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Good enjoyable unpredictable story. It moved fast with interesting characters and action. There are some parts and conversations in the beginning that stretch my limits of suspension of belief, but I'm glad I got through them.

You can tell the author is not American. She throws in some britishisms - petrol, bonnet - here and there but it doesn't hurt. It just seems out of place in an American setting and American accented narrators.

The male narrator was excellent. The female narrator is good and has potential, but at times sounded robotic. She spoke too fast at times.
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4.5 Stars
I liked the intensity and fast pace of the book. A great thriller. I will definitely will be reading more novels by Candice Fox. Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to review the book.
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The Chase was exactly the chase. From start to finish it was moving forward. Not all conclusions were as expected but that just made a good mystery. Looks like this story has been set up for a second book.  I’ll be on the lookout for this author as she continues to write suspense mysteries. Loved all the different narrators  as they gave the story added character.
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While I enjoyed the plot and action in the book.  I just couldn't get into the story all the way.  I had a hard time listening to it, because it just didn't appeal to me.  It was slow and while again the plot was good, it was slow to start
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As is typical with Candice Fox books, there are great cat and mouse scenes in this book!

A caller threatens to kill prison guards’ families if all the prisoners are not released from Pronghorn Correctional Facility and into the Nevada desert.  The book covers the recovery of some of those inmates.  It focuses on Death Row supervisor Celine Osbourne and one of her inmates, John Kradle.  To say their relationship inside was contentious would be an understatement.  That is why she is individually obsessed with his capture. 

The book is fast paced and exciting, while still providing enough information for the characters to be three dimensional and well developed.  The story like is not unique but does provide some unusual situations that enhance the progression of events. 

I highly recommend this book.  The author has once again written a fine story.  The narrators are perfect for the characters they portray.  Of course, I could listen to David De Vries read the phone book and be content.  Lisa Negron add personality to Celine that allows her to engage in situations that the reader know she would never find herself in realistically.

I received an ARC audiobook from Macmillan Audio through NetGalley.  This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book.  I am voluntarily submitting this review and am under no obligation to do so.
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Brief Summary: When more than 600 of the world’s most violent prisoners escape from a correctional facility in the Nevada Desert, the biggest manhunt in US history begins. For one of those inmates, this is a chance to prove his innocence, but he must stay ahead of the fugitive hunters.

Thoughts: This book started out very action-packed and suspenseful. The characters were realistic, but I found the storyline itself to be a bit unrealistic. There were also a lot of little side stories to keep straight which makes the book/plot as a whole a bit forgettable. That said, I remained engaged in the narrative because the suspense level remained throughout.

Thank you to Candice Fox, Macmillan Audio, and NetGalley for an audio copy of this book.
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First off, Candice Fox needs to do more research on the penal system.  While her book was entertaining, she did not seem terribly familiar with how the system works – or took some wild author’s license with it.  Either way, it did get a bit off course at times.

That aside, the story was entertaining – good escapism. It was a fun read with lots of twists and different characters.  Fox wove the activities of a number of the escapees into the story, even though they did not further the story in any noticeable way.  They did break up the primary focus of the book which actually contributed to the overall enjoyability. 

The narrators were a mixed bag. Lisa Negron provided the narration for all the female sections of the book, David Duffries for the male. Duffries did a great job.  He brought each of the characters to life – including the women who were part of the male sections. Negron was flat.  She was not able to carry off the different characters, read in three word phrases and never injected any emotion.  I would not recommend her for narrating anything.  

Overall, it is a good read. I would recommend it, though I think the book would be better than the audiobook due to Negron.
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After reading the description of this, I was a little hesitant because it's not the typical type of thriller I choose to read and enjoy. However, a prison break sounded intriguing so I decided to give this a try. This had a lot of promise and could have taken so many turns to make this more interesting, in my opinion. I felt like this really fell flat for me in a lot of ways, the main being that there wasn't a single likable character so there was no one to root for. In order for this book to really work and resonate with me, I felt that it should have made John Kradle so much more likable so that we had a reason to root for him and his innocence. However, this was not the case, so it made it difficult for me to really become interested in any of the storylines. There were parts that were quite exciting and I thought they would really rope me back into the story but that simply wasn't the case. The characters were just not compelling or likable enough for me to give this more than 3 stars. I did enjoy the ending and felt like it tied things up pretty nicely. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for sending me an ARC of The Chase in exchange for an honest review.
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This is my first audiobook! The narrators were awesome! I love the differentiation between characters/ voices. I adore this author and this one was no exception. A chilling story sure to turn your heart to ice and send it racing simultaneously. Full of suspense and gripping terror! A great read/listen that should shoot to the top of your list.
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Thrilling!!! An innocent man on death row takes the opportunity to escape during a prison break. His mission - to find the true killer of his wife and son. He forms an unlikely alliance with one of the prison guards who eventually believes and trusts him. This one will keep you on the edge of your seat.! Excellent narration by David de Vries and Lisa Negron.
Thank you to NetGalley and MacMillan Audio for this advanced review copy. In return, I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.
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The Chase starts off with a bang! A bus loaded with the spouses and children of the prison guards is approaching the remote desert prison. The families are there, as they are the same time every year, to attend an annual event between the prison guards and the inmates. 

