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I love baking and cookies are my poison of choice 
Well explained recipes procedureszz XD and tricks 
But this book it is not only this but the writers story their love and drive efforts and commitment to build their company 
Mostly recommended 
I just reviewed It's Not Just Cookies by Tiffany Chen; Leon Chen. #ItsNotJustCookies #NetGalley 
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It's Not Just Cookies by Tiffany Chen; Leon Chen. Loved this cookbook.  I found some very good recipes and new ideals to try in the future. I do recommend this book.
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*I received an eARC from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review*
Full confession: I picked this book up in a desperate time, when I ran out of interlibrary loan cookbooks (my college's library is sadly not well stocked in the cookbook department).
The sole factor luring me in?
Yep, I had absolutely no knowledge of Tiff's Treats and didn't realize it was a memoir.
That being said, I loved every page of the story. I enjoyed the triumphs of this classic American entrepreneurship tale. The book itself is fun, and bright.
And, of course, it has some yummy looking cookie recipes sprinkled throughout.
I'd definitely recommend this one!
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Well I should have listened to the title of this book because it is definitely no just about cookies. Before I go any further be aware this book is for those who like to read food blogs and not just scroll down to the recipes. This book is a third memoir, a third cookbook, and a third business advice. There is a lot that is covered in this cookbook with some recipes thrown in. (Which I can't wait to try the Raspberry Chocolate Cookies). You'll get a lot of advice across various subjects when you buy this book. They even at times throw in advice about marriage. This book is very similar to Reese Witherspoon's cookbook that she put out a few years ago, where it was as much about the stories as it was the recipes. 

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.
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It’s definitely not just cookies and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so interesting learning how they started and excelled at starting their business. I thought for sure going in my favorite part would be the recipes and although those all are amazing, my favorite part were the warm moments sprinkled throughout. They were stories on how the cookies affected them. 

 There are wonderful pictures of not just the baked goods but the authors stories so you really feel like you know them by the end.
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This is a recipe book with a difference. Its both recipe book and autobiographical. 
I loved reading about the start of this journey- the baking in the first flat right up to the huge amounts of investors they attracted. And then of course the cookie recipes were awesome. The photography for the cookies was beautiful - you could almost smell them. 
After reading the book I had to go and take a peek at their Instagram page - drool worthy. And then I was so fired up, I went and baked some sweet treats for my family, so they also benefited from me reading this book.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this delicious book.
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This is a sweet book that is one part memoir, origin story, and business tips and one part cook book. 

I wasn’t familiar with Tiff’s treats prior to this book but it was nice getting to flip through their story and even learn a few things from it. One thing is for certain, this book has a lot of heart. The book only has a handful of recipes, but they are also clearly well curated and while I may not be familiar with what it is to order these hot and fresh, I’m definitely excited to try them out because they sound like pure comfort food.

Thanks to the publishers and netgalley for a virtual arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I liked this book. Although not particularly detailed, you can tell it was written with heart. The story was interesting and compelling.
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This is a very enjoyable memoir alternating between Tiffany Chen and her husband, Leon Chen with some absolutely delicious recipes sprinkled throughout. I thank Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this fun and entertaining read.
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When reading the description for this book I was hooked, however, the writing, once you get into the book, was subpar. It was a dry read, and they tried way too hard to make the storytelling seem like a conversation, and it is not working. If they had worked with someone (writing coach, peer group, etc) they could have done a better job of keeping their audience beyond the book cover blurb.
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Cookie obsessed family over here. I think I have the best cookie recipe but these are going to be fun to put against mine!!
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I thought this was such a great nonfiction/cookbook. I love how Tiffany Chen and her husband told their love story and how they both created Tiff's Treats Kitchen during the college years. I love how along with the stories there are recipes for the different cookies sold. All the cookies look delicious  and I am defiantly going to give some a try!
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It's not just cookies and it's not just a cookbook. In fact it's less cookbook than anything else. But there are a nice variety of cookie recipes and the photos were appealing (I think I put on 5 pounds just looking at the pictures). 

The memoir portion of the book takes up more pages and it was certainly interesting seeing how the company got off the ground. The tales from their earliest days to the company they are today would certainly be interesting to anyone starting up their own business. A nice balance of success and failure, risk and reward. 

Enjoyable read and I'm looking forward to baking some cookies.
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I wish I had paid closer attention to the book’s description because I was expecting a cook book with lots of cookie recipes with short blurbs. Instead it is mostly memoir with a few recipes, not what I was hoping for. I read it for awhile but started skimming because I found it long winded and uninteresting.
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What is more fun than getting together with family or friends and sharing a box of homemade fresh cookies??  

Happiness delivered to your door is the idea behind the business "Tiffs Treats" and the creation of  "Its Not Just Cookies" by Tiffany and Leon Chen is a cookbook, but also the personal story of how the couple met, married, built a multi-million dollar company, had twins, and loved each other through the tough times.  Wow!  What an incredible testament of strength and determination.  This is not only a journey of a love, but Tiffany and Leon share all the "Tiff's Treats" delicious cookie recipes with the reader!  

Just the thought of getting on my computer, ordering a box of warm homemade cookies delivered to a loved one makes me smile. Thank you NetGalley and Harper Horizon for the free e-book. 
"It's Not Just Cookies" is a delightful read and will be published February 22, 2022.
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It's not just cookies is a book about the founders of a revolutionary warm cookie delivery service. Husband and wife team, Tiffany and Leon, share their experience, their advice and their process of creating a successful business amidst layers of trials and hardship. The book covers everything from how they started, their struggles, how they grew and thrived, their key principles that have aided in their success, how they work as a husband and wife team, infertility struggles, raising twins to delicious cookie recipes. Before reading their book, I had no idea who they were neither was I familiar with their company. After reading the book, I have to say it was a delightful and inspiring read and I truly feel like I actually know Tish and Leon. Their hard work, passion and grit was nothing short of motivating and yes I definitely cannot wait to try some of their scrumptious warm cookie recipes.
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Cookies are one of my favorite things to bake, so I love a cook book dedicated to all different types. There are so many fun varieties in here, and I love how they are all sorted into different sections. This is going to be a huge hit in my kitchen!
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This is an interesting mash-up of a personal memoir, a guide to starting a business, and a cookie cookbook.   Luckily all three aspects are readable and have useful information.   The overarching theme seems to be to prioritize action over perfection and to embrace failure as inevitable and educational, which is decent advice.   

The recipes were very appealing.  There was a great variety and they were photographed well.  I definitely want to try a bunch of them!   Budding entrepreneurs would benefit from reading the authors' experiences and bakers may enjoy the behind-the-scenes story to some awesome cookies.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!
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This was a great cookbook and I really enjoyed reading through the recipes. I definitely found some that I will be making.
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Loved reading about Tiff and Leon’s journey with their company, Tiff’s Treats. I’m a huge fan of Tiff’s Treats cookies after living in Prosper, TX for the past 2 1/2 years. I’m sad to say I moved away and miss their cookies!! I also loved they included some cookie recipes in their book and can’t wait to try them out! Highly recommend this wonderful story. Thank you NetGalley for this e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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