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This is a no holes barred memoir that is as heart wrenching as it is triumphant. 
Surviving an automobile accident that took the lives of her mother, younger sister and cousin changed her young world instantly. Out of this trauma came a closeness and at times a dysfunction with the other family members that survived; her father and other sister.
Molly tried to be the glue to put the broken pieces of her family back together. Her father experienced episode of drunken and erratic behavior but also encouraged her to share her stories, keen sense of impersonations and her experiences. His interest and advice would form the early imprint of her comedic style and the unbreakable love they shared. 
Molly writes with an open heart, mind and candor. She shares moments about her time on SNL and the reason for her departure. 
This memoir has soul and my admiration for her now includes not only her talent but her fortitude to be the phoenix rising from the ashes.
Thanks to NetGalley, Ecco Press and of course Molly Shannon for an ARC and the pleasure of this reading experience in exchange for an honest review.
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Even though I am deeply invested in and infatuated with celebrity studies, I knew very little about Molly Shannon before reading this book. A day later, and I now consider myself a fan. 

Hello, Molly! is a very quick and amusing read. Molly leaves it all on the table. She shares her sufferings and triumphs, her quirks and misjudgments, and her best advice for up-and-coming actors. I was especially moved by her candor when she discusses her tender relationship with her father. She clearly writes from her heart.

When it comes to reading and writing, we hear so much about the importance of a writer’s voice. About the importance of getting a distinct point of view, a distinct personality, to come across to readers. Molly succeeds here. She has a solid and vibrant writer’s voice. 

Molly seems like someone with a strong sense of self, someone with a commitment to living authentically. And, given her reputation as a comedic genius, it clearly has gotten her far in life. After facing unimaginable sorrow at a young age, she hustled and hustled to make her wildest dreams come true. I am excited to see what she does next.
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Decades of being tremendously hilarious, influential, and successful certainly greased the rails for this being a must-read, but within lies a gut-punch of a story outlining how Shannon has turned an unspeakable tragedy into a force that's helped propel and drive her into the spotlight. She's the first to admit that, like in so many of the celebrity autobiographies you can crack open, there's a heap of right-place-right-time events, and those never cease to amaze, but what's unique about her road to stardom is clear: Her relationship with her father. 

Shannon designs the events of her journey in this work to bounce off of her interactions with her dad, and, rather quickly, we feel her disappointments and joys in whatever measures they present themselves. 

As you'd imagine, her time at SNL is recounted, and it's a splendid insight into several of her famous skits. One particular, welcome discovery is that there's no juicy gossip in here, but page after page of a comedic legend who's simply gushing over the lucky opportunity she was afforded. 

As the book nears its end (which closes rather abruptly, but not to any detriment), there's a solid sense of this (the book) being an opportunity for Shannon to catch her breath, raise a family, and recount her triumphs before dishing out more comedic gold to endear generations. 

Many thanks to NetGalley and Ecco for the advance read.
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Molly Shannon is a favorite of mine from her time on Saturday Night Live.  This memoir lets her share the things that she wants you to know about her life.  At four years old she her life takes a tragic turn.  Her mother, baby sister and a cousin are all killed in a car accident caused either by tiredness are drinking by her father.  She and her six year old sister are left to his care.  Her dapper dad is a larger than life character.  Frequently over drinking and in debt making the girls take care of him.  On the other hand he is her biggest cheerleader and supports her desires.

This memoir is not a tell all.  You aren't going to hear about Molly's sex life or who she dates.  The first quarter gives you her background, childhood and teen age misadventure.  The next quarter has her going to drama school in NYC and then moving to California to pursue a career.   You understand her working class background and how she works and hustles to support her self while at the same time she is creating characters, making contacts and developing her talents.  

A lion share, is given to her time at SNL.  I love that she is reverent about her time there and very grateful to Lorne Michaels.  Take time if you don't remember the skits she describes to watch them online.  The characters are just as funny or funnier today than when they originally aired.  She name drops just the right amount about the cast and guest artists that she got to work with.  She also gives full credit to those that helped her write and create roles for her.  

