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All of the stories in this book are about different situations. They all have different circumstances, choices, and decisions going on. But, the one thing they all have in common is Hope. If you, like me, are in need of something to buoy your spirit, and help you feel more uplifted, then this is a book to read to help you get into the spirit of the coming holidays.
I was given a copy of this story for an honest review, and this is my opinion.
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This is a collection of short sweet stories that has something for everyone.
This book is a wonderful read.
I received a complimentary copy from Barr26 Publishing via NetGalley and was not required to write a review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Hearts, Homes & Holidays. Kirsten Osborne - such a beautiful Christmas story. I can totally relate to this story I have a grandson who has Autism. My daughter and her boyfriend are wonderful with him. (My daughter knows so much about autism). I love that they all became a *forever family* and that they were going to Vacation in New York City. The only thing Zach was interested in was the Nintendo store. I loved the second story in the book Forever family A Fresh Start/Second Chance Romance by Christine Sterling. The story takes place in Richmond, Virginia. Susan and Richard met at the ranch ran by Susan’s parents A therapy center for foster children. They both leave and go off to their own life’s they meet again when the three foster girls mother is killed. At the end of the story they are given a gift of love by Susan’s parents. “Just Like Christmas Morning” by Michele Brouder is the next story in the book. Read the story I guarantee you will love it. Each story gets better. Jack plays Santa where Anna is a cuddler at the hospital to newborns that do not have parents coming to see them. Kandie Kisses by Michele Pollock Dalton was a really cute story about a lady baker who found three children in the back of her car and her story to raise them. Long to Belong byT.C. Hester. The miracle of love and adoption. This is a beautiful story about a man who has autism. With autism sometimes people have to have a timeout and recharge their brain and the lady he is in love with. The lady has a nephew who has lost his parents. She is trying to adopt the nephew but the one stipulation is she has to be married or Drake has to go live with a happily married cousin. Macy’s gifts by Nancy Fraser was another story about a child with special needs. When Lily and Brittany’s parents die Macy is appointed guardian by her brother Macy fells in love with the girls and Cord their doctor. not part of our evening plans. dink and Jace adoption story by Caroline Lee. Enlighten of their infertility diagnosis. Such a cute story they adopted a baby girl. A Home for Christmas by Jean Jacobson. Denver City, Colorado 1876. Chloe gets her forever family. A New Family by Rose Pearson takes place in November of 1819. Lord Winters comes in and kicks out Marianne and her brother after their parents are killed in a carriage accident. Elliot marries her to save her brother Lionel and adopts him. Elliot wants her to be in love with him. Read these short stories about love and adoption.
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i really enjoyed this book! it was so much fun to read and i'm so thankful that i got an early copy of this book from netgalley. thanks a bunch, bros.
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Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review
A quick, enjoyable read because, despite its size, the anthology “Hearts, Homes & Holidays” (Barr26 Publishing) includes nine short stories with common themes yet diverse enough to capture your attention.
All stories are sweet, with relatable characters, and most are didactic about the conditions/disabilities they depict; some dimensions tend to feel a bit simplistic or corny, perhaps because they are short stories.
Cuddling sick babies (“Just like Christmas Morning”, by Michele Brouder) or having an autistic male hero’s first person point of view (“Long to Belong”, by T. C. Hester) were very interesting aspects of this anthology.
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This is a collection of short sweet stories that center around the holidays. They each deal with persons that have  a disability. I liked most of them. I had to laugh about the line, who puts pickles in potato salad, in the first story. my response is ANYONE in the South! :)  Cute short read, and gave me some insights about autism.
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