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an addictive one-sit read. I was drawn into the world of these characters and could not help falling for the villainous Will Harding a little myself.
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I read 90 pages and couldn't stand this. Where was the editor? The same stuff happened over and over - so pointless. I couldn't keep going. It sounded juicy & had so much potential but this one was a huge miss for me.
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My Summer Darlings is not only a perfect beach book but also excellent at any time of year. The story is so familiar that you feel like a participant in this fun and somewhat caddy novel. Three best friends 
hang out and dish about their lives and others. Then handsome and virile Will moves in. And boy does he. All of the women want him, and the same goes for him. Details are revealed, keeping the reader on edge. Who is going to get lucky? And does luck have a downside? All looks good until the last moment when a new player steps onto the stage. What happens to whom and the results make My Summer Darlings a book that you cannot afford to miss, even if you are in the middle of a snowstorm or rain like I am.
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I read 45% of the book and couldn’t stand the shallow characters. There wasn’t enough of a plot to grab my attention either. Unfortunately I will not be finishing this book, but would like to thank the publisher for giving me a chance to read it.
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I love the friendship between Jen, Kittie, and Cynthia. But will newcomer Will break them apart? 

Just as I did with the first book by May Cobb, I devoured this one. It kept me needing more, knowing what happens. I love when a book can grab me and leave me wanting more when I'm done. May has this knack for writing that does just that.

Anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers will love this. Its the perfect book to start your summer with!
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Jen, Kittie, and Cynthia are three friends who always led very sheltered lives. While Kittie and Cynthia grew up never wanting for anything, Jen always felt like she was living in the shadow of her two friends, struggling to keep up.

So when Jen’s marriage falls apart, she reluctantly returns to the community, and the friends she grew up with. In some ways falling back in with her old gal pals seems natural, but she still can’t help but compare their picture perfect lives to hers. Then a new, mysterious (and handsome) neighbor moves in, getting the neighborhood’s instant attention. But in the land of the beautiful and rich, can Jen stand out enough in order to fit in?

My Summer Darlings is a wild sophomore effort from author May Cobb, following on the heels of her shocking debut, The Hunting Wives. Fans of decadent suburban behavior will no doubt enjoy this guilty pleasure of a novel. 

That being said, I wanted to know more about the sought after new neighbor, Will Harding and what makes him tick. Early on we see the power he has over women, but we don’t get fully tuned into his motivation. Instead, a lot of time is focused on wine pouring and the very bad behavior of bored housewives. There were a few twists in this one that I predicted in advance. If you didn’t I’m sure the story would be all that more of a page turner.

Either way, My Summer Darlings is sure to be the darling of this summer’s must reads.
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Oh boy another round of vile Texas ladies by May Cobb! 

My Summer Darlings is a novel you literally can't stop reading.  It's truly a guilty pleasure.  Three gossipy ladies become enamored with the new neighborhood boy toy, Will.  He's a lady's man and a master manipulator.  These friends completely lose their minds over their yearning to bed him.  

Cobb has written a story about misbehaving women and the consequences of sinful behaviors.  

Thank you Berkley Publishing for the complimentary copy.
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This book was not for me. It’s a slow burn, like super slow, until maybe 75%. That first 75% was torture. It was all whiny housewives and drama.

Now, let me preface with the fact that I’m down for unlikeable characters. This book has maybe one likable character (Jen’s son, Kasey). But the three female MCs were some of the most weak minded, obnoxious, cliche women I’ve read about. These three lifelong friends are just mean girls ready to stab one another in the backs at every chance they get. They’re all jealous of each other. They’re all constantly drunk. It wasn’t even fun train-wreck drama, it was honestly a chore to get through. 

Then there’s Will. Other than the constant talk about his super hotness, there’s really nothing about him that stands apart from the other neighborhood guys so I’m not sure why he caused such a stir among this neighborhood/friend group. He seemed weird to me from the get go. 

I don’t understand the motivations for anything that happened in this book. I don’t want to spoil it, so I won’t say too much, but it all just seemed so unbelievable to me. And the twist at the end? It was honestly laughable. I have no idea why Will did the things he did. It was never explained.

Also there’s some major ick factor going on with the end. It seemed to only be there for shock value because I can’t even figure out why that storyline was happening or where it was meant to go. 

The writing wasn’t great either. “You have such a beautiful torso” - I mean, who says that??

