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Black Hole Radio - Bilaluna

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Juvenile Sci-Fi. It's been 60 years since I read Tom Swift Jr in the original editions. This is aimed at younger readers than Tom was. The writing is smooth, takes me back to 3rd grade. The story and its details are far beyond the fluff they gave 3rd graders in my day. Boy's books were all smart white boys, or maybe a silly sister to serve sandwiches. This book has several races and genders and a "different mind" (Asperger) girl a little like me. The illustrations are excellent, and compared to old pulp, numerous. Unlike the books of the 1950s, this is not hard Sci-Fi (rockets, ray-guns) but soft Sci-Fi (environmental effects and consensus). And there is rude humor: Mrs. Bupkiss, planet Poo-ponic. 

Yes, I'd want my kids to read this.
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