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I loved The Lost Son, written by a teacher of creative writing, Stephanie Vanderslice. The story began when Julia consulted a doctor in 1945 in New York, and that small scenario changed to Julia as a child in Germany in 1910. I loved her kind father, who always had time to talk to her, to teach her until she was ready to study with the governess of the house. 

Julia's father had been a chef at a grand hotel in Munich until he lost his wife. When the wealthy Kruse family again offered him the chef position in their home, he accepted. He knew being with his two daughters, Julia and Lena, was what his wife would have wanted. The short chapters always opened with a juicy new piece of Julia's life, her job at a bakery in Queens, and her horrible journey from Germany to New York by ship. 

I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next. The story has a mixture of all the hardships life brings along with babies, war, and the Great Recession. The author created mystery and suspense in this historical novel. I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys a complex story that includes tragic loss and great love.

Thank you to NetGalley and Regal House Publishing for this ARC.
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The Lost Son by Stephanie Vanerslice is a love story,a story of endurance, and wonderful story!  Julia is a young woman making a life  in America with her husband during the depression era in the Queens.   After a difficult birth, Julia comes home with her new baby, Nicholas.  Because of her difficult birth, they hire a nurse to help them.  However, Julia's husband and nurse kidnap the baby at six weeks of age and move to Germany  leaving  Julia and her older son,  Johannes, in America to make a life  alone. The novel jumps from young Julia to an older and wiser Julia still living in America and still trying to locate her son Nicholas. Older Julia meets a man named Paul Burns .  Julia is cautious and she has yet to tell Paul about her previous life.   Johannes comes for a visit before going to Germany during WWII  to fight for America.  Johannes knows about his brother, and when he gets to Germany he plans  to try to find his brother.  Julia is forced to tell Paul the story.  Paul has connections that can help her possibly find her son.  The story really picks up speed when Johannes is in Germany and Nicholas's name comes up.  Two brothers on different sides of war!  

Will the brothers reunite and will their life continue? 
The book starts a little slow, but is well worth the read.
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I really felt for Julia in this book, I don't know what else they could have thrown at her. It was a beautifully done historical novel and really made you care.
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