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I enjoyed this audiobook thoroughly. I would definitely read other items by this author. The suspense kept you engrossed throughout.
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So fast-paced, I was immediately hooked from the first page and truly cared for the numerous protagonists in the story. Lots of twists and the cast of characters is wonderfully diverse. Loved it!
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This is a face paced, action thriller right from the start.  This is a character driven story with likable/unlikable  characters.  It was very well paced and kept me wanting to flip pages as quick as possible to see what was coming next.  It was very well narrated which added to the enjoyment of reading.
Thanks to NetGalley for the audio eARC.
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The wrongly convicted criminal seems to be a recurring theme in Fox’s books and ‘The Chase’ is no exception. A mass breakout at a Nevada prison and a frightening terrorist plot are the backdrop for this very good novel that is action packed and wildly entertaining. Featuring kick ass female characters a plenty, Fox hits the accelerator from page one and doesn’t step off until the very end. Packed with everything from far-right extremism, trash TV and Elvis impersonators, Fox is clearly having a ball with her creation and I was more than happy to go along for the ride! Not a straightforward prison escape saga, ‘The Chase’ plays to all of Fox’s strengths, solid characterization, superb plotting and witty dialogue. Fox is clearly one of the best thriller writers working in Australia today and I can highly recommend her work.

The narrator was great and thanks to macmillan audio for the ARC
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I was hoping for more when it came to this book. It wasn't bad just okay. I saw the ending coming a mile away
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This book was a wild ride and pretty unique in the thriller genre. At first I was worried because the initial set up was so unrealistic. A baseball game with prisoners vs guards at a prison that houses prisoners including death row inmates and families are invited??  How far fetched can you get?  However, while the release of the prisoners was obviously a major plot point, how they got out wasn’t such a huge part of the story and the rest of the story was much easier to swallow. There were multiple story lines following different characters. The only problem I had is that it was a bit difficult to keep all the lines straight at first listening to the book. I think it may have been easier if I had read the book. However the narrators did a great job with this book and I couldn’t wait to get back to it to see how it would all wrap up. While listening to this story I felt a range of emotions: everything from frustration to hope to sorrow and everything in between. Overall it was a great and unique read!
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This is a solid crime thriller. My Rating: 4.25 of 5.0 Overall; Story 4.25; Narration 4.25. 

A threat to civilians has the warden of the Pronghorn Correctional Facility facing a terrible decision. Before she can take action, the facility staff move on their own to open up the cell blocks and release every prisoner into the Nevada Desert.

John Kradle, released from death row, sees this as his last chance to prove that he did not murder his wife and child 26 years ago. He has had plenty of time to plan what he would do if he had the chance to escape. He sets out in a different direction from most of the prisoners. Unfortunately, another brutish prisoner decides to tag along with John, nearly killing him before the man realizes that he needs John’s plan for a chance to escape recapture.

Celine Osbourne is a Death Row Supervisor who prides herself on knowing the crimes and natures of her row of inmates. She has developed a hate-on-hate relationship with many of them over the years. Her past personal trauma has caused her to have a truly negative attitude towards Kradle. Celine joins the fiercely determined US Marshall, Trinity, in the chase for the worst of the criminals. Trinity is focused on those she believes could have planned the breakout – most likely the terrorists or the mass murderers. But Celine is focused on getting Kradle and she is sure she knows where he is heading.

Celine finds herself teaming up with a former inmate, Keeps, who was released the day of the breakout. Keeps has the ability to think like a criminal and provide a distinct perspective that helps track the inmates that Trinity and Celine are focusing on. He acknowledges his skills come from his past as a conman, but Celine thinks perhaps she can trust him.

I found the primary characters interesting and was intrigued by the different thought processes that come from the law officer versus the criminal mind perspectives. There is action and violence that is ugly but to be expected from violent prisoners. I did like the several twists that make the story move along well. The story set out with action and continued through to the end. I would like to read more by this author, and I recommend this to those who like a good crime thriller.

Audio Notes: David de Vries and Lisa Negron do a good job narrating the male and female voices. They provide fitting accents and inflection for several characters. I really enjoyed the audio performance.

Source: Audiobook through NetGalley.
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The initial premise intrigued me. A massive prison break happened and more than 600 of dangerous criminals were released. However, It was very hard to get into the book until 2/3 way through. The book dragged on and it was difficult to stay focused. I really liked the side plot about John Krandle though.

Thank you to NetGallery and to Macmillan Audio for giving me a copy for my honest review.
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Thank you to Netgalley and Macmillan audio for the early listen.  Narrator did a great job telling the story and giving each character their own voice. Will recommend.
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I received this audiobook from NetGalley. I typically don't listen to novels on audio as it takes so long to complete them. I did listen to this when going for walks. I so enjoyed it that I found myself walking longer and anxious to go on another walk so I could continue to listen. If you liked the old movie, The Fugitive, you'll enjoy this. There is a different angle as you get to know one of the main characters, Celine Osbourne, and her role as a correctional officer. One immediately takes a liking to her and her own story is developed quite well in the book. I would definitely enjoy a sequel!
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I really wanted to love this book.  It is a fast-paced, quick thrill ride.  But, it required me to suspend my disbelief too much... I just kept thinking that it was ridiculous.  I liked the two main characters, but I didn't believe her actions and storyline, and I felt he was a bit too naive.
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Celine has been forced into a situation she never thought she would be in. All of the dangerous prisoners have been released due to a unique blackmail situation. But, the only one Celine is interested in catching is Kradle. It is very personal for her and she is going to capture him if it is the last thing she ever does.

