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I enjoyed this, it was a very gentle and delicate read. It was emotional at times and I felt like I was looking at life slightly differently and learning a lot along the way! I felt like the ending wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be though.
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The story interconnecting Amelia and Grace is beautiful as if both their worlds merges together to create something beautiful and empowering. 
The naration is crisp and the emotions of Grace is felt thoroughly. 
A beautiful story and plot in and out. 
Definitely recommended. 
Thank you Netgalley for approving my request.
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A lovely read which I actually learnt a lot from! 
Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for letting me read a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest feedback.
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Brilliant narration of a lovely book to make your heart warm. The letters were fun to listen to, and the main character is easy to root for.  An enjoyable book to listen to while walking!
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Struggling with the heartbreak of being left by her long-term partner Grace throws herself into work and a fascinating library find of some [fictitious] secret letters from Amelia Earhart to her lover Gene Vidal. This was an intriguing storyline with a mixture of letters and narrative but sometimes I got distracted from Grace's story, which I found engaging, and wondered if the two storylines were a bit too much in what was a short book. Although I understand and appreciate the research that went into the Amelia aspect of the story it is Grace's story that has the heart and connection. A read that did touch my heart.
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Thanks a lot to NetGallery and ECW Press Audio for the advance reader's audiobook. 

This was a 3 star read for me. I really enjoyed Grace's story, her journey and I wish there was more about Grace towards the end of the book. The ending felt incomplete and left me wanting to know more about what happened with Grace, where her story goes. The letters were interesting but I somehow couldn't connect the two stories running in parallel. Overall a nice read, I enjoyed the audiobook and I will be definitely looking forward to more from Linday Zier-Vogel!
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Letters to Amelia - Lindsay Zier-Vogel
Narrated by Emily Nixon

I received an advance review copy for free thanks to NetGalley and Book'hug Press and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Grace Porter is reeling from grief after her partner of seven years unexpectedly leaves. Amidst her heartache, the 30 year-old library tech is tasked with reading newly discovered letters that Amelia Earhart wrote to her lover, Gene Vidal. She becomes captivated by the famous pilot who disappeared in 1937. Letter by letter, she understands more about the aviation hero while piecing her own life back together.

This was a relatively short book - the audiobook was 8 hours but I really struggled to get into this book. I feel that this book would be better served if it was just about Grace, I felt like the letters - whilst a nice little side story, were a bit of a distraction. I was looking forward to reading this book when I selected it, but it just didn't grip me in the way that I expected. 

Rating: 3/5
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A surprisingly moving story about a young Canadian librarian assigned to transcribe and summarize a package of newly discovered letters between Amelia Earhart and her lover Gene. The librarian barely knows who Amelia Earhart is and has little interest in the project when first assigned, particularly as she is in deep grief over her boyfriend of seven years having suddenly left her the week before. But the more she reads, the more interested she becomes until she eventually finds herself writing her own letters to Amelia in a kind of diary, traveling to spots where Amelia flew, and becoming emotionally invested in the way the letters are publicly received. Her sorrow over her broken relationship, her love for and annoyance with her mother, her interactions with friends dealing with their own relationship issues, her first solo trip, and her personal decisions all weave together into a multi-layered, believable story that sinks its hooks in and sounds very real. I greatly enjoyed this debut novel and look forward to seeing more from this author. 

I was gifted this audiobook from Netgalley and Book*hug press in exchange for my honest review.
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Grace is reeling from a break with and is ready to distract herself with work when given a secret project at work, to catalogue some recently unearthed secret letter between Amelia Earhart and her supposed lover. 
Grace throws herself into it and gradually grows to feel a connection to Amelia, writing her own letters to the doomed pilot. 
This book went on a trajectory I didn't predict and I loved being taken for the ride. At times I wanted to shake Grace for making the decisions most of us would make in high emotional situations, but on the whole the story was enjoyable and intriguing. 
The narrator's reading captured Grace's character and also the voices of Amelia. Measured and full of energy it brought it to life.
Cliff-hanger ending but then that fit for Grace and Amelia, who's end is still unknown.
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Grace is a thirty-something woman whose partner has just moved out without notice. At the same time, she is tasked with cataloging some recently discovered letters between Amelia Earheart and her lover. As both stories unfolded, Grace and Amelia had more in common than we had first expected. I really enjoyed both stories separately, but also the way they ran in parallel. The story was enjoyable and the narration was equally so.
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Narrator 5 stars
Great voice. Did well bringing the characters to life

