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Deserter: Junji Ito Story Collection

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Another wonderful and sinister collection from Junji Ito! It’s great to see some of Ito’s earlier work, and this is another volume of grotesque and fantastic stories to enthrall his fans.
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Junji Ito is a master, and this story collection is no different.

His artwork is as masterful as his storytelling. While not all of these stories are for me (some of it is just too disturbing for my tastes), I cannot deny his brilliance.

I would highly recommend to anyone who as read his work in the past, as well as anyone who can appreciate art and horror at the same time. 

4 stars
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Another womnderful Junji Ito entry; our horror and manga fans love it and we will be purchasing copies.
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I do love me some Junji Ito.  Deserter is a collection of some of his earliest works, and it's fascinating to see the differences in style and technique compared to his newer publications.  While his stories can sometimes be hit-or-miss, this collection had plenty to enjoy.
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This is another fantastic short story collection from one of the master's of horror Junji Ito. With Ito's work being so vast, it's difficult to know where to start if you're new. This collection is a great starting point.. As always, it's filled with eerie, disgusting, and intricate art that's so grotesque you want to stop looking at, but find you can't because it's so captivating. Id' recommend this for both new and longstanding Ito fans. Not as strong as other collections, like Shiver, but still really solid.
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I absolutely love Junji Ito's work. Seeing some of his earlier works in Deserter was great. Where the Sandman Lives has some great body horror for readers who are fans of that particular subgenre of horror. Review for Monser Librarian forthcoming.
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ARC from Netgalley.
Another wonderful short story collection from Junji Ito, master of horror manga. Some of these are very early in his career, and you can tell from the art, but still fantastic.
Highlights (with as few spoilers as possible):
Bio House - A woman goes to her boss' house for dinner, due to their shared affection for weird and gross food. But what happens when he tries to get her to drink his blood?

Face Thief - A young girl is able to copy other's faces just from hanging out around them a lot.

Where the Sandman Lives- A young author with extreme insomnia gets the help of a young girl to watch him sleep. (Ever want to see someone get turned inside out?)

The Devil's Logic- Can you persuade someone to kill themselves?

The Long Hair in the Attic - After a breakup, Chiemi decides its time for a haircut, since her boyfriend was the one that asked her to grow it long. But what if the hair isn't ready to end the relationship?

Scripted Love - Can you be more in love with a video version of your significant other then the person themselves?

The Reanimator's Sword- Keiji's grandfather just died. So, in response to a story he heard, he goes out that night to "catch the soul". Grabbed up by a 'reanimator', the grandfather is resurrected, but what happens when Keiji gets greedy for the powers of the 'reanimator'?

A Father's Love - (The longest story in the collection) Mr Todoh has three children. Over the years, his first two children have committed suicide, and he can't understand why. When his youngest daughter Miho starts becoming involved with a boy, she begins to experience headaches, and for a short time afterwards, seems like a completely different person. What is going on with this family?

Unendurable Labyrinth - Sayako and Noriko get lost while on a hike and come across a secret and hidden temple. They claim their meditation techniques will give 'peace for the rest of your life'. (If you can't kind of guess where that's going....)

Village of the Siren - A small town gets taken over when a magician becomes mayor and summons a demon to help control the people.

Bullied - Kuriko tells her fiance of a time when she bullied a young kid, Nao, relentlessly. It has haunted her for years. Will getting the story off her conscience help ease her into marriage? Or what will change when a now grown up Nao comes back into her life. (I was surprised by the way this ended...)

Deserter - An army deserter lives in the barn loft of a family out in the wilderness. He only shows up once a day to eat with them. How long has he been there? Have the military ever come looking for him?

I don't think I will ever get tired of Ito's short stories. Obviously not for those who can't handle extreme gore and horror.... but otherwise, strong recommend.
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What an interesting read! This is the first book like this that I have read and I am glad this was the first. Beautiful artwork that worked really well with the short stories told here. 

Loved this one and can't wait to hear more from the author.
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Another fantastic collection of Junji Ito short stories. These stories focus more on supernatural and magical stories than some of his other collections, which have a lot of body horror. Just like his other stories, though, the big reveal often comes on the last page of the story, so don't go into these expecting a lot of conclusion for any of these stories. Ito loves to leave readers right on the cliffhanger and doesn't go back to them.
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Review - Deserter 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an eARC of this graphic novel. 

I have once again come away in absolute awe of Junji Ito’s work, this collection of his earliest works were as impressive as his later work. 

I actually thought the story “Deserter” was the weakest of the collection, but it’s also the final one in the book, as always Junji Ito’s bizarre imagination mixed with the art style is gripping, creepy and downright weird.

This is definitely the least scary of all the works, so a good starting place for someone not quite ready to dip into some of the other works.
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This is a great collection of Junji Ito's early work. The stories and illustrations are haunting and creepy. There are plot twists that come out of nowhere.
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What can I say it's Junji Ito masterful storytelling, wonderful artwork but it did not feel as terrifying as his other works. It felt like it was missing something.

Thanks to NetGalley for the eARC.

4 out of 5 stars
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Twelve manga stories that are disturbing, creepy, gory and violent. Truly wonderful for readers of horror fiction with the bonus of illustrations!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This is classic Junji Ito! Equal parts fascinating and terrifying, this collection of short stories was hard to put down. Just as with Juni Ito’s other books, this one is perfectly depicted in the illustrations, which are terrifying pieces of art! If you are a horror fan, a manga fan, give this one a try!
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I think personally I just don't get along with Junji Ito's short story collections. I love the concepts of each story, but find myself wishing for more. If each of these stories were a full manga, I would love them. I think this is a personal preference rather than the author's fault, but I just didn't find myself connecting with these works as much as I have with his full-length stories.
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Probably being one of my favorite Junji Ito’s manga deserter was completely amazing. All the short stories in the book had a interesting plot. The title short story deserter was by far the best of all the short stories in the book. With many surprises and perfect storytelling deserter is definitely a great read for horror fans.
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While this has the blossoming genius of Junji Ito, it is not quite up to par with some of his classic work. While it is an excellent addition for Junji fanatics, it is not a great place to start new readers.
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Deserter is a collection of Ito's earliest works, although slightly hit and miss Ito demonstrates the mastery of the horror manga genre at its finest; that will give the reader goosebumps!

Thank you NetGalley and publishers for my ARC
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I’ve lost count of the number of Junji Ito collections I have read and I think point I don’t think I can definitively say if I’ve enjoyed any of them. I agree with the common perception that Junji Ito is a master of the horror manga genre. But even more so for me—he is a master of the uncomfortable. Everything about his books make me uncomfortable: from the art style to the plot and *especially* the characters. The characters in particular always make my skin crawl and this is true for Deserter. As I mentioned, I didn’t enjoy this but it did its purpose. I was discomfited, uneasy, and on edge. And even though I keep being made uncomfortable, I keep reading Junji Ito’s graphic novels, so I think that says more about him really than I ever could.

**Big thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an eARC copy in exchange for an honest review.
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This was my first Junji Ito and the artwork was very well done.  I found the horror too much for my taste but fans of horror manga will definitely enjoy this colllection.
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