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Okay. I love Bingo, I. From the south and I'm also prone to grocery store anxiety attacks. I felt SEEEN. AND THE STEAM🔥🔥🔥. The overall story was good, well paced and kept me interested. Overall a good time.

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Steaminess 6 out of 5, the author surely knows how to write sexy times. Overall storytelling, maybe a 3. I liked the focus on the relationship, but everything else was so rushed and lacked depth that it gave the impression of a cheap cardboard film set. I think this author can produce great works, she just needs to polish her craft more.

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This book was heavy on the mental health focus, anxiety and PTSD, and was really well done. Charming small town and all the cobbler you could enjoy. And the bingo!

What didn’t work for me was the couple as a couple. There was a heavy focus on their sexual attraction and not the actually relationship developing. I had a hard time investing in their romance.

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Aja Owens was in the middle of a meltdown when she met Walker Abbott for the first time. Never in her wildest dreams did she believe there would be a second encounter, and at Bingo Night of all places. Mercifully, even when Walker realizes Aja and then woman he met that night are one in the same, he doesn’t treat her differently. If anything, he finds it refreshing to meet someone who lives with anxiety like he does.

See, Walker is a worrier too-his anxiety compounded by the fact that he’s back in the one place he hoped to never return to. But with his grandmother needing his help, he temporarily returns to a town that’s full of more bad memories than good ones.

So when Walker and Aja begin to bond, things get murky. Pretty soon staying just friends feels next to impossible. They begin a no strings attached relationship, as a friendly bet, but each quickly learns what they didn’t expect to wager were their hearts.

Bet on It was an interesting romance with a bit of a split personality. In the beginning, Walker and Aja both come across as shy, even awkward around one another. But around the halfway mark, things heat up tremendously, so much so that their very steamy hookups ring untrue with how the the characters are depicted in the first half of the story.

Another thing that irked me was the male narration in the audio. I didn’t feel like the narrator matched what a white man named Walker would sound like. In fact, besides the stray mention of his being Caucasian, and the cover itself, there’s no discussion of their’s being an interracial romance, which felt like a missed opportunity. Instead, the focus was on the mental health angle. Important? Yes. Inconsistent in its approach?Somewhat so.

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I really enjoyed Bet on It! This book started off sweet and then took an unexpected super steamy turn! I loved Aja but I didn’t really care for Walker. I appreciated the mental health rep and seeing how the characters dealt with it and grew from their experiences. I also thought the Bingo aspect was a unique twist on this romcom!

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Cutesy and just what the doctor ordered.

I could t help but fall in love! Aja is adorable and great, she deserves the world. Laugh out loud moments at the bingo hall and throughout the story.

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Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for giving me free access to the advanced copy of this book to read.

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Unfortunately, this one just didn't grab me. I DNFed about 30% in. I didn't have an interest in the characters or care what was going on.

*Thank you @stmartinspress for the copy in exchange for an honest review. Review not posted to Amazon/Goodreads because less than 4 stars or DNF.*

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I liked the plus size and mental health representation in this book. It had a LOT of representation actually. Maybe too much in what i wanted in a romcom but Im glad i read it!

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Walker and Aja were an interesting couple. Both transplants to this small town, they bonded as friends (sort of) and it wildly went off the rails. They don't really fit into each other's careful life plan... but aren't plans meant to be broken? Can they find enough common ground to realize taking on the world together might be the most appealing option out there?

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Sending my apologies for not being able to provide a review. I am unable to offer a review for this book - I had sent it to my kindle to read and the file did not download properly. Unfortunately the book has been archived and I'm unable to re-send it.

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Cute, but ultimately forgettable. I didn't connect with the characters enough to really root for them together, but the representation it gave for anxiety, etc., is obviously important.

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Thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s press for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
I really enjoyed the relationship between the two main characters, as well as how they dealt with their struggles.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, it was really refreshing to read about it in a book as more than ‘this character had a panic attack,’ or ‘I felt my chest tighten,’ because that’s not all anxiety is, and it made me feel more seen than most books with anxious characters do, which I really appreciated.

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Bet On It is a pretty sweet mix of found family mix of good-hearted elderly bingo partners and friends to lovers built on a small town backdrop with anxiety issues. (I don't think I really sold it the way I wanted to but it's all there).

Aja first meets Walker in the frozen foods aisle in the local Piggly Wiggly whilst having a panic attack. She's embarrassed but being that she'll never meet that kind stranger again, she decides she will deal with it. Then her bingo buddy brings her oft-talked-about grandson, Walker. Cue the second panic attack meet cute.

I really enjoyed how the author managed two very different feeling aspects of anxiety and panic disorders. Aja and Walker were a cute couple and I absolutely adore pairings that start from a no-strings pact. LOL, it is always endlessly funny how they never work out. (I know I'm simple like that) Aja and Walker complemented each other well and the smexy times were pretty hot. The secondary characters, small-town backdrop, and the bingo antics really added a layer of levity to what can sometimes be a very sobering topic.

All in all, I really enjoyed the book and look forward to more from the author.

*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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A very funny, cosy romance, with PTSD and anxiety rep. For my full review, please see the audiobook edition.

