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This cookbook is so beautiful! The pictures are lovely, the writing is thoughtful, and I can't wait to try some of the recipes.
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The writing and photos in the book are so mesmerizing and the recipes made me sooooo hungry while reading it! I really appreciate that this cookbook also shows your the foundations of Korean food and the culture connections that exist over food.
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Lovely cookbook, interspersed with gorgeous pictures, stories of the food, and great ideas to make recipes your own. I grew up around a vibrant Korean community and worked at a Korean restaurant for more than 5 years. The recipes in these pages were nostalgic for me, but I also learned so much. I especially loved the section on Kimchi, Kimchi is a verb! I definitely feel more prepared and equipped for the next time I try my hand at kimchi. The entire section on baking was entirely new to me and I really enjoyed it! This is a great way to acquaint yourself with Korean food or get more familiar with a beloved cuisine. Special thanks to the author, publisher, and Net Galley for an advanced copy in exchange for my review.
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Thank you, Netgalley and the author/publisher, for the opportunity to read and review an advanced reader's copy of this book. This in no way affects my review, all opinions are my own.

Here is what I love about the book: (1) the author included a lot of personal stories, where the recipes came from, and how they relate to his own story. He also included photos which make this book a very personal story and I felt like I was invited into the family; (2) the recipes are an amazing fusion of Korean dishes with an American twist; the author even included traditional American festivities combined with Korean food, e.g., Thanksgiving; (3) the recipes were not just written on the pages but the author also included photos; I appreciate it this so much. I love cookbooks where I can see what my dish is supposed to look like. Great book to add to any kitchen where new dishes are appreciated.
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My husband is Korean American and we LOVE homemade Korean cooking. I'm using this cookbook for meal prep this week and I am obsessed with it. The recipes really are are the perfect balance of Korean AND American. Lots of comfort food favorites that my MIL makes, but some with a twist.

I've already placed my pre-order for a hard copy on Amazon, but I'm so thankful I can use this ahead of time via the ARC! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this one :)
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As a lover of all things Korean due to my secret k drama addiction.  I must give thanks to the author.  The recipes in this book are wonderful.  I can’t wait to try the kimchi recipe. Well done!
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This book is absolutely beautiful. The pictures are stunning. They are so bright and colorful and make the food look SO good. 

My husband is Korean and as we have been together, I went from knowing absolutely nothing about Korean food, to liking it and now i've started to dip my hand into trying to COOK it! it can be so overwhelming not knowing about some ingredients, so I love that Eric Kim laid out some of the more commonly used ingredients in Korean cooking and explained what they were!

The recipes looked absolutely mouthwatering. I definitely plan on purchasing a hard copy of this book when it comes out because I need to have this on hand! I have to make miyeokguk in a few days for my husband's birthday and I wish there was a recipe in here for that!! :)
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This is a really beautiful book making traditional Korean flavors more accessible to the American palette by reinventing classic American meals.. This book is an autobiography of the author, his legacy and his American experience.
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With the K-wave being all the rage seemingly all around the world, there’s even more interest, desire to make the dishes seen in tables in the latest TV show or movie. I’m always a sucker for Korean cookbooks because each region, each family have their own interpretations of the classics, but usually there’s a bit of disappointment, the recipes tend to be generic to appeal to non-Koreans or attempts at recreation by non-Korean cooks. I have been a big fan of Eric Kim since his first New York Times Cooking recipe entered my inbox, his food reflected me perfectly: I love Korean food, but I also enjoy food from other parts of the world. Korean American: Food That Tastes Like Home delivers on its promise, a taste of Korean memories mixed with Americana childhood that so many of us Korean Americans know so well. The recipes are laid out in an easy manner, usually accompanied by a sweet or funny story. The photography is gorgeous, inviting you to make each and every dish. This is a cookbook I’ll be pointing out to anyone interested in Korean food from now on.
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Do you want to learn how to make delicious Korean American dishes, but you don't know how?

"Korean American" by Eric Kim, has the most fantastic assortment of recipes you can learn to cook at home.  It has step-by-step instructions with exquisite photos to help you accomplish easy techniques, ingredients, sauces, seasonings and sweeteners.  This book is a treasure trove of "Korean American" cooking!  You can learn how to make the perfect " Pan-Seared Rib Eye with Gochujang Butter".  Sign me up! Yum!

I appreciate all the beautiful chapters of this book, but if you are a beginner there are instructions how to make the perfect easy steamed, fried, and tomatoes omelet rice.  Additionally, is a chapter on fish including yellow croaker, salmon steaks, trout, shrimp and lobster tails.  If your palate leans more toward American taste, Eric Kim has that covered with pizza, meatloaf, spam, cabbage, stew, soup, potato, mushroom, califlower, zucchini, roasted chicken and stuffing recipes. He even includes deviled eggs and broccoli-cheese rice casserole.  It's the best of all culinary delights in one book and speaking of delights, there is a chapter on making superb bakery items!   "Korean American will be published March 29, 2022.

