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This is my first read written by Josie Slaughter and I absolutely love it! Bet On It is the story of a woman and a man who experience a “meet-cute” that might be better described as a “meet-awkward.” And let’s face it, in real life an awkward first meeting between two strangers is probably more frequent than the proverbial happy go-lucky meet-cute.

This story of two self-conscious people drew me in right from the start. The fact that Aja and Walker shared a similar social malady made this story feel genuine. And despite their similarities, Aja and Walker do have enough differences to make this story a compelling read. I also want to touch on the fact that this story is most definitely a romance. While this couple may be a bit unusual they do manage to enjoy a steamy romance.

I very much enjoyed reading Bet On It and would love to read more from this author. I will also post a full book review on my book club reporter website soon.

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Bet On It by J. Slaughter, published by St. Martin's Press, is a stand-alone romance novel.
Aja Owens' meet cute takes place in a mini mart and is everything else than cute.
Walker Abbott is back i town after 10 years away. And he wants to leave again as soon as possible. And then he stumbles over our heroine.
This book is such a fun and witty read, emotional at times too. A beautiful smalltown romance set in Georgia with lol scenes. The story has everything I love in a great read, characters easy to connect with a witty storyline with great plottwists, excellent writing. A fantastic, highly entertaining read, 5 stars.

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This book doesn't rate more than a 2.5 in my opinion. It is a slog, after which I am no more educated about these forms of mental illness than when I began. While I do think educating the populace about mental illnesses, of which many if not most of us suffer, novels rarely get the job done well.

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St. Martin's Griffin!
Thank You 😘 For this outstanding contemporary romance novel.

Bet on It by Jodie Slaughter is a wonderful, charming book!
I had so much fun reading this...
It's interesting with adorable characters.

It was like watching a riveting, heartfelt, entertaining romcom.
A sweet, entertaining, smart story which wrapped up with a satisfying conclusion.
Such an amazing storyline in this book.
I found this book to be cute, funny and so enjoyable.
Well written with easy to connect with characters.
Jodie wrote a stellar, surprisingly realistic romance here.... And I can't wait to read more from her!

Thank You again publisher, NetGalley and Jodie for this eARC!

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