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Bet On it by Jodie Slaughter was a smash, five star hit for me from the moment we meet Aja Owens in the frozen foods aisle. It just so happens that Walker Abbott meets her at the same time. Although they are strangers, Walker reaches out to Aja while she is having a panic attack there. Not quite a cute meet but they meet again at, of all things, a Bingo night the attraction is instant. Aja is a beautiful women who grapples with anxiety,

Walker returns to his hometown to help his grandmother, a Bingo enthusiast, who is recovering from a fall. His grandmother is the only reason he would ever set foot in that town again. Well that and what turns out to be the best peach cobbler in the world featured at the local diner. And, now, Aja.

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I was 20% in to Bet On It by Jodie Slaughter and immediately knew I needed a physical copy. It’s steamy, has mental health rep, and made me crave a peach cobbler topped with Blue Bell ice cream.

Aja Owens and Walker Abbott meet twice - once while Aja is having a panic attack in the local Piggly Wiggly and then at the bingo hall where she finds out Walker is the grandson of her bingo buddy Ms. May.

Walker is only in Greenbelt for the summer to help his grandmother recover from an accident. He has PTSD from growing up with parents who were drug addicts and being bullied by people in town for his own panic attacks. Aja has generalized anxiety and is settling in to small town life while working to put herself out there to make friends.
Weekly bingo games and a summer affair is all Walker can offer since he has zero plans of staying in the town that has terrible memories for him. But the more time they spend together, plus a bingo-winning sex pact, Walker and Aja will have to overcome their fears to get their HEA.

Living with anxiety and reading about characters who are learning to manage it too is one of my favorite parts about reading books, whether in a romance or general fiction. I especially related to how Aja and Walker (over)think about situations to try to manage to outcome. And although this book has been on my TBR for a while, I felt like the timing and the universe was sending me a message. One I needed to receive for reflection of my own relationships with my family and building community in a city I’ve grown up in and wasn’t ready to come back to. But watching Aja and Walker let go of their fear and try can help me be brave too.
Jodie Slaughter is now an auto-buy author for me, and I’m looking forward to reading Miri’s book next!

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The best thing about this book was how real it was. It didn't shy away from talking about the hard parts of being a human and openly discussed Aja and Walker's mental health struggles. I really wish more books did this. Mental health is something that we need to not be afraid to discuss. Another great part about this was the fact that we got to watch both Aja and Walker grow while dealing with their respective mental health issues.

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Aja Owens, 28, preferred to have met someone a few times before she had a panic attack in front of them, but this time it couldn’t be avoided. She started to have a panic attack right in the frozen foods isle in the Piggly Wiggly grocery store. In the midst of it, a stranger came and stood beside her. He didn’t try to calm her down, or touch her, or any other thing that other folks tried to do, he just stood there. And she was grateful to him, and completely embarrassed.

Aja spent every Wednesday at the Green Belt City Bingo hall. For 3 hours she sat next to the stone pillar and played. The Bingo Hall reminded her of the church basement she spent time in as a kid. The familiar atmosphere was calming to her. Every week like clockwork, she would sit by Miss May Abbot, a white woman in her 60’s with bright red hair. Except for the past three weeks, she hadn’t been showing up. Aja was starting to get worried. When she showed back up, both her arms were in a cast, and she brought with her Walker Abbot.

He was her 29 year old grandson who lived in Charleston and wrote for the newspaper. He had wavy blonde hair and a red birthmark on his neck. He was tall with a voice as sweet as honey.

Wally loved the peach cobbler from Minnie’s diner. When he was 6, his dad Benny took him out for cobbler and then got pulled over on the way home for driving under the influence. Gram had to come get him, his mom had split town years before.

At Minnie’s, worker Lousie Smith would always spread hurtful rumors about him and his dad that followed him around. It took him years of therapy and an abundance of zoloft to get over the problems.

Aja and Walker made a bet after realizing they had a strong attraction for each other- they bet each other that they would only put out for one another if one of them hit BINGO at the games they played. This insured Aja wouldn’t get involved, and Walker could go back to Charleston as soon as May’s arms healed up.

It was supposed to be easy… But when ever is that the case?

I loved the very real conversations that were had around PTSD and mental illness. I love the kindness and patience many of the people in town showed towards the main characters when they suffered. I love all the considerations that were taken for those characters. I love that the Mental Illness was not the sole focus of the book, but it was present. I think this would be a great book for a Neuro-typical adult to read if they wanted to get an idea about the mind of a neuro- diverse adult.

This is the first book I have read by Jodie Slaughter, and I am really impressed by her writing! I liked the development of the characters, and how they tried to keep apart, only to keep being pushed back together. It was an extremely fun book to read!

Audio book review: Angel Pean narrated, and she did a wonderful job! I think her voice fit the character well, she was age appropriate for the character, and her inflection was really good in some parts! One thing I really hated, in this case, was the third person past tense solo narrator. I hated that only one narrator read the entire book. It would have been very nice to have a second narrator read the Walker chapters. The third person past tense is also not my favorite writing style!

**Audio book notes do not change my GR book rating, it is only here for reference. This entire review is also cross posted to Amazon and Audible**

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I fell in love with Aja and Walker. This was the perfect, steamy romance!, fun and sexy. The fact that the author spread the word on anxiety, something many suffer with but not everyone has the support these two had. Definitely recommend picking this one up like yesterday!

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