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Jess is a reporter doing fluff pieces for a magazine and she wants to do something more serious. She wants to do a series on cuffing where she finds a short ter romance.
Cody comes into the picture with her sone. She agrees to a short term romance with Jess. I goes smoothly until they develop feeling for each other and neither is sure about the other's intentions.
I found this book interesting and would recommend it for romance lovers.
I received this book as an ARC from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review
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A Convenient Arrangement is a cute little romance between Jess and Cody, which was just supposed to be a temporary romance to serve professional purposes for both of them, but ends up being more. 

Jess needs a partner subject for a series she's writing for the news outlet she works for, and Cody needs a partner as she navigates tenure and promotion at her university. I like how clear they are with one another about expectations and consent, and although this isn't a self-help book I think it provides some good templates if we ever leave our houses again. I did cringe a bit at how quickly Cody incorporated Jess into life with her young son, but this one is a HEA so it worked out fine.
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It was sweet for the most part, the ending way too angsty and I teared up (From frustration, not sadness) I was initially disappointed we never got to know what happened to Amelia and Finn. But then found out the next book is about them!
The best part of this book was Ben. It was awkward sometimes when they got horny for each other in front of him; good thing he didn't notice :D
And I know I'm not the only one who was hoping for some kinky type of cuffing besides the sweet one :P
The writing style is really good so overall I enjoyed the book.

Thanks to Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for providing me with an ARC of this book.
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It felt like Cody knew what she wanted, and that was her.

3.5 stars. As a collaboration, this was super successful. I'm not sure how Clevenger and Rey handled the co-writing of this unique romance, but it wasn't obvious that there were two authors; it was so seamless. I've really liked the books that I've read from them separately, and though this has some bumps, I enjoyed it quite a lot!

Jess is a columnist for a sapphic publication, and her editor wants her to work on a piece about cuffing (couples getting together for the colder months, and agreeing to break it off come spring). She enters into a fauxmance/relationship of convenience with Cody, a single mom professor working towards tenure who needs a date for some work related functions. I loved the single parent aspect of this; there's something about butch women being super strong and maternal that just makes my heart glow. I loved Cody and her relationship with Ben (especially given the uniqueness of their situation), and Ben himself didn't suffer from too much of the 'kids don't act like that' syndrome that you always see in books. (He did a little, but not a lot.) Seeing Jess bond with him was adorable, just the kind of fluff I love to see in single parent romances. 

The romance was wonderful; I could not stop smiling while reading this. From the adorable meet-cute to getting to know each other on dates, they just had that spark. I fell in love with both characters individually, and they were great together. Cody especially: such a dreamboat. There were lots of thwarted opportunities thanks to parenthood, but it was still just steamy enough. (I do wish there had been one less FTB scene.) I feel like these authors just mesh really well; the writing is super simple, but I was 100% swept up in the relationship. The conflict that stemmed partially from a lack of communication did disappoint me, especially because what I loved about the first 3/4 of the book is that they communicated so well. It's not that it was unbelievable; in the circumstances you can definitely see people reacting in certain ways. But I just wasn't impressed, and it did sour the book for me a teensy bit. It didn't last long, thankfully.

I know I'm definitely going to be reading the companion romance, because I really liked what little we saw of those characters. This was such a fun romance!
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Would you date someone just to do research?  This is exactly what this book is about!
Cuffing typically refers to the winter months where willing participants engage in a short term relationship with no strings.  Jess, a digital journalist,  has been assigned to this piece for her work. She doesn't believe cuffing is really a thing and decides to try and find a wiling participant to see.  She finds this participant in Cody.  
What starts out as an experiment, soon becomes much more.  With Jess and Cody spending more and more time together, the attraction between them is hard to ignore.
Will cuffing leave them with only a few months?

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the fake relationship turns real.
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I am all the way in love with this book. It was a joy and completely effortless to fall for the leading ladies. The characters that orbited around the two played the quintessential shoulders to lean on, advice givers, and swift kicks in the butt they needed to get in gear. .

