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Christmas in Evergreen

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I wanted to like this story so much, but I could not buy into the characters. The narrator did a very good job, but the story just did not appeal to me. Very sorry.
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This was a perfect Christmas story. I'm very glad that I listened to the audio version! It made me feel that I was watching a Hallmark movie! 

I loved the Christmas-y feeling this book provided. However, I do wish that I would've connected to our characters more!
I do plan to read more of Baker's books next Christmas season!!
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A sweet Christmas novel which continues the beloved Evergreen series, featuring characters from the previous book/movie series. While I enjoyed being back in this “world” for me this wasn’t my favourite of the series. I didn’t love these characters as much as I have the previous main characters and some of the descriptive details in this one felt a little too much. I alternated between the ebook and the audio and think I definitely preferred the ebook for this one, the audio felt a little too “cheesy”. A sweet Christmas story but not one that I’d likely reread/listen to again next holiday season.
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I had the fun of listening to Christmas in Evergreen – Bells Are Ringing. As a busy wife and mom, I spend a fair amount of time in my car and love the company of a great story.

As a book published by Hallmark, and part of the Evergreen movie collection, I knew what I was getting, and Bells are Ringing didn’t disappoint. Elliot and Hannah’s journey bak to each other is full of poignant moments, helping others and Christmas sentiment, worthy of Hallmark.

The trouble starts when Elliot’s dream to expand his tinker shop business and open a flagship store in Boston, looks to be coming true. While he eyes a departure from the most festive town on the planet, girlfriend Hannah looks to solidify her role within the town.

Oh dear.

To make matters worse, Hannah is running from work, to volunteering, to community service, and family commitment, as her brother gears up to marry town mayor Michelle.

Then she realizes her true purpose is to run the town’s brand new history museum. Unfortunately, one of the three people who own the building want to stop her and suddenly both Elliot and Hannah are at risk of losing everything. The question is, will they pull together or tear apart?

I liked both Elliot and Hannah, and as ever several Evergreen favorite characters popped up along the way. For me, the narrator was a little too syrupy, but the story was fun and lighthearted and festive. I enjoyed listening very much.
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Christmas in Evergreen by Lacey Baker. This book seemed to have a nice story but was hard to follow because it had too much backstory to make it an enjoyable read. 
I had seen one if the hallmark movies, and it seemed to be summarizing it and trying g yo add to it.
I don’t usually write negative reviews, but I found it hard to continue reading this book.
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I tried to get into this novel but it seems that Hallmark type movies do not translate well into books
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Hallmark Christmas movies are my jam, so you know I was all in and ready for the warm cozy goodness. This is a very typical Christmas romance but that's exactly what I wanted to it's a win. 

I didn't initially realize this was the 4th book in a series. I didn't feel lost or like I was missing something important to the story, they do features different couples, but I did feel I was missing some of the sense of community or familiarity I would have felt.

I love the small town community with its small shops and quirky residents. This is Hannah and Elliot's story and I loved their connection. 

The narrator was good, she brought a youthfulness to the story.
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The fourth book in a series about Evergreen, Vermont, Hannah finds purpose in running the town’s new museum, while her boyfriend Elliot wants to open a store in Boston.  Can their love survive their competing dreams?

I did not realize before requesting this book that not only was this book 4 in a series, but the first 3 books were written by a different author.  This book could technically be a standalone, but I didn’t feel connected to the characters the way I probably would have if I had read the first 3 books.  I was not a fan of the narrator for the audiobook; maybe I would have liked Hannah more if she didn’t have such an annoying voice.  This book was just OK for me.  If you are a fan of the series, though, don’t let my indifference to the book dissuade you from reading it!

Many thanks to NetGalley for providing me an audio ARC of this book.
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I want to thank Netgalley and the author for gifting me the audio version. If you love Hallmark stories this is right up your alley. It is a very easy read and cute typical Hallmark Christmas story. Light hearted.
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This was an absolutely sweet Christmas romance book!   There was a lot going on within the book. It was like a few different stories but they all managed to intertwine. The ending had me a little baffled with Santa Clause coming out to help. Then I was unclear in the two main characters got back together. Overall it was a great story.
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I really really loved this book, and I loved it even more because I had already seen the movie (which I love) and the book was able to expand more on that and add even more depth to the story and characters. How Hannah is finally able to find her place in the town is such a good story! And I love the addition of the wedding story too. The narrator was really good adding extra insight to the story which helps with intonation and emotion that you don't always get from reading the physical book version! It makes more like a little movie in your head!
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Another Christmas in Evergreen, what more could a reader ask for? I have come to love these books and look forward to each new release. Christmas is a season full of love and the comfort of returning to a town and characters you already know and love is the perfect kick off to the season!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 heartfelt stars for this feel good Christmas romance
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Christmas in Evergreen—Bells Are Ringing is the latest in the Hallmark Christmas in 
Evergreen series, this novel by Lacey Baker.  Evergreen mayor Michelle Lansing is planning a Christmastime wedding to her love, Thomas Turner. But there are issues! As he closes down the lumber facility in Maine weather moves in, keeping him and his staff from getting home. 

