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Mondays are for gritty mysteries and the badass women who solve them.

In HIDEOUT, Louisa Luna is back with her third Alice Vega novel, and if you are an anxious person who likes the thriller genre but can’t stand to be unrelentingly tense for the length of an entire novel (me too)—Luna threads that needle exquisitely.

Vega is a self-contained, occasionally reckless PI who has an uncanny knack for finding people. After solving a notorious child abduction case she’s gained a rep, and the freedom to be choosy about her cases. What she has not gained: inner peace, interpersonal skills, the ability to sleep at night. Now she’s taken on the case of a college football player who hasn’t been seen since he ran off the field 30 years ago, and the trail will lead her to some of the darkest places in rural America.

The first book in this series I read because @bitchesgottaeat posted about it, and her recs are all hits no misses. If you are a fan of tense Americana, a mystery series with good politics, women who know their minds, dads and daughters, and vigilante justice meted out on violent racists, you can snag HIDEOUT from your library or bookstore shelves now.

Thanks @doubledaybooks for the e-galley of this one!
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Love Alice Vega and her way of thinking and solving missing person cases. This novel, #hideout is as good as The James and I really like that you can read it without having read the other books in the series-each one is perfectly wonderful on their own. Thanks to #netgalley and the publisher for this copy, the review is my own.
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I said it before and I will say it again, Alice Vega is my hero and I hope Louisa Luna will never stop writing her! Hideout is the third installment in the Vega series, and just like before Vega is still kicking ass and taking names. I did a reread of the other two books of the series before I started just so they would be fresh in my mind, and even though you don't really have to read these in order, I still recommend doing so. There is such a great buildup of Vega and Cap's working relationship, and I have spent every book so far dying for them to have a romantic relationship as well. I thought Luna took Hideout in an interesting direction this time around, and it was a little odd how heavy it was on the white supremacist aspect as opposed to finding Zeb. You do get a remedy for this, but I wasn't the biggest fan of the route used to get there.

It was also a bummer for me that Vega and Cap don't work together on this case like they usually do, and I really hope the next book will have them back in the same place at the same time. One thing I do have to point out since I am obsessed with audiobooks, is the fact that the same narrator has narrated all 3 books thus far. Tavia Gilbert really nails Vega as a character, and I can't imagine anyone else being a better narrator for this series. The pacing to me overall is medium, and there was a great build up to the wild and crazy ending. I spent the book just waiting for Vega's badassery to come out and I was not disappointed. Because of this, I wouldn't rate the book any lower, but I am really hoping for another blow-my-mind, nail-biting ride for whatever comes next in this series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Hideout by Louisa Luna
Alice Vega is a strange protagonist.  She appears to have issues with interpersonal relations.  She is a PI hired to find Zeb Williams, an athlete of dubious distinctions.   The search leads to racism, murder and abuse.   
Vega has a relationship with Cap which could have used some backstory.   Cap and his daughter have a relationship which seems to have the daughter as the more responsible of the pair.   
Vega’s connection to reality is tenuous at best.   She has impulsive uses of violence and there doesn’t appear to be any lasting consequences to her impulsive behavior.
The book was interesting with a complex plot, I enjoyed it.
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This is the first Vega book I've read, and I liked hte character overall. The book moved along pretty quickly and held my interest, but there were some things that seemed not to totally make sense. But they weren't huge things and the rest of the story was good enough to overlook them.
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I absolutely love the Alex Vega series and this book was a wonderful addition! Was it as great as the previous two installments? Maybe not. Would I recommend to a friend? Definitely! It drug just a bit in the beginning for me, but it really picked up and I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for more!
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Hands down, Alice Vega is my favorite detective. I got so wrapped up in this third book in the series that at one point I said to myself, "I have to tell my husband to get Alice Vega if I ever go missing," before remembering that she is actually a fictional character. But reading these books by Louisa Luna will make you feel like you know her -- or want to be her, or want her to save you. Vega is the definition of a bad ass, and watching her find missing people and work miracles when it comes to investigating is just so much fun. You'll love the relationship between her and her sometimes partner Caplan, the crazy turns the story can often veer off on, and solid mysteries you can't wait to solve.

I think this third book, HIDEOUT, might actually be my favorite of the three. It has a crazy mystery, and goes in completely unexpected places. I love knowing what you expect from an Alice Vega book now, it's comforting even while you're turning the pages like crazy. I still can't wait for the film versions of these books. Fair warning though, these books are not always 100% comfortable. For instance, this book has Vega finding herself in a small Oregon town with a white nationalist problem hiding underneath the surface. Good always wins out in the end though, and along with a love story worming its way through the center of the series, it just makes me want more Lousia Luna on my shelves.
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Alice Vega is one of my favorite female fictional characters.  She’s a bada$$ and I love her.  I especially loved her and Max working together.  So I was really surprised to read the majority of the book and she is working solo.  

This latest installment seemed to have too many story lines it was trying to work through.  First Alice is on assignment to find a football player who has been missing for thirty years.  Then she runs into a local hate group.  It doesn’t weave together.  The pacing is off.  She and Max work better together.  It took until 90% of the way through the book before they started working together.  

I haven’t given up on Alice.  I’m counting on more for this character.  This one sadly didn’t grip me like the first two installments.  The ending was anticlimactic and I know Alice (and the author) can deliver more.
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Third book in the series and it was good but not great. Mostly because there was barely any interaction between Vega and Cap in person and that’s half the draw in this series. The white nationalist angle was interesting but it felt like it strayed away from finding Zeb for a long time and the connection took a long time to be brought up. The ending was a bit unique and unexpected, which I liked.
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I love the Alice Vega series! In this one, a missing persons case reveals a community of white supremacists. Alice takes a ton of risks (as usual) and this book has my heart pumping. I can’t wait for the next installment. I personally suggest reading these in order.
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Ok addition to the series. Not as good as I was hoping, but not bad.

