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Tristan Strong Keeps Punching

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Very possibly my favourite of the RR Presents series. I wish there were more! Though sometimes I found the pacing confusing, overall it only added to the feeling that Tristan and his friends were constantly overwhelmed but kept fighting, kept punching anyways. Heartbreaking and hilarious. Kwame Mbalia is an instant-read for me now.
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I received an eARC of this title through NetGalley in return for an honest review. 

This whole series was well done and thoroughly thought out. Tristan and the Alkeans are put to the test in this book. With many Alkeans still missing and King Cotton's return, Tristan has to make a choice. Go after King Cotton or rescue more Alkeans.

I love how each of the Tristan Strong books focuses on something that every child can connect. The first book touches on grief, the second touches on jealousy, and the final book touches on anger and how to let it go. Not to mention touching on the topic of racism. Kwame does an amazing job touching on these topics and explaining them in ways that middle grade students can understand. 

As the finale of the series, I thought Kwame wrapped the story up well while leaving room for a possible sequel series. It may not be about the main villain of this trilogy, but I think we will be hearing more from Tristan Strong and the rest of the Alkeans. 

As to the narrator, he consistently does a great job. I've listened to the audiobook for all three novels and his work has been consistent and phenomenal. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books that involve mythology and modern folklore storytelling.
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This is an amazing conclusion to this series! It is packed full of adventure while also including a character, Tristan, that would be inspiring for many young readers. Readers will love the adventure, suspense, fantasy and also learn about them world and humanity in general. I would suggest reading after reading the previous books, it is not great as a stand alone book.
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Another phenomenal book from the Rick Riordan Presents line of books.  Kwame Mbalia brings back Tristan Strong to defend the Alkeans against King Cotton.  I loved the way that Tristan has grown as a character.  It takes a person with true character to see the flaws within themselves and make a change, even when it hurts.  Gum Baby may still be my favorite secondary character ever! 

The audiobook was fantastic!  I loved the narrator's different voices for the characters.  It brought the story to life.
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This was a great third book in this series! Is there more? If there’s more, I’m all for it, but if there’s not, this book stands strong on its own. I love that in this book, we get to talk about Tristan’s anger and we get a glimpse into black history at the same time. I love that Kwame weaves real history into his stories! I also like that the story seems to follow a trail up the Mississippi river. Of course, Gum Baby is still my favorite, and it wasn’t until this book that I realized Gum Baby’s connections to Tar Baby. Overall, this book, and the whole series, is always a great one filled with adventure and black boy joy.

Also, please don't ever lose the voice actor for this audiobook. He's perfect.
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Absolutely fantastic audiobook. Amir Abdullah did such an exceptional job bring Tristan to life. I was completely transported. Not only that his voice work for the other characters was equally fantastic. Gum Baby had me holding my sides with laughter. Everyone will have a lot of fun listening to this one!

My full review for the story itself can be found below:

**4.5-stars rounded up**

Tristan Strong Keeps Punching is the third and final book in Kwame Mbalia's courageous Middle Grade Adventure series. This was my most anticipated Middle Grade novel of 2021 and unsurprisingly, Mbalia DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

In this installment, which I won't get too far into because it is the third book in the series, we see all of our old favorite characters return, including the absolute star, Gum Baby. Unfortunately for Tristan and friends, however, we also see the return of one of the most heinous villains to ever grace the pages of a Middle Grade novel, King Cotton.

Starting at a family reunion, heading to New Orleans, then up the mighty Mississippi all the way to his hometown of Chicago, this story is never want for action! In addition to great action, these books contain enormous amounts of heart and humor. Mbalia doesn't shy away from exploring important societal issues as well, making this a great book for parents to discuss with their children.

Looking back at the series as a whole, I am so impressed with Tristan's growth as a character. He seemed to have a lot more introspective moments in this finale and I think those moments will be highly relatable to a lot of young Readers. Mbalia's ability to blend the serious moments with laugh out loud humor is really unmatched. If you want a action-packed series that will make you laugh, make you bite your nails in anticipation and make you think, look no further, Tristan Strong is where it's at.

While I am really sad this trilogy had to come to an end, I am so happy with how it turned out. The Epilogue filled my heart to bursting. I highly recommend this series to Readers of all ages. It's a ton of fun, but more than that, it provides a necessary voice and an equally important hero for our time!!

Thank you so much to the publisher, Disney Books and Rick Riordan Presents, for providing me with a copy to read and review. I am a huge fan of this series and will carry it in my heart for a long time to come!!
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