After reading this one and seeing similar thoughts about her first book (which I have not read), I just don’t think this author’s work is for me.
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My Summer Darlings Review!

Happy Pub Day! 🎉 Thank you Berkley Publishing Group and Netgalley for this gifted copy of My Summer Darlings, in exchange for an honest review! My Summer Darlings is out today!

My Summer Darlings was a 4.5/5 ⭐️ for me! This is a pretty perfect summer read. This read like a thrilling movie, I didn’t want to put it down. The main characters were huge messes, but great ones! I especially loved the close knit summer neighborhood setting. I did think that the ending went by a little too fast and there was A LOT of drama. That’s kind of expected though, 3 women are darkly obsessing over one man. 😂

Synopsis: Three life long best friends will never let anything get in the way of their friendship. Except maybe the new mysterious and handsome new neighbor.
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Cynthia, Jen, and Kittie have been friends basically forever. They grew up together, stayed in their home town, and spend their time in the late afternoon drinking wine and gossiping about happenings in the neighborhood. They're getting older and their kids are typical teenagers, but that's part and parcel of suburban housewife life. Enter Will, mysterious man of the hour who moves into the neighborhood, occupying their thoughts and a very nice home to boot. Each of the friends is interested in Will for their own personal reasons, and they become obsessed with securing his affection. When he recoils, they search for meaning behind his change in behavior, and what they find gives them reason to recoil in turn, but their own interest may prove deadly, and their bonds of friendship will be taken far beyond what they ever expected.

I liked this one more than I liked May Cobb's last story. This trio of gals are a bunch of housewives just trying to get by, and the arrival of Will kicks in a bit of desperation. They each have their own struggles with their kids, and with aging, and they do their best to handle that with humor, self-medication, and whatever spare grace is left over, but with Will, they essentially throw themselves at him because they need something different, more, out of life.

This is a story of women behaving badly. They get a little too drunk, go after the new neighbor in town, and put their noses where they don't belong. There's a lot of steamy moments, a damsel in distress, and not everybody's guaranteed to get out alive. My Summer Darlings is the story of three women who've lived their whole lives together, who let their ambitions get away from them with the new guy in town, a guy who's hiding more than meets the eye. Recommended for readers looking for women behaving badly in a story fueled by middle-aged angst, obnoxious but loved kids, plenty of wine, a fair bit of lust, and unexpected danger.
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If you loved The Hunting Wives, then you will love this book, too! It definitely has the whole ‘housewives behaving badly’ theme. I could imagine this as one of those prime time soaps. 
This book is a bit of a slow burner, but once it picks up - it’s like a Pringle 🤣 you just can’t stop. I love how this book changes perspectives.  Past, present, journal entries. This book edged more towards domestic mystery than outright mystery or thriller. But still an overall good read.
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May Cobb's newest release, My Summer Darlings is every bit as backstabbing and catty as her previous novel, The Hunting Wives, and I loved every minute of it. Was it just a bit too convenient that a sexy new unattached neighbor moved in and he was perfect? Yes.  Did I care? Not one bit, because I knew that May Cobb, in her unique and entertaining style, would make something so completely entertaining of the situation, and she definitely did.  My Summer Darlings is one of those reads to take to the beach/pool and devour.

Thanks for the opportunity to review!
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🍒 My Summer Darlings 🍒

Short Synopsis: Kitty, Jen, and Cynthia have been best friends since they were kids. But when Will, the new guy in town, grabs the attention of all the women Will their friendship or marriages last?

My Thoughts: I love a good story about friends, this one is friends who spend most of their time drinking and gossiping. These women are rich, and worried about their middle age quickly approaching. I found each of these women unlikable, but sometimes I like that in a book! I love to dislike them. This definitely had me flipping pages wanting to find out what happened next. 

Also, red flags everywhere with Will. I mean, who hangs a partially nude picture of their mother in the library and everyone thinks that’s okay? 

Read if you’re a sucker for: 
* Rich women gone wild
* Unlikable characters 
* Page turning thriller
* An amazing cover
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3 Be Careful What You Wish For Stars
* * * 
This is an interesting take on the old adage of women competing for a man. We have 3 friends since childhood, each having teenage kids of the same age range, and each frustrated with what is happening in their lives. First-world problems. 

Then a handsome stranger moves into their territory and games on in being interested and competing for his attention. He has hidden motives and he then weeds each of them out of his circle causing conflict between these women. 