Talk about a unique story with some very strange happenings. I don’t know how the author thought up this scenario AND pulled it off convincingly through out this novel…but she did! This is my first Candice Fox novel. And I am on the hunt for her others. How I have missed her I do not know. This is about to be remedied and quickly!

The narrators, Lisa Negron and David de Vries did an ok job. I absolutely hated Celine’s voice. It was way too harsh, in my opinion. But, that was just a minor annoyance. The story itself moved along quickly and is pretty intense. So, this is what kept me listening to this one. Not necessarily the narrators.

Need a good thriller for a car ride…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.
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600 criminals are released after the staff at Pronghorn Correctional Facility are threatened. They are ordered to release all the criminals, or harm will come to the staff's families. The largest manhunt in history begins, and one death row escapee, John Kradle, decides to use the opportunity to prove his innocence and get justice from the person that put him in prison. Celine, who worked as a death row supervisor with a particular obsession with Kradle, goes after him, intent on bringing him back in. We shift POVs from Celine, Kradle, and Trinity - the US Marshall tasked with recovering the criminals back to Pronghorn.

I overall enjoyed this story, but there were times where it would just not hold my attention. I would realize that I had been listening but hadn't really been taking any of the story in. However I did really enjoy the ending.

This was a 3.5 star listen for me.

Thank you Macmillan audio and netgalley for giving me an "advanced" review copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. I'm a little late with the review, but hopefully not too late!
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The Chase by Candice Fox
Narrated by: David de Vries & Lisa Negron
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
Published: March 8, 2022

The Chase by Candice Fox is a standalone mystery that is fast paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end! I thought the characters were fascinating and had a lot of depth. The story had so many layers, it was incredible! I loved how so many people were woven together in this book!

I loved the narration by David de Vries & Lisa Negron!

I hope we see more from these characters! I'd love to revisit them!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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Really fun book about a prison break, a fugitive on the run, and the woman determined to catch him. After a massive prison break, John, a man on death row, has a chance to prove his innocence and discover who killed his wife and child. Meanwhile, the reader also follows the story of the prison guard whose tragic past can't let her see John as anything but an animal. I loved that the two main people trying to catch the escaped prisoners were both female and tough as nails. So nice to see female characters in those roles.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for an audio copy of The Chase in exchange for an honest review.

One December morning on the way to a baseball game at the Pronghorn Correctional Facility, a bus full of officers family members are taken hostage; in exchange for their release the prison must release all 600 minimum - maximum security inmates.  Death Row Supervisor Celine Osbourne can only watch in horror as every inmate begins to flee the facility and head out into the Nevada desert.  As the fugitive recover begins she sets her sights on one man, John Kradle, who murdered his own family.  He made her life hell at the prison especially because he knew how close her past was tied to his.  John has spent every waking moment inside the Pronghorn facility planning escape routes if he were ever given the opportunity to flee; what he never planned on was having a homicidal strangler tagging along.  John is determined to use this opportunity to clear his name of murdering his family and track down their real killer before he is caught.

**possible spoilers**

I was excited for a thriller along the lines of the Fugitive or Con Air, while the premise is intriguing the execution fell flat.  There was so much of the action that was just too far fetched or coincidental for my liking.  During the escape there was only one fight in the entire prison not even fighting amongst the inmates, it is unlikely a guarded corrections officer would let an unknown inmate move into her home, and while the escapees include mass shooting terrorists, rapists and murders Celine and media attention is focused on a family killer.  A lot of the action is predictable.   There are way way too many characters and it is hard to keep track of everyone since the story bounces around between John and Celine's POVs.  I had the audio version read by a man and woman but because of the mass characters and subplots it feels choppy.  The audio version is read by
David de Vries and Lisa Negron both of who did a good job.
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Thank you Netgalley and MacMillan Audio for the chance to listen this audio version of The chase by Candice Fox.  I had mixed reaction to this action story that was touted to be an updated version of The Fugitive. I did enjoy the story, but found there were a lot of characters to keep track of and I didn't like most of them, especially Death Row Supervisor, and fugitive-hunter, Celine Osbourne who spent her entire time absolutely hating fugitive John Kradle, even though he kept stating he was innocent. While I enjoyed the action/thriller, I found it was a bit slow at parts. The book could have been edited a bit. However what I loved was the narrators: David de Vries and Lisa Negron did a wonderful job telling the story from different POV's, and kept me interested in the story.  3.5 stars rounded up to 4.
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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* 3.5 rounded up, this was a pretty good and entertaining read but it was clear from like a fourth of the way in where it was going, not in a bad way really just predictable
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What happens when suddenly all prisoner cell doors are opened and   650 prisoners escaped? Prison guards didn’t think twice about letting them out when their own loved ones are in danger of been killed.
The resulting manhunt tracks the various prisoners in their escape and recapture.
Two characters employed in the prison are nicely portrayed. We have the prison warden who tries to redeem herself after letting the prisoners escape on her watch and Cecile who is the death row supervisor.  Celine is blinded in her reactions to John Kradle by her own childhood experiences. 
John Kradle uses the escape to try to prove his own innocence and punish the guilty person.
This is a fast moving thriller which will hold you in its bonds.
I listened to the audiobook and found the male and female voice adding to the enjoyment of the book.
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I love any prison book … but this was a fantastic read. Characters were funny and relatable.  I found myself laughing out load at parts.  Even better, it is set up that we will have more coming!  I will most definitely follow this series, this author.  Satisfying read!
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