I hadn't a clue what cuffing was (outside the bedroom) and this book is a hilarious introduction to it. Also, standing ovation to the finesse inherent in all the dialogue in this book. You won't find those awkwardly long-winded confessions or moments you think "who talks like that?" What will win your heart are the conversations between friends and lovers that just feel right- that feel true. Enjoy getting lost in the feels and swept away into a perfect f/f romance. Truly a wonderful journey and the writing. Superb.
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So I bought this book prior and then received the free copy later on and was happy I bought it!  I loved Cody and Jess they were fun to read! What really made the book was the cuffing chronicles and the fact that Cody didn't read them initially made me laugh. 

*Spoiler Alert*
New years will forever be tainted that was a terrible fight 😤, I do not believe the bench make up was enough in my opinion but I am a sucker for a happy ending!!
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3.5/5 rounded up. I really enjoyed this fun book! Jess is a writer looking for a date for her assigned piece about cuffing season. Cody is a professor seeking tenure, but worries that she'll need a partner to convince the university that she's here to stay. The solution: a convenient arrangement. Jess and Cody agree to date during cuffing season for mutual benefits, but things start to get sticky when they fall for each other and families get involved. 

This book was occasionally (and very slightly) cringey, but I really enjoyed it for the most part!  My only real critique is that the writing wasn't always *there* for me, though that really comes down to personal preference. Also, non-lesbian queer folks were largely eliminated from the conversation which let me down as a non-lesbiqn queer person. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a cute and sometimes spicy Sapphic read!
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had no idea there was such a thing as “cuffing” so I googled it. Jess is a digital journalist and is tasked with doing research on cuffing. Google it yourself. So, she needed to get a girlfriend for a few months over the holidays and break up before Valentines Day. When your single, it’s hard to go to all the Christmas parties along so Cody is ok with this arrangement. Her only concern is that her son Ben not get too attached to Jess. Cody and Jess try to keep things casual, but their hearts have other ideas. It was fun to watch how these two try to navigate a causal relationship. I have read both Aurora Rey and Jaime Clevenger and know their styles, but I couldn’t figure out who wrote what. Their styles blended so effortlessly. The chemistry from the get-go was off the charts. I loved Cody and Ben’s relationship. And Jess fit in like a old sweater. Comfortable, cozy and the right fit.. Excellent read
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Jess Archer, a journalist for a digital publication, is given a story to create a column from - a first person exploration of Cutting in the lesbian world. Where cuffing is the practice of coupling up a while before Christmas and breaking up around Valentine's Day. She meets Cody Dawson, a professor and single mum, and in no time at all Cody agrees to couple up for the article. What happens in a relationship when you agree you will split in three months time, especially when it seems like you might be just right for each other.

A convenient arrangement is a fun take on the classic story of a relationship that begins as a largely business relationship, complicated by feelings. The story is well written, and the two leads draw you in. Both Cody and Jess have strengths and flaws, making them feel real. 

The book also has some steamy scenes, which can raise the temperature throughout the novel.

As a collaboration between two authors, this was a fun read with two distinct, unique voices. I would absolutely recommend this one to keep you warm during the cuffing season.
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I really love this duo writing books. I have never heard about cuffing season before so this was also a new trope for me. And it was also really hot. I absolutely love the butch femme thing those two authors are doing and maybe it's even better if they are writing it together. I have also read already the second one in the row and I loved that the time line was parallel instead of cronological. Thanks!
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A Convenient Arrangement is one of my favorite books of 2021. I had never heard of 'cuffing' before I came across this book, so I wasn't entirely sure what I was in for. Rey and Clevenger did such a good job of developing the characters and made me care about all of them, especially the child. In a lot of novels I read, child characters are very one-dimensional or are written as very unlikeable characters. Ben is a character that it is hard not to fall in love with and one you want the best for. There is instant chemistry between Jess and Cody that boils over into some very steamy lovemaking scenes. There is a bit of angst, but something that is taken care of in due time.