Story 3 stars
This took me a little bit to get into but got there in the end. While the letters gave this a interesting side story I personally would have enjoyed this book more if it was simply about Grace and her story.
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Letters to Amelia by Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Grace is a 30 something library tech in Toronto who is reeling after her boyfriend of seven years leaves her out of the blue. While struggling to get through the heartbreak, and a surprise pregnancy, she is tasked with reading and organizing a found box of letters from Amelia Earhart to her lover Gene in 1937. These letters provide her with inspiration, connect her to another story and she ends up writing her own letters to Amelia. 

This is really a coming into your own life type of story. About finding your footing, about family and friendship and  motherhood. I really loved this story. My only issue was that Grace came off as quite immature to me in a lot of moments, but it did fit with the storyline. I loved learning more about Amelia and watching Grace find her way. 

Thank you to @bookhug_press for my copy of the book as well as the audio copy from @netgalley I read/listened to this book depending on my day and enjoyed both options!
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#feminism #PersonalTruth #Honesty #Relationships #Love #History #family #friendship #mystery #Liberty #AmeliaEarheart

I have listed my hashtags here, to emphasise that although the title refers to Amelia Earhart, and although she pays a fundamental role in the story, this audiobook is so much more than letters to and from Amelia Earhart. The depth of self discovery that Grace undergoes when she is first asked to read these newly discovered letters, and the truths she has to face, choices she has to make, during the ‘letters project’, make this an exceptionally well rounded love story rooted in past and present. 

The way Amelia Earhart is portrayed is inspirational in its feminist truth, even though during Amelia’s life time she would have been perceived as a radical character. She is an inspiration to women today. 

An engrossing audiobook with a great narrator.
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Grace is going through a breakup when she gets a special; assignment ay work- reading a new collection of letters written by Amelia Earhart to her lover.

I really enjoyed this book and how Grace's personal life intertwined with Amelia's letters. The narration was great and calming to listen to- just like the podcast mentioned in the book!

I just reviewed Letters to Amelia by Lindsay Zier-Vogel. #LetterstoAmelia #NetGalley
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This is an unusual epistolary novel covering the discovered (fictional) letters from Amelia Earhart to her lover, as well as the life of Grace, a librarian, who reads and documents them.  I liked the way the letters from Amelia detailing her independence and life helped Grace to find the strength and courage to deal with a breakup and unplanned pregnancy.   The letters themselves were warm and chatty and they depicted Amelia and her life vividly.  However, the portrayal of Grace was pretty clinical and emotionless, so we can't really get too much of a feel for her character and the decisions she makes, which is a shame.     Prior to reading the novel, I didn't know too much about Amelia Earheart, but felt that, like Grace, I got to know her as the story progressed.  And whist I found the story interesting, I wouldn't say I was wholly invested.  For me, it was just an OK read.

Many thanks to NetGallery and ECW Press Audio for allowing me a copy of the book.
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Ehh I loved the beginning and the middle. I listened in a day and while I did really enjoy the book, and the narrator, the ending was disappointing to me. I felt Grace’s life was as important as the letters. The letters had completion the big events in Grace’s life did not. It felt like such an incomplete ending. This book had such great promise. I loved the letters. Though the fact Grace didn’t know who Amelia Earhart was seemed preposterous to me. Especially at her age. If the ending was better this would be a 5 star for me.
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