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Unexpected Connection

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I received this ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  Jaskula opens the story with Jennifer Scott, homicide detective, being attacked in her car. The attacker tells her if she moves, he will slice her throat. She is able to defend herself and escapes and captures her attacker. When she arrives at the police station to file her report, we find out that she will be getting a new partner but her chief doesn’t give her a name as of yet. Her old partner, Nick, who has decided to move to another department wants to take her out for a drink to discuss his reasons for the move. At the bar Jennifer has a few too many drinks and then walks into the men’s room by mistake and actually meets a handsome gentleman and they make a connection. She finds out later that he is her new partner, Luke O’Connor. Not only is she attracted to her new partner, she learns that her best friend has just met her long last twin sister. But Grace is very suspicious of Katie and isn’t comfortable with her staying with her and her husband. Jennifer decides to research Katie and to make sure she doesn’t have a record.  Before you know it there is a murder that could involve Katie and is dangerous for Jennifer and Luke. Is Katie involved, how does this involve Grace, what happens to Jennifer and Luke attraction to each other. Read and find out how this mystery is solved and whether or not Jennifer and Luke decide to do something about their feelings for each other.
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