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The Good Sister and Her Flying Monkeys

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This book didn't live up to what I thought it would be but that wasn't necessarily bad. Elena an ex-con tries to go good but soon we see that a leopard can't change it's spots. She turns against her family and they slowly band together to stop her. A fun read most of the time.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.
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Look, we all know “based on a true story” usually means, “this is a total dramatization of what actually occurred”, but you know what? In the case of this book, I really don’t care, because this book was a really fun, page-turning read. It wouldn’t matter if the author fabricated the whole thing (which isn’t true, since Griselda Blanco, Pablo Escobar, and the Medellin Cartel were all VERY real things–Griselda Blanco was shot and killed in 2012 in Medellin while inside a butcher shop, and Escobar died in 1993 during a shootout with the Columbian National Police. In the wake of Escobar’s death, the Medellin Cartel completely crumbled and has since been silent). 

This book only tangentially has to do with Griselda and Pablo. They are only mentioned in this book in relation to one of the main characters, Elena Decosta Tombs, who has been on the run from the Medellin Cartel and the police for over ten years. 

I want to forewarn readers of this book: the synopsis provided on Goodreads has a paragraph at the end that has nothing to do with this book, and the synopsis provided on Amazon is misleading. They really could have done better with the synopsis, because this isn’t mainly Elena’s story: this story is told in 3rd person narrative, but the narrative switches between 4 main characters: Elena (the titular “good sister”), Tomas (her autistic brother), Kenzi (her marriage therapist sister), and Diego (a FBI agent whose half-brother was involved with the Medellin Cartel… and Elena). The synopsis is heavy on the Elena angle, but this book is more about the continuous struggles of the Decosta family in dealing with Elena, Tomas and Kenzi’s efforts to comprehend her rampant malignant narcissism, and the toxic effects malignant narcissism can have on a family. 

Honestly, the most compelling and fun parts of this book to read were the parts of the book where Tomas, Kenzi, and even (eventually) their mother were working together to stop Elena’s efforts to destroy their family and to bring her to justice. Their fear, frustration, disappointment, and anger were all palpable on the page. Especially Kenzi’s, since her profession as a therapist puts her in a place where she knows exactly what her own sister is and exactly what she’s capable of. 

So don’t let the synopsis on Goodreads or Amazon fool you. This book is a great, fun thrill read about a malignant narcissist on the run, stolen cartel goods, a family who had to confront the toxicity in their own family, and protecting the ones you love.
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Thank you Crossroad Press, 
For this eARC!

The Good Sister and Her Flying Monkeys by Alexa Blye was an interesting story.
The writing flowed very well. And held my attention throughout.
Parts of this book sucked me in but then I got a bit bored with it. In my opinion!
But I enjoyed it as much as I could!

Thank you again to the Publisher, NetGalley and Author for the opportunity to read and review this ebook!
I will post my review closer to pub date!
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The Good Sister and Her Flying Monkeys, now, lets me honest. the title pulls you right in and definitely has you curious. Is this book going to be comical? The answer is absolutely not. 

Elena used to be a drug trafficker now shes listed as a fugitive on the FBI's radar, but Elena has since taken her life into a different direction. She married a cop and after attending her brothers unexpected funeral, she decides she wants to reinvent herself. 

Unfortunately, a zebra cant change its stripes and when Elena attempts to discredit her other brother, Tomas, by spreading rumors of pedophilia, Tomas decides to take matters into his own hands and meets with an FBI agent who has been looking for Elena. 

In all of Elena's attempts to reinvent herself, she might have just landed herself in hot water. 

Due out October 31, 2021!
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