I can't speak highly enough for how much I enjoyed this book. It has sweetness, tenderness, hot sex, and the building of a family, all things that I cherish in a love story.

I received a copy of this from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.
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4 stars.

I'll hold my hands up, didn't have clue what cuffing was, I needed google.

Anyway, I loved it! I've not come across a story like this one before (not that I can think of), it's sweet and cute. There's chemistry and spark between the two main characters Jess and Cody. And I enjoyed watching how their relationship flourished over time, as well as the barriers they hit and fought to overcome over the months. 

Just for the record.... cuffing has nothing to do with handcuffs. 

I was given an ARC for an honest review.
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Look no further for a witty, hot, all-around wonderful Holiday romance
This is one of those books which have me after a few lines sit back, sigh with pleasure and enjoy the romance unfold with a hot chocolate at hand. In other words this read was unadulterated pleasure! I loved the two main characters, their chemistry, their insecurities, the hot sizzle, the stunted attempts, the growing (forbidden, chuckle) attraction, the cute kid, the insertion of real life problems - and foremost the wit and humor shining throughout the stories. Had to laugh out loud and chuckle several times - the best.
The pacing is good and the storyline never falters or goes in over-dramatic drive. Up to the very end it is pure pleasure to read. Well done.
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I enjoyed this book, the premise was interesting, the characters endearing (especially the little boy) and the concept of cuffing was new to me. A short term arrangement to get through holiday season and separate in the Spring. A journalist decides to try it out and write about it in her column. She hooks up with an academic trying to get tenure who needs a girlfriend for university. 

The characters throughout are funny and well written and the developing relationship between Jess and Cody is handled nicely though I’m not sure how credible the whole idea of cuffing is… I’m a retired old married lady… 

An interesting diversion for a couple of evenings when you want a good story, well told.

I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley.
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Thank you to Netgalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I came for the lesbian romance and I can't say I was disappointed one bit. I hope this becomes a series with new characters!

A Convenient Arrangement follows Jess Archer, a lesbian journalist for the queer magazine Sapphisticate, and Cody Dawson, a junior faculty member up for tenure consideration. When Jess's boss asks her to write a piece about cuffing, Jess is hesitant at first, but decides to try it in hopes it will give her a break from fluff pieces. Cody knows having a signifcant other to bring to academic events would only improve her chances of getting tenure, but as a single parent her first concern is always about her son.

Jess and Cody had great chemistry from the start. I loved their every interaction and how they got to know each other. I wouldn't quite say this is fake dating, but it's a twist on the trope for sure. I loved how there were always feelings involved and both of them were concerned they were falling too fast. We also got a couple lesbian jokes, and one about a U-haul and I'm here for this kind of queer content.

I have nothing negative to say about this. My only complaint is I wished it was longer! I loved the story and these characters so much. This book was the perfect holiday read, and crossed off every box I had. Can't wait to dive into Love, Accidentally!

Rep: white lesbian single mother MC, white lesbian female MC, queer Black female side character, many white lesbian female side characters, queer Latine Senator side character, Black female side character.

CWs: Abandonment, emotional abuse (past mentions and current trauma), injury/injury detail, sexual content.
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“A Convenient Arrangement” is the first of a two-book collaboration between authors Aurora Rey and Jaime Clevenger. It’s also a collaboration between two different publishers, Bold Strokes Books and Bella Books, which I thought was really cool. 

Jess Archer, a journalist for an online magazine, is tasked with writing a column on cuffing. She meets Professor Cody Dawson who needs a date for some school functions. The two hit it off and decide to give a short, no strings relationship a go, both knowing it has an expiration date in three months. This is not my typical kind of romance as I usually hate insta romances and that’s exactly what this is. Jess and Cody jump into their relationship very quickly but it didn’t bother me here. 

