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Stolen Ones (Detective Kim Stone Crime Thriller Book 15)

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This novel is really gripped me, it pulled me into the story like I was there experiencing it all first hand. I love this kind of book, you get fully emersed into the characters and what is going on. Wanting to know the outcome as soon as possible.

The forensic parts really peaked my interest and made me want to find out more about Forensic science. It fascinates me what can be discovered by DNA and how a person can be identified by things such as teeth.

The relationships between the colleagues is quite amusing too, I have a few giggles along the way.

I really didnt know who had committed the crimes but I had an inclining. I was totally off with my inclining but I think this is because a book is so well written.

Thanks to Netgalley for allowing me an ARC of this book even though I didn't managed to read it before publication date.
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This is another cracking novel about Kim Stone. Many thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for the ARC!

Angela Marsons knows how to write a fast paced and gripping mystery. This book does not disappoint. In a county teeming with serial murderers, Kim Stone again faces the task of recovering a kidnapped girl before a fatal outcome occurs. Tension ensues.

I love these novels, but a recent gripe of mine is that in the latter books, it's felt too fast paced. The chapters were getting shorter and shorter, with the focus of the action rapidly shifting from one high tension situation to another. It was a little unsettling. However with Stolen Ones, the whiplash does not occur and the writing feels tighter. 

For fans of the series, this is for you.
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Angela Marsons what can I say?! …Just don’t ever stop writing!

I’ve read every book in this series and each time I wonder how this author could possibly do any better…and every-single-time she delivers.

This latest, Stolen Ones, #15 in the series, is now my absolute favorite!
From the very first page we are drawn right into the thick of it and held captive until the very last page. 
Not for a moment does it get boring or old, nor does it loosen the ties that keep you riveted; I had to force myself to put the book down because I wanted to make it last longer.

Kim Stone’s day starts out on the 25th anniversary of the disappearance of seven year old Melody Jones who has never been found, and whose memory lives on in the minds of many on this day, including police and certain older police who worked the case back then and still can’t get over the sad facts of this unsolved mystery.

When a well presented, good looking man named Steven Harte turns up at the station first thing that same morning wanting to make a confession to Kim Stone about this particular 25 year old cold case, she is understandably skeptical, thinking him to be another attention seeking nutter…the kind to always surface on these anniversaries.
Then Kim receives news that a little girl of the same age has incredibly just gone missing without a trace from a day care centre.

It’s all systems go now as Kim Stone and her talented team of investigative detectives jump into action. Steven Harte is obviously their first suspect as he seems to know a lot of details about both missing girls, though it seems he has primed himself to play games with Kim Stone and starts by laying down his own rules for how the search will proceed…if she wants his help.
She is on a tight timeline now and whilst other pressing stories play out in the background vying for Kims immediate attention, she has to wonder at the synchronicity of certain events and whether or not they might have some connection to the current situation, testing her to the limits.

What a cracker of a page turner this is! The pace doesn’t let up and even at just over 400 kindle pages long, this book seemed to be almost too short, it was that good.

I sincerely hope Angela Marsons’ stories are picked up for a television series as they would be perfect with their backdrop of the Black Country in the West Midlands of England…where so many good police procedural television series have already been set. …”Scott & Bailey” springs to mind.

Loved it!
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Cannot tell you how much I love this series.
This is another great story with character development which is at the heart of these books. 
And there is a major twist with someone we know and don't like back with a vengeance.
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Another blinder of a novel from Marsons. I have read all 15 of this series about Kim Stone and could not recommend it enough. If you like gritty crime thrillers then this series is for you. 
Hands down all the books are well written with some great main characters. The ongoing storyline’s of Kim and her team are compelling and detailed and layer upon layer are revealed with each book along with an individual story too that is always an impressive outstanding, gritty crime drama. 
This novel tells the story of two young girls taken 25 years apart and uncovers a complex story with an explosive ending that you won’t see coming, at least not till near the end! I genuinely realised the twist at the same time as Kim Stone did!
Very cleverly written as always. Look forward to the next in the series.
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Another brilliant book by Angela Marsons! The character developments through the series mean you love Kim and each member of her team and the colleagues outside of the team that help them solve the complicated cases. As with all the other books there are plenty of twists and turns, as well as the ever looming threat of Alex Thorne. Highly recommended!
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Here is an author that is just Brilliant! Stolen Ones by Angela Marsons is her OMG the 15th book in the D.I. Kim Stone series and I have loved all these books. I am always gripped within the first few pages and all activities for few days all go on hold and the take away leaflets come out of the drawers! I am not cooking!!!!
So, this latest book did not disappoint!!! Just Brilliant from start to the end! 

I highly recommend all these books! 