This is the third book featuring Alice Vega. She's a private investigator who is known for finding missing people. She connects with former police detective Max Caplan. In the first book Two Girls Down, she is searching for two missing sisters. In the second book, The Janes, she is tasked to figure out the identities of two dead Jane Does. I loved the interplay between her and Cap in those books and the romantic tension was great as well.

In this installment of the series, Alice is hired to find a man who disappeared in 1984, so this time it's a cold case and there's no real sense of urgency. While I liked the investigation into what happened to that man, what I didn't like was the long, long drawn out foray into white supremacy/white supremacist groups in a small Oregon town that ended up peripherally tying into the case, but not really. The book had a LOT of stalking and fighting and intimidation and it got very old. I kept wondering when we would get back to the main investigation.

Plus, Cap wasn't in this investigation much, there wasn't any in person interaction with Alice until nearly the end. I want this relationship to progress faster! There was a great deal of drawn out exploration of Cap's relationship with his daughter, which was all well and good but way too much time was given to that.

If you're a fan of the series, I do recommend reading this one. I'll be interested to see what happens with these characters in the future. I do hope that the author goes back to the missing person cases instead of these "issues" (human trafficking in the last book, white supremacy in this one) driven plots.
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I didn’t think pretty much of anything in this book made sense. From the footballer disappearance to the white nationalists to the weird ending. Maybe she us under pressure to churn these out each year? I think some time was needed to connect some dots and have to all make sense/be believable.
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This one was a bit different than the first two Vega books, as it kind of took a turn dealing with a different case related to a network of white supremacists, and at first I was scratching my head a bit. I wasn’t used to this from Vega and wasn’t sure I liked it, plus it was really dragging. However, if you hang in there with it, and if you have read the other two books, we know our Vega is a huge bad ass, and let me tell you, she does NOT disappoint. In fact, she is probably the MOST bad ass she has ever been. And I was here for ALL of it. I will make myself stop here because if I don’t I will spoil it all and I really want you to read this one and experience it as I did.

Thank you to NetGalley and Doubleday Books for the advanced digital copy to review.
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Alice Vega is back!

In HIDEOUT, she's taken a missing person case, looking for former college football player Zeb Williams who scooped up the ball on the last play of the game, ran the wrong way down the field, and lost the big game for his team (via a safety). Then he disappeared. Thirty years later, Vega's looking for him.

Along the way, she stumbles onto violent acts committed by a group of white supremacists. Never one to back down, Vega takes them on while looking for Zeb. Most of the action takes place in a small town in Oregon. 

I don't think I can dislike anything Louisa Luna writes, but I wasn't as captivated by this one as THE JANES (the last  Alice Vega installment). It seemed a bit on the long side, and also a little egregiously violent at times (to be fair, this could be my getting soft -- I can't say with certainty whether this book had more aggression from Vega than the last one). Still, I'm looking forward to the next in the series!
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Another great installment of the Alice Vega series. As with the previous two, this novel can be read as a standalone. The storyline offers interesting characters, motive, and a bit of humor along the way as Louisa Luna keeps readers glued to the pages of this crime series with investigative procedural, family drama, and some twisted happenings. Highly enjoyable.

Thank you to #NetGalley and #DoubleDayBooks for the ARC of #Hideout which was read and reviewed voluntarily.
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Loved this book especially Detective Vega. I want to be her when I grow up! Not only is she a fascinating character, strong, determined, fairly hard core for how she goes after criminals, especially white supremacists, but I love her drive and the ways she goes about solving crimes. I am a big Louisa Luna fan now!
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I was excited to read Hideout since I listened to (and loved) the first two Alice Vega books. Alice is pretty darn awesome and I was happy to see her sometimes-partner (and maybe more?) Max Caplan return for this installment, although his involvement was from a distance mostly. A gold star for me in Hideout was getting to know Cap's high school daughter Nell better. Their relationship is great and I loved seeing Nell become somewhat of a Veronica Mars. There was quite a bit more action and violence on the page compared to the prior 2 books in the series, which did not bother me. Although this is not my favorite in the series, I am definitely hoping author Louisa Luna gives us more Alice Vega.
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4 stars
This was a first for me. Louisa Luna did an amazing job introducing me to Alice Vega and Max Caplan. In Hideout, these two are not working like they usually do. this is a cold case where someone who literally ran off a football field in the middle of play and disappeared for more than thirty years. 

This held my attention all the way. I will be reading more Louisa Luna.
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Hideout by Louisa Luna


357 Pages
Publisher: Doubleday Books
Release Date: March 8, 2022

Fiction, General Fiction (Adult), Mystery, Thriller, Hate Group, Violence

Alice Vega is back! She takes a 30-year-old cold case of a missing college football player, Zeb Williams. She is still working with Max Caplan, recently retired from the FBI. This case takes Alice from California to the Pacific Northwest and Max to the Northeast of the country. They share information as they investigate, Max traditionally and Alice very untraditionally. Will Alice be able to find Zeb when other private detectives couldn’t?

This book is a fast paced with very developed characters. We even get a peek into Alice’s family and the dynamics between Max and his daughter, Nell. It is written in the third person point of view. I started this book and did not put it down until I was done. Yes, it was that good. Louisa Luna is a great writer and knows how to weave a story.
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A complex, suspenseful plot with tension so thick that it felt palpable. Wonderful characters with depth and substance. I was immediately drawn in and held captive from beginning to end.

#Hideout #NetGalley

*I received a complimentary ARC of this book in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.
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