The action in this crime-thriller story explodes right from the start! A short way from the prison a sniper shoots at the bus and blows out a tire. The bus lurches and the bus driver is mortally wounded. The adults and children on the bus begin to panic not knowing what is happening.

Meanwhile in the prison, the prison staff and guards seem woefully unprepared for what is about to happen as the prison is ordered, by an unknown person, to open its gates and release every single prisoner. And to ensure the instructions are followed, the lives of the families on the bus are threatened. 

The immediate result is all the prisoners, numbering more than six-hundred, are released, en masse, out into the desert. The main backstory of The Chase focuses heavily on the character of John Kradle. John has continued to maintain his innocence regarding the deaths of his wife and child. Kradle is determined to use the prison break as his opportunity to prove his innocence. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the gripping story/stories in this exciting action-thriller novel.
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The Chase by Candice Fox. Thank you NetGalley for the chance to listen to and review an advance copy.
The premise for this novel; a mass break out of a prison in Nevada is an interesting one. We follow several inmates on their violent trip around Vegas. The book is entertaining, but one of those you probably won't quite remember a little while from now. 
My biggest complaint is with the two female protagonists - is that really Candice Fox's idea of strong women? Why do they have to be so one dimensional and unlikeable?
2.5 stars rounded up, because I was entertained.
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I received this book free from the publisher Macmillan audio through in exchange for an honest review. 

Celine Osbourne is at work when all hell breaks loose, guards open the gates and allow all the prisoners to go free, even those on death row where Celine works.  Now she is on a mission to get them back.  Her main priority is John Kradle the convicted family annihilator who Celine has targeted from day one.  Kradle may not be priority for the people in charge but he is for Celine.  However while working with an ex-con she discovers that she is starting to believe in Johns innocence.  Her past has been haunting her and clouding her vision but she is unsure if she can put her experiences aside and give him the benefit of the doubt. 

This is a fast paced thriller by one of my favorite authors.  I have loved pretty much everything I've read by Candice Fox and this is no exception.  Celine is not the most likable of characters holding grudges, fighting with her superiors but there is something about her that keeps people working with her.  Maybe its her determination, she is actually good at her job but Kradle is her weakness. John Kradle is very sympathetic which give the book some balance.  

The prison break itself is unique and the story keeps things moving.  However you don't just follow John Kradle's journey as he tries to find the person who really killed his family,  you also learn about many of the other escaped prisoners. Some more likable than others.  Some just downright scary.  When Celine starts working with the Federal Marshalls to help track down the people who arranged the escape and determine what their plan is she still is focused on John Kradle.  The head of the team investigating, Trinity doesn't have time for Celine and her side focus and is a no nonsense badass woman.  Together they just may be able to solve this and catch Kradle. 

The narrator is very enjoyable to listen to and keeps you engaged.
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Full of action. Deep characters with intriguing back-stories. What's not to love?

The main story is the escape of an entire prison population in the desert of Nevada, but that is just the backdrop for the story of one of the most notorious inmates, John Kradle, who takes this opportunity to try to prove his innocence. Juxtaposed to this is the story of Celine Osbourne, the Death Row Supervisor, who is now hunting Kradle down. She has her own demons and personal reasons for wanting Kradle back behind bars.

A manhunt for 600 dangerous criminals promises non-stop action and really delivers, but what I was not expecting is that this is a very character-driven novel. Even in the midst of all that action, or maybe especially in the midst of it, I really needed people to root for. I needed to care about their plight and I did. 

This is the first book I've read by Candice Fox, but I'm definitely going back and reading some more of hers. Unconditional 5 stars!
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The Escape

Danger, suspense, thrilling and totally engrossing, this book delivers. I think my headphones were glued to my ears. This was definitely an exciting story.

The story handles the escape of prisoners and follows the ones on death row and how they react upon their escape from the prison. It mostly follows John Kradle a man convicted of killing his family. One prison guard Celine Osbourne especially has it in for John Kradle because of events in her past. Although he professes his guilt she refuses to believe him.