Meanwhile, Thomas’ sister, Hannah, is navigating a new love with Elliott Lee, her friend since childhood.  But will their goals and future plans align? 

This is another delightful story in the Evergreen franchise. I did enjoy this book and do recommend it to those who love this genre.
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Christmas in Evergreen is a great, sweet holiday romance. It follows Hannah and Eliot while balancing their relationship and goals. Hannah has never dreamed of leaving the city of Evergreen since she's spent her entire life there. However, Elliot dreams of one day returning to the city life he has missed since he was ten years old. The two must learn to overcome their differences if they want to remain together.
I enjoyed listening to Hannah's personal growth as she finally learned how to prioritize her needs over everything else happening in her life. In the beginning, she neglected herself and Elliot, but I was happy to see her gain self-awareness and correct her mistakes.
I didn't care for the narration. Hannah's voice sounded child-like even though she was supposed to be in her early twenties. However, I think the narrator did an okay job on all of the other voices.
Overall I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys sweet, small-town Christmas romances. 
Book: 3.5/5
Narrator: 3.5/5
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Oh, I felt happy listening to this audiobook. Hannah and Elliott have been best friends. Then they start dating each other and become engaged.

Hannah has always been a busy person being a “Jill” of all trades. She is the yes girl of Evergreen. If you need help you call Hannah. In all of Hannah’s busyness Elliott is starting to feel like he needs more time with her. He has some new ideas to share with Hannah but can’t seem to get anytime with her.

Will Hannah and Elliott work things out? Or will they decide that it just won’t work? Please pick up this beautiful story to find out what happens to them.

I was given this audiobook by the Author, publisher and NetGalley. Many thanks for this privilege. These are my words for this review.
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I just love this feel good Christmas romance! This is the fourth in the Evergreen series. This is Hannah and Elliot's story! Hannah is such a determined sweet character. I have wanted to know her story since the first book. I was not disappointed. The love and community in these books make you feel like you are part of it. I just loved it. Thank you to NetGalley, Hallmark and DreamscapeMedia for giving me this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Another Christmas holiday romance and maybe not my favorite, but could have been because I read it via audiobook.  I finished the audiobook a few days ago and while I can't pinpoint the exact reason why this one didn't completely work for me, but I know there were two things that for me made this book hard to stay engaged with.  The narrator was just ok.  I don't feel as though she altered her voice much for the different characters, so I often got lost as to which story we were in and who was talking.  I wish she had changed her voice up a bit especially for the female characters, so I could keep track of what plot line we were in.  The other thing that for me made this book not work on audiobook maybe compared to reading it in print, the cast of characters felt a little large.  It could have been just me, but felt as though there were just so many characters and a lot of plotlines, but I am still young to the audiobook genre and may need my books to be a little more simple when I read in that format.
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This holiday book based on a hallmark channel original movie is the perfect book to cuddle up to on a chilly fall/winter evening. It’s sticky sweet with sentiment, cheer, and love. I was so excited to be able to preview this advanced copy audio book. You literally feel like you’re in a hallmark movie setting. Everything feels magical and I found myself feeling very cheery and festive which gives you a nice, warm glow of happiness. 

Special thanks to the following for the early listen to this wonderful audiobook  #hallmarkPublishing #ChristmasinEvergreen #NetGalley
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As far as feel-good Christmas reads go, this one was fine. It was a cute little story wrapped up in a neat holiday package. I can see how it would make a great Hallmark movie. As far as romances go, it was a little blah. The couple was already together, but she was waiting for a proposal. Even in the end, there was no proposal. The couple simply decided to stay together. It implies that a proposal may be coming later though.

With all of that said, I read this as a stand-alone novel. I haven't read the rest of the series. This was an audiobook from Netgalley. Again, it was a happy, seasonal read, but nothing spectacular.
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I thought this book was cute adorable and a fast listen. Perfect for getting into the holiday spirit and I will definitely recommend it to all of my Hallmark loving.
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