The last 10-15 percent she explains leaving SNL and comes back to closure with her father and some surprising truths.  I've read other autobiographies from SNL alums like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler  and Rachel Dratch and this is a welcome addition.  I was genuinely interested in what Molly shares about her life.  She doesn't go off into personal ideologies or anything controversial.  This is a story of a working class girl, who works hard and with some luck gets her dreams fulfilled.  It is also a loving tribute to an eccentric father.  I assume the book will have photos but they weren't included in my ARC.  I'd recommend this for fans of SNL and people who enjoy entertainment biographies.  Thank you to NetGalley and Ecco for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book. I've only seen Molly Shannon from her days on SNL and various roles in movies and TV. This book gave me a huge glimpse into her backstory. How she went from tragedy to triumph. I love a great memoir and this one was fantastic. Definitely recommend this one for any fan of comedy.
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As a fan of Molly Shannon from her SNL days I immediately snapped this book up when I saw it on Netgalley! Both heartbreaking and humorous, Molly writes candidly about her life and the tragedies and joys that shaped it. This is not a "funny" book, but rather a heartfelt examination of a life in showbiz. That's not to say there aren't funny parts, though! I love books that show you the hard work behind the success, and Molly Shannon definitely worked hard for hers. 

I would recommend this book to fans of '90s SNL, and people who like memoirs that focus on the craft of acting/writing/comedy.
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I really enjoyed hearing about Molly Shannon's life. She went through many struggles and somehow made the best out of it and worked hard to make her career on SNL. I have a lot of respect for her journey.
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Great book about a Superstar!!!! I did not know much about. Her early childhood is filled with tragedy and sadness. Favorite part of the book was her years at SNL. It was written from the heart in a humble tone. So glad to get an advanced reader copy of this book.
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As a SNL fan back in the day, I always knew that if Molly Shannon was involved in a sketch, it was going to be a good time. I knew little about her life until I read this moving, beautiful, and powerful memoir. 

It must have taken her much courage to relieve the awful moments,days, weeks, and years following the death of her mother, baby sister, and cousin due to her father's drunk driving. As you can imagine, her relationship with her father was difficult at times, ever changing,  and complicated, but their deep love for each other shines through the entire book. It's a remarkable read that you won't soon forget, although it can be difficult to read at times.

Librarians/booksellers; This will inevitably get a lot of press. Your memoir fans will clamor for it! 

Many thanks to Ecco and NetGalley for a digital review copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Great autobiography/memoir of Molly Shannon’s life. It was a joy to learn about Shannon’s early life, her hard work to success, and her relationship with her father.
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Well I had no idea about Molly Shannon's life story before reading this, but I was definitely surprised. I enjoyed the style of writing and I enjoyed learning about her life, although it was not as lighthearted and funny as I would have expected from someone as funny as she is - in fact, it isn't light or funny at all due to the nature of her background. I really enjoyed it though.
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I was really pleased with Molly Shannon's writing and storytelling. We have gone ahead and ordered a few copies because patrons will definitely be interested in reading Hello Molly. Thank you!
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3.5 stars rounded up!

Molly Shannon is an incredible performer and comedic icon, so I was so excited to see that she was putting out a memoir. It begins with Molly reflecting on the tragedy she went through at age four that would change the course of her life; when her mother, cousin, and baby sister were killed in a car accident, with Molly's dad (who was severely injured) at the wheel, possibly under the influence. 

Throughout this memoir, Molly discusses her childhood ups and downs, as well as the struggles and triumphs in 'making it' as a female comic. Getting her reflections on these events was really cool, because it made it clear that Molly is a very determined and strong individual. It was one of the characters she created using inspiration from her childhood experiences, as well as her penchant for physical comedy, that ultimately secured her place in comedy when she performed on SNL. 

This definitely wasn't what I expected. I anticipated there being more comedic elements in the sections focusing on less-serious topics, à la that in Colin Jost's or Amy Poehler's memoirs, but honestly there wasn't really a lot of humor in this. In addition, I hate to say it, but I really didn't care for the writing style in this. It took me longer to get through this one because the writing made me put off reading it at times. 

