ‘around the sun and over the moon. I’ll be back soon…’. 
Pete plays with his friends, takes a nap, has food, and swings outside, waving goodbye to his friends and their parents/ caretakers/ grandparents who come to pick them up. 
That day, his mother arrives a little late, and Pete feels sad. But he isn’t worried because he knows she’ll come. And soon enough, his mom comes, hugs him, and they go back home. 
The book is for 4+ kids, and boy, it reminded me of my kindergarten days. Let’s just say that I wasn’t like Pete. Andwell, after multiple attempts, my parents got me directly admitted into the first standard the next year. 
The illustrations are beautiful, with emotions showing on every character’s face. I only wished the text was bigger. Please, please have bigger text in picture books. 
I received an ARC from NetGalley and Clavis Publishing and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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There's no doubt about it, some families will adopt the tiny bit of verse the mother and child use with each other in this picture book.  Mother leaves son at school, promising to be back in due course, but there's always an anxiety in parting at that age, especially when mother gets held up picking you up from the school gates.  This is an attractive way of getting to the core of the issue of absentee parents, even if it's for just hours in a day, let alone overnight business trips, etc.  An appealing, reassuring little volume, and a successful one.
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It was such a heartwarming and soothing read. The illustrations was so vibrant. And the character is always cheerfull. 
i loved the story. i narrated it to my little brother and  he loved listening to it.
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This is just achingly sweet.   Pete goes happily off to preschool, knowing that his mother will be back soon to get him.   As the afternoon stretches on she's a little late, other kids leave with their caregivers, and Pete gets a bit anxious while waiting, but reassures himself of his mother's promise until they are joyfully reunited.

The illustrations are just gorgeous.   Pete, in perfectly childlike fashion, notices something distinct about each of his friends' caregivers.  Young readers will enjoy those details, along with the soothing echoes of repetition in the text.  This would work equally well in circle time, small groups, and as an individual read.   I can't wait to read it to my pre-K classes and would definitely recommend it for school, classroom, and individual libraries.  This is a wonderfully comforting book to discuss the topic of separating from caregivers and how to self-soothe when feeling worried.   

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!
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My daughter just started pre-school so I absolutely love that this book reinforces that grown ups come back. I bookmarked the little saying and am going to make it part of our routine.
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