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Good read. SEALs will be SEALS. When an investigative reporter sets out to solve the. Mystery of a SEALs death, she bites off more then she can chew.
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I received this ARC for an honest review:

  In this book, the team is being attacked and they don’t know where it is coming from. Now home there are more questions than answers and each member is on rel alert. So Ink is wondering who is following him back to his tattoo parlor which is also the place he lives. Going out another door he finds the person and it turns out to be a reporter Dallas Allred an investigated reporter. Now Hagen wants her gone, the problem with that is she is not going anywhere.
  Hagen who is really full of surprises himself finds himself attracted to her but like everyone else in his life keeps her at a distance, even when he gives her a tattoo. I really enjoyed this book is fast-paced, full of surprises, and Hagen was really a multi-personality character, but you get to see him change slowly throughout this story. Overall I enjoyed this book and all of the characters and the storyline a very good read.
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First let me start out by saying that this was not my favorite book out of this series. All the other books got five stars from me. Unfortunately this book only got four stars from me and that was only because of the action and Dallas.
I did not feel the chemistry between Ink and Dallas. And to me Ink was a total asshole and when came down to it I was very disappointed that Dallas did not make Ink beg or at least really grovel for everything he did and be able to be with her.
And most of the book they were apart so I really didn’t feel as if they should be together by the end.
And one other character I did not expect to come to not like in this book is Commander O’Riley. I felt he was a major asshole to Dallas as well. 
In previous books I really liked him. That all being said I can’t wait to read Judge and Skins because books.
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Fadeproof is a military romance that is heavy on the military and lighter on the romance.  There is action right from the get go as Dallas is lured into investigating the death of an American citizen and his wife and child in Afghanistan.  Her investigation leads her to Ink and his SEAL teammates who were involved with the government sanctioned killing of the American turned terrorist. I liked how the characters were shown as real humans – with strengths and foibles. Even the way Dallas’ and Hagan/Ink’s relationship evolved seemed very real given their professions and erratic deployments. While I did find Ink’s “I love you” moment a bit sudden it may have come about because of his precarious life expectancy due to his job. There is some steam but most of the action deals with car chases and shoot outs.

This is the first book by this author for me and I am definitely going to be looking for more from her!

(It maybe because I got an early copy, but there were some formatting errors that will hopefully be addressed when published.)

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I received this book as a freebie and it was my first attempt to read this author.  It didn’t really vibe for me. The story was ok,  it I didn’t like the flow. I can’t attest to how on point the military stuff is, but it was more than I prefer to read about.
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As always with Jo Chambliss, another engrossing story.

Ink & his SEAL family have arrived back from a traumatic mission during which they lost one of their own.  Although Ink has a PhD in anthropology, he is not the best communicator.

Dallas is an investigative reporter, who is wrapping up an article when she is approached to investigate the death of a SEAL - Ink's best friend.  It doesn't take long for Dallas to realise that she has been had, and now she has to earn Ink and his teammates' trust.

The way the author presents the main characters, they could be people that we know i.e. the have flaws and strengths like 'real' people do. They behave in ways that are realistic.

Each book in this series can be read as a standalone novel, so it's never too late to start reading Jo Chambliss' books.

I received this book from Netgalley, and this is my opinion.
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Fade proof by Jo Chambliss. 
Waterproof: Navy SEALs Book 6.
The SEALs are vulnerable, weakened by an unexpected enemy. Not even the steadfast Commander O’Reilly is immune to the effects of this newest attack on his team.
Stuck in uncharted territory, tempers will flare, pitting brother against brother as they fight to uncover and end the threat to Team Two.
I love military romance books. This was no exception.  Read in one sitting.  Even though I haven't read the first 5 I still enjoyed it.  Great story and characters.  5*.
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Fadeproof is book six in Jo Chambliss' Waterproof: Navy SEAL series and it was a an excellent book. I have not read the other five books so I did find the beginning a little bit confusing because there were a lot of characters being mentioned with a lot of nicknames that I had to try and connect to characters that I had just been introduced to. But after the first two or three chapters I was able to figure out who the main characters are, who the friends are and who were the leads in past books. While it may have been helpful to read the other books first I don't really feel like I was missing anything by not reading them first. I just now want to go back and read the rest of the series, and after the epilogue I definitely want to read the next book as well. 
Investigative reporter Dallas Allred doesn't do fluff or hit pieces, before taking a case she always does her research to ensure that she's doing the right thing. So when a family member of a deceased Navy SEAL approaches her about the supposed cover up of his cousin, Alexander's, murder overseas, Dallas does her due diligence, investigating these Navy SEALs. But when she meets one Hagan “Ink” Fischer her world is going to be flipped upside down for so many reasons. 
Ink has watched his brothers in arms fall in love one after another but he's not sure he is ready for that himself. But then he finds himself being followed around by investigative reporter Dallas and his thoughts are conflicting. After confronting Dallas with why she is investigating him and his friends, and finding out the reason she's there they find out that Alex's cousin wasn't his cousin but a fraud, a terrorist posing as a relative to gain information about the SEAL team from Dallas in order to get revenge. In an effort to protect Dallas, and maintain peace amongst his team he pushes Dallas away in the cruelest way he can, possibly ruining everything they had started to build together...
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This 6th book in the Waterproof: Navy Seals Series packs a good punch. It is possible to read as a standalone as the author provides sufficient backstory, but you will enjoy this more if you have been following the series. 