What they do not know is the Real Game begins.
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Thanks to NetGalley for this earc copy! I appreciate getting to read before pub day (even if it wasn’t my fave!) 

I think the story itself is interesting, the pace was what threw me off the most. The first I’d say about 75% was sooooo slow with not much action and then the last 25% ended with high stakes high action. I think I would have preferred more of the present weaved in throughout the book instead of mostly at the end. The little hints we got weren’t frequent sno for me to get a glimpse as to what and who we were reading about. People who enjoy character driven stories will probably love the slowness bc it took the time to get to know the 3 women. I did not at any point find myself mixing up the characters. So often when there are multiple perspectives, it’s hard to keep them straight in your mind but the author flushes them out so well that was not the case! 

After reading the hunting wives, i felt like this was written by a completely different author. Her first book was fast paced and this felt like it dragged and was over descriptive (I mean how many times can we describe Will’s green eyes 🙄)

I think in the future I would pick up another May Cobb book! I’m in the minority here because this is getting rave reviews!
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I requested this book because I absolutely loved May Cobb's previous work The Hunting Wives. My Summer Darlings though, leaves a bit to be desired, I think. Honestly, with friends like Kittie and Cynthia, Jen doesn't need enemies. It was almost stomach turning to watch the utter betrayal unfold. It did feel a little predictable though, and I wish she had delved a bit more into Will's past. I also wish the book had taken place over a longer period of time, because it only took place over a matter of six weeks, a little less actually. Making it a bit unbelieveable.
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Thank you to Berkley Publishing for my gifted eARC of “My Summer Darlings” by May Cobb.  I really think it is destined to become THE beach/poolside read of the summer.
May’s debut “The Hunting Wives” was one of my favorites of 2021. I had very high hopes for “My Summer Darlings” — which I think can put too much pressure on a book — but it still ended up being a five-star read for me.
“My Summer Darlings” takes us back to East Texas, where we meet lifelong friends and neighbors Kittie, Jen and Cynthia. They’re pushing 40; Jen is newly divorced and the other two are married. But all three are quickly smitten with newcomer Will Harding, a sexy, mysterious dude with an air of European sophistication. All three become obsessed with him, and they’re pitted against each other when Will abruptly loses interest in each woman.
This book was delicious. I can’t think of any other word for it. It was the book equivalent of a frozen cocktail, and I kept wishing I were devouring it at the beach :beach_with_umbrella: It was darkness mixed with “Desperate Housewives”-esque drama. If “The Hunting Wives” was a little too dark for you, I think you’d be OK with this one. I think “My Summer Darlings” is going to have very widespread appeal.
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May Cobb is the queen of creating vile characters who will have you glued to your seat. You can't stop reading, you shirk all responsibilities as you devour the pages. It's an addiction, a guilty pleasure and I couldn't get enough.

Three women are mesmerized by their new neighbor Will. He is a real charmer, a true lady's man. The women seemingly lose their minds in his presence. As one unthinkable act after another occurs, you have no idea what will happen next. It's a train wreck and you can't look away.
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This book is getting published just in time for vacation/beach/pool season. You'll want a relaxed setting, plenty of uninterrupted reading time available and possibly a glass of wine, few shots of tequila or a fancy cocktail. My Summer Darlings has all the makings of a perfect summer read - a fast paced mix of drama, romance & suspense with a dash of steam and a whole serving of secrets.  

I prefer going into my reading adventures with just a general sense of genre/vibe so I'll stick with type of overview for the sake of other readers like me. Welcome to Cedartown, wealthy, beautiful suburbia where everyone knows each other...or do they? Lives of 3 female friends get affected in unexpected ways by their new neighbour, a charming, attractive and mysterious Will Harding. Passions and obsessions are ignited, loyalties tested and deep, dark secrets seem to be lurking around every corner. 

This was such a fun page-turner! I loved the gossipy vibe, all the intrigue, and not necessarily likeable but extremely entertaining characters who kept getting themselves into some outlandish situations. I am already excited to find out what May Cobb comes up with next!

A huge thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for gifting me an ARC of this fun read in exchange for an honest review!
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I would consider May Cobb a "fun" thriller writer. Nothing to knock but, somehow, not knocking it out of the park for me. The friend like elements are always fun and I find them devourable, but overall not impressive.
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