Thank you NetGalley and Clark Potter/Ten Speed Press for allowing me the honor of reviewing this gorgeous cookbook!  I really appreciate it!
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A wonderful cookbook with small anecdotes written in between. I loved the connection between the foods presented at the author's recollection of his past. It was a wonderful contrast between past and present as well as an ideal juxtaposition between East and West.
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A lovely cookery book on American Korean cooking for making at home. 

The book is divided into 8 main sections along with an introduction:
- TV Dinners
- Kimchi
- Stew
- Rice Cuisine
- Fish
- Vegetables
- Feasts
- Bakery

The Introduction includes the staples required for the pantry.  The recipes include an introduction, the ingredients, steps, and the servings.  The measurements and oven temperatures are in imperial terms.  Each recipe also has a colour photograph.  The Feasts chapter is based around the dishes they have at thanksgiving.

My daughter and I have recently been trying Korean recipes we have found online and there are plenty in this book for us to also try such as Dakdoritnag (chicken drumstick and potatoes in a yummy spicy sauce) and the Gochujang Chocolate Lava Cakes.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.
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The recipes are amazing! 
Most are fairly simple and require few ingredients. They might be difficult for those who don't have a good Korean grocery near them, though things like Kimchi and gochujang are starting to make their appearance in even rural walmarts. 
I don't usually say this but the stories really give a sense of the author and a better feel for what the recipes should evoke.
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Wow—what a cool cookbook! Growing up Korean American, my family never really ate traditional “American” food. Instead, my mother made mounds and mounds of Korean food—banchan and the works. When I saw this cookbook, I was so excited because it combines my American childhood with my Korean culture. I’m not sure if others will enjoy the introduction part where the author introduces himself and his story, but I really enjoyed it and could definitely relate. 
Full disclosure, I haven’t been able to make any of the recipes so far, but I’m already excited to try the gochujang steak and maple syrup spam! The pictures are beautiful, and it was cute seeing the author’s family pictures as well.
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I have followed Eric Kim for a while and in the fall of 2021 cooked everything he told me to. I also knew he was working on this book in 2020/21 as glimpses of it showed up on Instagram. I also read every essay Eric wrote online. This cookbook was everything and more than I thought it would be. The recipes are simple and sincere, the stories are thoughtful and inviting. I will never look at Kimchi fried rice the same way again.
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Eric Kim has written a Korean American cookbook with heart.  Not only are the recipes good, but his family memories enhance the flavors.  Savor the stories and the flavors!
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This was a great cookbook and I really enjoyed reading through the recipes. I definitely found some that I will be making. I've never tried or made Korean American food so it will be interesting to try some of these.
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Cookbooks, for me, always only tend to include 5 recipes that I actually cook. In Korean American, well lets just say that I have about the equivalent of at least 10 cookbooks!

Korean American is broken down into seperate sections: TV Dinners, Kimchi is a Verb, S is for Stew, Rice Cuisine, Korea is a Peninsula, Garden of Jean, Feasts and Korean Bakery.

TV Dinners includes Pan-Seared Ribeye with Gochujang Butter, Maple-candied Spam and Creamy Bucatini.

Kimchi is a Verb includes recipes filled with kimchi galore, like Caramelised Kimchi Baked Potatoes and Spam, Kimchi and Cabbage stir-fry.

S is for Stew has a selection of mouthwatering dishes including Budae Jjgae and Seolleongtang Noodles with Scallion Gremolata.

Rice Cuisine explains how to cook the perfect white rice, as well as giving you recipes such as Gyeranbap with Roasted Seaweed and Capers for you to see put into practice cooking your rice!

Korea is a Peninsula is all about fish. Roasted Lobster Tails with Lemony Green Salad and Pan-Fried Yellow Croaker are some of the delicacy’s that await you here.

For Garden of Jean we have vegetables galore! From Smashed Potatoes with Roasted Seaweed Sour Cream Dip to Grilled Trumpet Mushrooms with Ssamjang, you will love the vegetable based recipes.

Feasts includes Sesame-Soy Deviled Eggs and Lasagna with Gochugaru Oil.

Korean Bakery gives you amazing sweet treats such as Milk Bread with Maple Syrup and Chewy Black Sesame Rice Cake.

All in all, I will probably end up giving every recipe in Korean American a go! It will take me a while but they all look worth-it, and I cannot wait to add these to my repertoire.

If you like Korean food, the Korean American definitely deserves a place on your shelf.
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Fantastic combination of food writing and easy to follow recipes with gorgeous photography and good thorough instructions. Pick it up when it comes out!
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Beautiful cookbook. I made several recipes from here and definitely will be continuing to use it. I found the recipes easy to follow and delicious and the story parts were engaging and enjoyable. The pictures are stunning and definitely make you want to cook just about everything. For a newbie to Korean-American cuisine, I found it fairly accessible and the ingredients (mostly) easy to find., but I suppose that's the point in some way (his family had to learn to adapt Korean cooking to the American grocery store).
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