This book takes a slightly different angle from others in the series as Dallas, an investigative reporter, is seen as the 'enemy' at first. Distrust vies with the very real chemistry between Dallas and Ink. The character of Dallas is strong, but her vulnerability and loneliness shine through. Her strong sense of morals means that she does not shy away from admitting mistakes and trying to correct them. The same openness is not seen from the team and Ink.

I had some difficulty with the team jumping to conclusions at the beginning of the book. It shows them as human and not always objective in their views and actions. This brings a much-needed sense of realism to this book.  The book is action-packed and fast-paced. And the HEA is not as easily achieved emotionally as in other books due to Ink's choices and views.
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An awesome addition to this series!!!! Wonderful characters combined with a nail biting storyline that will kept me turning the pages into the night. Ink is my favorite kind of hero, an alpha with a soft hidden heart that will go to the ends of the earth to protect. Dallas has in inner strength that will see her through some of the darkest moments, but both will need to learn to trust. Loved this book!! Highly recommended
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(4.5) Gritty comes to mind.  I have loved this series (Waterproof) and the series before it  (Ranger Mine) Each book brings something new.  They can be read as a stand a lone as Jo always provides enough info for a first time reader. Each book carries a thread through them and I can promise you, you do not want to miss out on getting to know each member and watching them grow. This book was a little more gritty to me in the way Ink reacted to first time meet of Dallas (investigative reporter) and to what he does , for her benefit of course.  Men!  Fadeproof had all the usual Jo Chambliss feels.  This author makes sure you the reader feels it all, and she delivers.  I wanted to smack Ink,  I understood his protection of the team, I even understood where he was coming from, but I still wanted to smack him.  I bow to you Dallas, an investigative reporter with values, trying to do the right thing...for the most part.  The meeting with Skin  - while understood, was not your highest point .   As discourse ran through the group I had to clutch my heart and stop.  Surely there would be a resolution, and Oh my, commander.... Suffice to say each book is a keeper, provides the feels and makes you wonder if there is a magic wand you can wave so Jo could spit out a book a week....ok I would settle for a book a month.  Thank you for for the arc! I freely volunteer my thoughts and opinions.
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This is book six in The Waterproof: Navy Seals Series and it is Ink and Dallas Story and omg it is definitely a must read. Ink is a navy seal and also owns a tattoo shop but while the team are on a mission disaster strikes and one of there teammates dies devastating them all and Ink can't seem to stop or forget the last words that his friend and teammate said to him before he died. Dallas is a reporter but she does it for the good of people and there livelihoods so when someone approached her and asked her to look into the death of a navy seal for his family she is unsure what to do with the information that she has been given. When Ink and Dallas meet things are not good between them and Ink is suspicious of her and her motives but the chemistry between them is so hot and intense that you could feel it sizzling of the pages but Ink will keep his distance until he can find out what she is up to and what she wants and keep his teammates informed of the situation. There are twists and turns along with betrayal, suspense, action, danger, loss, hope, love and family and you have to keep turning the pages to see what the outcome will be for them all. I absolutely loved this book and I couldn't put it down as it was so addictive and a real page turner that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book. Danger is all around them and they are being hunted by a unknown source and they will all have to work together and fast before someone gets killed. No Chambliss is an amazing author and writer and she certainly knows how to keep her reader's attention and on the edge of their seats and I definitely recommend you read this book and series and you will not be disappointed and I can't wait to read the next book.