Overall, this was really heartfelt and introspective. Molly Shannon has a very positive outlook, despite the struggles she's gone through, and she's contributed so much to comedy. Despite some things not quite working for me in this, I think it's a memoir worth reading. I think going into it knowing that this isn't meant to be super comedic, despite Shannon being a comedian, is a helpful thing, so here's me telling you!

Thanks so much to NetGalley and Ecco for a chance to read this! Check out Hello, Molly on 04/12/22!
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I adore Molly Shannon. She is a powerhouse comedienne and opened doors for future actors and comediennes. This was an insightful look into her personal life and background, with funny and witty stories along the way. Some of the sections for high school and her undergrad were a little schizophrenically written, but I thoroughly enjoyed this work.
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I can't tell you how many times I had to put this book down and watch Molly Shannon sketches from her SNL days. Though I was born a year after her SNL debut, in the past couple years, I have been working through some older SNL, so I knew I had to immediately request this book!
I really loved reading this. I will say that it isn't the most "literary" work--there are many abrupt endings to different sections and chapters, and though I found many of them to be very thoughtful and purposeful, there were some that felt like they just couldn't think of an ending.
The thing I loved most about this work was how heartfelt and genuine it was--it begins with Molly describing the incident that changed her life forever at the tender age of four (HAVE TISSUES READY), but it moves on to describe how she fell into comedy and the creation of some of her most famous characters (you know the ones: Mary Katherine Gallagher, Sally O'Malley, Jeannie Darcy). Many of the SNL memoirs I've read have been either about big moments in the comedian's life that don't have much to do about comedy or SNL (see: Cecily Strong, Gilda Radner, Jenny Slate) or about their journey to becoming SNL players (see: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, David Spade). Shannon and Wilsey do a wonderful job in marrying the two: she experienced tragedy that impacted every part of her life, but it helped fuel her and give her a love of performing and entertaining those around her.
One last note--Molly Shannon is just so unapologetically her. She talks a lot about "scams" she pulled growing up, due to her tumultuous (but very love-filled) relationship with her father. There are a lot of nuances in her actions, and though some might be considered unethical, I think she did a great job at framing these occurrences as moments of taking back what she deserves in a world that mistreats people, and women specifically, and making them work for her.
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I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a fascinating and harrowing read.

Molly Shannon opens up about her life, starting with the very traumatic experience of surviving a car crash that kills her mother, younger sister, and cousin. She shares other traumatic experiences including her fathers continued erratic behavior and how it lead to her acting experiences.

She talks about her transition to adulthood and her time at SNL. I was hoping for a more in-depth look behind the scenes of SNL and reflections on the experience. There's a bit of jumping around and she talks about some harrowing situations and some stories as a parent. 

Overall an interesting read.
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Molly Shannon has written a warm open intimate book.She shares her story at time laugh out loud hilarious at times so sad.She has lived through trauma family death and had the strength to go on.I enjoyed learning more about her in this truly entertaining memoir.#netgalley #eccobooks
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This is a hilarious and beautiful book. Molly shares extremely personal stories about her life and does a great job at mixing them with jokes and happiness. You can hear her reading the book and telling the stories. If you are a fan of her or other comedians book’s you should read this!
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Molly Shannon is obviously hilarious. I was surprised by how serious some of her book is, I figured it would be catchy and all happy stories. I wondered if it would have depth. It definitely does. Molly went through a lot in her childhood and this story is of a triumphant victory and her overcoming a cycle of alcohol abuse. She is raising her kids the way she would have loved to be raised, but she is grateful for the freedoms she was given as a child that made her who she is today. This adds a depth to her that I would have never known was there.
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I've read every book about SNL, and that includes many (mostly subpar) memoirs. I was unprepared for Molly's family story. It's truly harrowing. I wasn't a big fan of her during her SNL stint, but reading about what she overcame and how hard she hustled to get that gig, I've come around. Also, she is GREAT on The Other Two. I came for the SNL stories, but left having gotten a better understanding of Molly as a person. That's really all you can ask for from a celebrity memoir.
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