Big thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for supplying a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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Definite page-turner, the team comes through yet again!. Always a complex investigation that keeps you interested with a solid cast of characters.   You could read as stand-alone, but the whole series is highly recommended.
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Normally I love all of these books and this one I really did enjoy I just think it was the wrong time for me to read it.  I found that it didn't draw me in the same way some of the other books have 

Don't get me wrong it was still very good.
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Stolen ones by Angela Marsons. 
Detective Kim Stone Crime Thriller Book 15. 
eight-year-old Grace Lennard skips into the garden of the childcare centre she attends and vanishes into thin air. 
Detective Kim Stone must play Steven Harte twisted games if she wants to find grace and Melody who disappeared 25 years earlier.  
A brilliant read.  I love love this series.  Full of action and twists. 5*.
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Kim and team are trying to solve a case of missing children. Old case and new, but Kim's nemesis find a way to get to her and that is never good
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Kim Stone is at it again and every time I think she has done it all, she comes back better and better.  Love this series and cant wait for the next one.  Fifty stars never mind five
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Wow-what a fantastic book. I really cannot fault it-It has everything a good thriller should have. Recommended.
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Wow Wow Wow another amazing read from Angela Marsons.....New crime to solve from Kim, new twists and turns, These are my favorite books to read.I love the characters in her books, the stories, how the crimes are solved. .
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Another fantastic installment in this brilliant series, you'd think after 15 books it would start to get abit stale but nope not even close they just keep getting better in my opinion, I love the fact that the evil Alex is back in the mix and can't wait to see what she's got up her sleeve in the future. Still one of my favourite series of books ever!
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Twenty-five years ago, little Melody Jones was abducted and never seen again. Now, another child has been taken and, to the horror of D.I. Kim Stone, a bracelet belonging to Melody has been found at the scene. What has made the perpetrator strike again after all these years and what is the connection to a man who has presented himself at Halesowen police station claiming to have information? Kim and her team know that time is against them if they are to find the child alive but with Kim having to deal with an old adversary at the same time, will they be able to crack the case in time?

Over the last few years, Angela Marsons has easily become one of my favourite authors, the Kim Stone series being an absolutely cracking read. If you are a fan of police procedurals with hugely engaging storylines and characters you actually care about the this is a series you need to read!

This is one of those plots that you can easily picture being part of a Sunday night TV drama. From the moment Steven Harte walked into the police station, I was immediately drawn into the intrigue of this book, desperate to find what information he held and, more importantly, why he had chosen now to come forward.

This case really tests Kim in more ways than one and I could feel her frustration in trying to get information out of someone who really did seem to hold all the cards. Coupled with an appearance from an old adversary, Kim really does earn her money in this book!

If you have never read an Angela Marsons book, I cannot recommend them highly enough!
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Stolen Ones is another great story by Angela Marsons, it has a well-written plot, relatable situations, and characters, and it has so many twists and turns and possible culprits that the end is totally unexpected. He only wanted to admire beauty, even if it involved kidnapping little girls, she did not accept dividing him with others, her jealousy drove her to do unspeakable things. Detective Kim Stone, as always, is straight to the point and ruthless in the pursuit of justice, and she will do everything within her power to bring closure to the families. What started with the kidnapping of one single girl, ends up with a string of crimes uncovered and finally solved.
Great entertainment!
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STOLEN ONES is the 15th book in the D.I. Kim Stone crime-thriller series by best-selling author Angela Marsons. Angela Marsons remains one of my favorite mystery authors, and her publisher, Bookouture, always publishes the very best novels. I have read all of her books…and she keeps getting better. I don’t want this series to end!

It was so refreshing to touch base with Kim’s team again: DS Byant, DS Penn, and DC Stacey Wood. Her team are driven and compassionate in their work. The characters keep getting stronger and stronger. And who could forget Kim’s faithful dog, Barney. Love that dog!

The story opens with the 25-year anniversary of a seven-year-old abduction of Melody Jones, and the family still waiting for closure.

In this book we also see Kim’s rival, Dr. Alexandra (Alex) Thorne, a sociopathic psychiatrist, and evil human being, now in prison, who has been contacting Kim for her assistance. Alex is annoyed that Kim wouldn’t take her call from prison. But Alex had knowledge that could change Kim’s whole life…to share…for a price.

One August afternoon, eight-year-old Grace Lennard had been abducted from a kiddie day center. Rushing to the scene of Grace’s disappearance, Detective Kim Stone finds a chilling piece of evidence: the engraved heart bracelet belonging to Melody Jones - the little girl who was taken from a playground exactly 25 years ago.

Are these two cases linked?

Just before, Steven Harte, a rich philanthropist, walked into the police station and confessed to having information that would lead Kim to Melody. He claimed to know about the disappearance of Grace Lennard. Now Kim must play Steven’s twisted game if she’s to find Grace alive.

Kim and her team soon link Steven to the abduction of several other young girls …but where are they? Then small bones are discovered in the grounds of a local park, and Kim fears the worst.

Then the case gets even more complex. Not everything is as it seems. Steven has more secrets he is hiding. But can Kim break down Steven’s web before any more lives are lost?

In this novel the use of interrogation techniques and body language added such depth to the story, and I liked that Kim’s favorite behaviorist, Alison Lowe being brought into the series. I also enjoyed the love/hate cat/mouse dynamics that exist between Alex and Kim.

This was another brilliant fast-paced story that gripped you from beginning to end. Another winner!

Many thanks to the author, Bookouture and Netgalley for my digital copy.
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How is it possible that this is book 15 and it’s still going strong? This was incredible. I knew I would be hooked but this exceeded my expectations. Kim Stone is on the hunt for a missing child when a man walks into the station and begins a game that’s hard to resist. I had no idea how things would play out & the ending had me shaking my head and saying WTF. If that wasn’t enough, Kim’s nemesis, Alex is back and gripping Kim in her claws again. Absolutely loved every moment of this book. As much as I’m happy that I got to read it early, I’m disappointed in having to wait so long before the next one! (less)
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If you like angela marsons and kim stone then you will love this its just typical kim with Alex popping in again her character really intrigues me the main story was good and i didnt see the twist coming. Loved it.
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