I Voluntarily Reviewed a copy of this book.
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I received this ARC from NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.  I must say that Jo Chambliss is one of my all time favorite writers and I can't wait to read more.  I need to be in the fan club!  Her stories are real and relatable but suspenseful and full of hot romance.  Yes, yes, and yes!
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Once again Jo has given me a read that takes off from the first page and never really slows down just like all of her books I was once again reading into the early hours of the morning meaning to read just one more chapter and before I know it I am closing a finished book and it is 3am but that is a sign of a great author who totally draws you into their world

Dallas is an investigative reporter and she has been given a tip about a corrupt seal team and she is determined to get to the bottom of it. The only problem is the team isn't going to make life easy for her Trying to get information she feels her best bet is Hagan (Ink) a member of the team who also runs a tattoo parlour Before she knows it she has a new tattoo has realised that the team isn't corrupt and that someone wants to eliminate them and to even complicate things more she ahs fallen for Ink. Can the team keep her safe as she tries to solve the mystery of who wants them all dead.
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I adore this author, that’s absolutely no secret, and eagerly await each new book in her series. It’s fair to say she also knocks it out of the park each time and delivers something wholly unexpected with each addition to the series in terms of characters and storyline.

I loved meeting Dallas and learning more about Ink, a character way more complex than I thought he was going to be from the small pieces we have seen in previous books. 

Whilst the authors female characters are always strong and vibrant, Dallas took this to a new level with not only her career choice and determination to tell the stories she did, but also how she didn’t back down and tried to do what was best for the team even when she thought they hated her.  

Ink was complex and though he came to terms with his feelings fairly quickly, how he dealt with that was hard to read (in a good way!) and the discourse felt through the team came off the pages as well as his struggles to deal with the two loves of his life, Dallas and his team. 

I loved the team/family interactions and how even when things aren’t all rosy you feel the love they have for each other, the characters and how they cope with the challenges they face are real and make them feel much more human. 

I have to say though, despite this being Dallas and Ink’s story, my favourite interactions were with Skin, and I have a feeling his story will be just amazing.
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This is an action packed book from the first page.  Dallas, an investigative reporter, was given a lead to discover what is going on on a seal team.  This is very different than her usual story but she is determined to find out what happened.  When she starts to research and find the men on the seal team, she learns pretty quick that these guys will not make this an easy story.  One of the teammates who also owns a tattoo parlor, Hagen, is who she tries to get information from.  Hagan is on to what she is doing and is having too much fun messing with her.  She ends up getting a tattoo just so she can have sometime to talk to him and learn some information.  Dallas find out that the team is not corrupt.  She really investigates further by talking to the family of the dead seal and his teammates she discovers that there is a plot to get rid of the entire seal team.  Along the way of getting proof of who is trying to kill them several of them are attacked.  Along the way of trying to keep everyone alive she falls in love for Hagen.
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Fadeproof by Jo Chambliss

** I received a copy of this book from Author Collective 20 and Net Galley in exchange for a voluntary and honest review. My opinions are my own and not solicited in any way.**

This is book six in the author's Waterproof: Navy SEALs series and is Hagan "Ink" Fischer and Dallas Allred's story. You'll have action packed pages from beginning to the end and see what it takes to be a investigative reporter like Dallas and yes hearts will be broken but both Ink and Dallas will find their HEA.

Hagan "Ink" Fischer loves being with his SEAL Team but when a op goes south and one of their teammates is killed even Commander O'Reilly will be wondering the why, how and what happened that they lost one of their own. But when Dallas is approached by someone with information that could have explosive repercussions can he believe her? But when someone starts attacking the Team's loved ones will they be able to find out is this is related to the previous mission or not?

Dallas Allred can chose her stories that she writes and while finishing up in Idaho she's approached by someone who says that his cousin was killed by his team. He'll provide a good story but is it true so she heads to Virginia to find what happened. But when she meets everyone on the team something still doesn't feel right and with the help of Grant her friend they'll find out that a ISIS group is wanting revenge on US soil can she get to the team in time?
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Absolutely loved this book, only sad that I have to wait so long for the next in the series, Book and characters kept me riveted through each page turn. Get ready for a night of little sleep, you won’t want to put it down until the last word.
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I received an arc from NetGalley and this is my honest opinion. 
Wow this book was action packed and filled with lots of romance. Hagar and Dallas don’t hit it off right away but they soon find out they have a mutual attraction regardless of first impressions and the danger that surrounds them both. 
Soon Hagan kicks into protective mode but little does he know how strong Dallas is. She fights for what is right and is such a brave soul which endears him all the more. 
Will all the danger that surrounds them keep them apart or will their love survive the rest of time?
5 stars
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Fadeproof was amazing. Jo has done it again. Upon reading the description, I was not only intrigued about Ink’s story but worried for my favorite fictional Seal Team.  I was concerned about the disharmony the team experiences. The book kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters and their story arcs continue to amaze me. I appreciate the strong female characters all they have overcome. I could go on but I don’t want to give too much away.  I also have a new desire for some ink 😊. Great read!
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