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How to Break Up with Your Friends

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The topic of friendships is one I've been seeking more materials on and this book was very timely as the author explores how to make friend with not only others but yourself. This book was very insightful and would recommend this to anyone looking to make quality friendships
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3.75 stars
This book offered many good points on the topic of friendship. Such as knowing who to keep in your life and how to have better relationships with them, and also that you don't 'owe the rest of your life' to something that isn't working. Falconer gives a host of references to other writers on making and maintaining relationships, however I felt something lacking in spite of the use of the word 'authentic'.
As someone much older (judging from the bio photo), I went cold at what I would call calculation in the finding of these 'friends'. In my younger days, you might meet someone you clicked with through your children's school/sport team or the like, you met them again and you talked again. Rarely did they become 'friends', they were friendly acquaintances. We did not look for 'someone further down the road to where we wanted to go' whether it was in parenting or starting a business, allowed them to download their knowledge to you, and hence considered them your 'friend'. This type of interaction sounded too manipulative for me.
I agree with the idea  that you need to know who you are (and what you need) to be a good friend, that friendships take consistency, vulnerability, trust and balance. These are the hallmarks of a long-term friendship and far more than the self-serving attitude that came through on the pages for me.
Friendship, a good friendship can last for decades and not just a reason to fill the void of loneliness. Please, Ms. Falconer, write this book again in another two decades and let us know what you think.
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Happy publication day!

Ten short and precise chapters dealing with what friendship means and what can be the best form of friendship for yourself.

This is a practical guidebook which gives you a realistic picture about friendships and the various forms of it which affect your life.

You will come to know what genuine frendships mean and which friendships are basically a negative influence on you. 

This book gives a wholesome guidance on how to let go of relationships which cause you harm or do you no good and which ones to rely on. 

A fun yet practical and realistic guide, I would recommend this book.

Thank you, Sounds True, for the advance reading copy.
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** I received this ARC curtesy of NetGalley - all thoughts and opinions are my own**

This book was such a delightful read and came to me during a time where I was struggling in my relationships but also establishing/enforcing boundaries. 

I genuinely think the way the author wrote was accessible, and was not weighed down like similar works where reading the book loses its enjoyment. I think that everyone could greatly benefit from reading this book because so many important concepts and situations are touched on.
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I highlighted FULL paragraphs in this book so that I can come back to it and reread them over and over. This book opened my eyes to so many things. It changed my way of thinking and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. This isn't just how to break up with the friends and relationships that are no longer serving you, but to make the good ones even stronger by being a better friend.
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This book takes an empathetic approach and gives bite size approaches and allows you to have kindness and patience with yourself when dealing with life. This is so necessary for everyone to read in life. Highly recommend. Especially loved the reflection to true life to humanize my feelings and relate. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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This is an excellent book about friendship. While the title is about breaking up and ending friendships, it is so much more. If you find yourself lacking depth in friendships, with too many friends of convenience, with frenemies, or simply wanting better friends, then you will appreciate this book. Friendship is a complex thing and a vital part of our life. Books like this will help transform the way we understand, discuss, and enjoy our friendships.
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