Celine along with the help of a con man minimum security inmate called Keeps pursue John relentlessly. That is until Celine figures out that maybe John Kradle is telling the truth and she has helped him with information which could cause another murder. Can she stop it from happening? Is John Kradle innocent or guilty?

Meanwhile the group that caused the Jailbreak is causing havoc in other areas as are the other escaped death row inmates. Will the town ever feel safe again and how much blood will be spilled in the Nevada desert?

This was a good book, it addressed the inmates personal lives and why some of them were murderers, how they thought and the deadly events they would put in place to ensure their freedom.

It will be thrilling and sad, it will make you think about the correction system. How secure are the prisons and how corrupt some of the officers. How many of the prisoners are innocent? How many are psychopathic murderers and extremely dangerous.

I enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend it.

Thanks to Candice Fox for writing a thrilling story and a great job narrating it. Thanks to MacMillan Audio for publishing it and for NetGalley for making it available for me to read.
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After the correction officers at Pronghorn Correctional Facility are forced to release over 600 prisoners or risk watching their families die, US Marshal Trinity Parker organizes a massive manhunt to recapture the convicts, with help from Celine Osborne, the only Death Row supervisor who refused to negotiate--because her entire family died years ago. Even though there are far more dangerous convicts on the loose, Celine's sights are set on one man: John Kradle, convicted for killing his wife, her sister, and his son. But John insists he's innocent, and he's using the prison break as his one chance to clear his name and find the one truly responsible. 

The Chase is a taut thriller with tightrope-like tension between Celine and Kradle as they each doggedly pursue their self-imposed missions. None of the twists were shocking, but like most great thrillers the story is more about seeing the characters getting wedged into a corner and wondering who will survive. The characters are vivid, each one standing out clearly and well fleshed-out. 

Be warned this book has numerous POV's (at least 10), including chapters written from the perspectives of other escaped convicts and random characters who interact with those convicts. But the main story is told through Celine's and John Kradle's voices. The many POV chapters give the book a cinematic feel, reminding me of the TV series Prison Break, but it may be bit confusing for some readers and this rather lengthy novel could've been more concise if those chapters had been cut, with the outcomes reported by other characters. I prefer it as written, though, and it didn't take long to adjust to the POV changes. 

Overall, this was a nail-biting and enjoyable read. Thank you to the author, Bantam, and Netgalley for the chance to read and review.
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What a great crime thriller! This book was engrossing from the first pages. Every situation in the story was thrilling. There was no downtime, no extraneous scenes, no filler, no stupid dialogue, no meaningless romance. This was a winner all around.
The premise of the story was fascinating and the characters were all well-developed. I hope this is the first in a new series. The final pages of the novel elude to it. I will definitely read the next installment.
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys crime drama and thrillers.
Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this audiobook.
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While I am still listening I must say that this book had me from the frosty page.  And the performance is among the best of any audiobook I have listened to.
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I’d give this one a 3.5 stars.  It’s an adventure wrapped up in a prison break.  And it’s not just any prison break, but o e of the magnitude that it is way to out there to be realistic… at least I would hope.  You get perspectives from all those involved.  Prisoners.  Guards. Families.  Guilty and innocent.  It was entertaining but not so believable.  Thanks to NetGalley for the advance read.
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The Chase is the first stand alone novel I've read by the author Candice Fox. She collaborates with James Patterson but this one is written solely by the author.

It did not disappoint. I love the whole story. Kept me engaged from start to finish. The characters are likable. Yes, even the prisoners and those on death row. They all have distinct personalities that you can both like and hate.

The story is about a prison break wherein there is not just one but all prisoners broke out of the facility at once. It is very interesting because this is the kind of situation you wouldn't want happening in real life. How would people react? How will law enforcement catch all of them back?

As for the narrator, Lisa Negrón, she brought the characters  to life. I love her Georgia accent and how she managed to shift from different accents. I also enjoyed listening to the audiobook because there are two narrators - a female voice and a male voice. This is always a big thing for me with audiobooks. And I know these are not cheap to produces but if you are doing something do it right the first time. If you have two gender points of view I would appreciate two narrators as well. It is tough for a male narrator to do a female voice without me cringing at the sound of it.

Once the audiobook is published, I'll get a copy from Audible. I liked it that much. It is a story I will listen to again in the future.

Thank you Macmillan Audio, NetGalley, and author Candice Fox for giving me advanced access to the audiobook that allowed to write this review. All opinions are voluntary and my own.
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