I really liked this at the beginning. I liked both Jess and Cody but as the story progressed, I started liking Cody less and less and that took away some of my enjoyment. Jess and Cody were both very good about setting rules and guidelines (though they weren’t nearly as good at following them.) They talked a lot and seemed to do a good job with communicating with one another. However, it seemed as time went on, they stopped telling each other their issues, which of course lead to problems later on. Also, Cody was filled with doubts and started second-guessing everything to do with Jess.  I still liked this enough to want to finish it but Cody’s continual doubts really got in the way of my enjoyment. 

I know I started of negatively but there were some really great things about this too. I was really impressed with not being able to tell this was written by two people. Rey and Clevenger did an excellent job with the way they weaved their story together. Jess and Cody have outstanding chemistry right from the beginning and are very likable. I also liked the inclusion of Ben, Cody’s son from a previous marriage. I did think he was more polite and better mannered than most five-year-old’s but I still found him to be cute and really liked his relationship with Jess and her family. The black moment I could see coming from a mile away but luckily, it didn’t last long. 

While I have overall mixed feelings on this one, I think most people will get more enjoyment from it than I did. I let my annoyance with the second-guessing get in the way so it’s more of me thing for why I didn’t love this. This is well written and has a lot of heart. I should add that Ben plays a big role here, so if kids aren’t your thing you might want to miss this one. 

I received an ARC from Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A Convenient Arrangement is a collaborative novel between not only two lesfic authors, but two queer publishing houses. Aurora Rey, from Bold Strokes Books, and Jaime Clevenger, from Bella Books. 

 As someone who has been with their partner for over ten years I won’t lie I had to fact check this one. “Cuffing” is a temporary relationship, two people agree to hook up for a set amount of time typically over the winter months to avoid going to all those holiday parties stag. Then “break up” at the end of the season. According to the internet it is more of a straight people thing. Which makes sense since this pairing goes from fake dating to U-Haul status immediately.

I found the premise of this book interesting because it almost walks the line with fake dating but the pair for all intents and purposes are in a real, if temporary, relationship. When Jess gets an assignment to investigate the concept of “cuffing,” for her lesbian lifesytle blog she and a new friend, Cody, decide to pair up.

I did love the maturity of the characters in this book, both have a clear understanding Of the agreement they are making to each other. And as their relationship evolves the women quickly learn to adapt to the other’s quirks and insecurities. The story is a little predictable but has a lot of heart, and will give you all the gooey feels. 

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I loved A Convenient Arrangement. You will too if you love fake-dating tropes. This is great for the holidays because a major plot point is cuffing. It's like fake dating but a temporary relationship during the holiday season and ending on or around Valentine's Day.

The writing is excellent! It felt like I was peeking in on real people's conversations, not reading about characters in a book. Their chemistry and banter felt so real. This is my first book by Jaime Clevenger & Aurora Rey. But, it won't be my last. I could not stop reading I just needed to know what would happen so I finished it in one day. You will find the 'failure to communicate' & 'overhear and misunderstand/misconstrue' tropes that are used often in romantic fiction, but there are reasons that make more sense than usual with these tropes.

I did not know that A Convenient Arrangement sports the same characters found in ‘Love Accidentally’ until I read some other reader's reviews. I have seen that each can be ‘stand-alone books’ but after reading I want to read the other book too.

Thank you to Netgalley for an eARC free of charge. All opinions are my own, it was my choice to read, and I'm leaving this review voluntarily.

Rep: white lesbian female MC, white lesbian single mother MC, queer Black female side character, multiple white lesbian female side characters, Black female side character, queer Latinx Senator side character

TW: emotional abuse (past mentions and current trauma), Abandonment, injury/injury detail, sexual content (a few scenes)
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I absolutely loved this book. I really enjoyed both Martin characters and thought they were suited to each other well. I also really liked the supporting characters- Ben was adorable and Jess’ relationship with him was written so well you could just imagine it. I also enjoyed Jess’ family and the professors at the university.  I had no idea this book was written by 2 people - you really can not tell at all.  

I really really enjoyed this read, a gorgeous ending but also made me feel warm reading about the developing romance between Jess and Cody too.
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