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Never Coming Home is a domestic suspense novel which may make the reader wonder what really goes on behind the closed doors of their own neighbors. The story has all the components of a good domestic thriller, but for me one of the main characters action's (not the villain) were over-the-top to the point not being believable, which took me out of it a bit. Overall, it was a good page-turner and I think fans of domestic thrillers will enjoy it. 

I am a library associate and received an advance copy from #NetGalley. Opinions are my own.
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Ok this was a pretty entertaining read for the most part. 
Lucas marries his wife for money and then tries to have her bumped off in an effort to expedite said windfall. I enjoyed how sinister and meticulous Lucas was, deliciously debase. 

I did feel the story was bogged down with superfluous details through inner monologue and external occurrences (lots of searching for his brother in law, lots of “who’s doing this?”, unnecessary bike ride ride narration etc). 

I did see where things were going until the end threw an odd bobcat wrench into things and I’m still a little mad. I don’t mind predictable so much as I mind veering so far that the story suffers. 

Thank you so much to the publisher and netgalley for my review copy which in no way affects my opinions.
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Canadian author Hannah Mary McKinnon is releasing this, her pandemic book on May 24, 2022.

Never Coming Home is somewhat of a switch from her previous novels in that we know the bad guy right from the get go - no spoiler it’s right there in the blurb. With meticulous care Lucas planned everything, covering all his tracks with precision. But did he really??

Never Coming Home is mysterious, lots of red herrings with unreliable (and unlikable) characters. It is well written with moments of wit, disbelief and shock.  There is a dog, which is always a great addition. All in all an addicting read with an ending that was fitting.

My thanks to MIRA for a digitial arc in exchange for honest review.
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What happens when you think you've successfully killed your wife, but now someone knows and is taunting you? Lucas thinks he's pulled off the perfect crime by hiring someone to kidnap and murder his wife with a guarantee of never finding the body. But when we starts receiving messages that prove someone knows--who is it and how does he get rid of them too? Told from Lucas' point of view, you get the killer's side of the story and it was a great read! Definately recommended.
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Michelle was a brilliant and sophisticated, and most importantly, wealthy. Lucas Forester was by all accounts, a doting, and loving husband. But, was he? The story opens with the kidnapping of Michelle. Lucas plays the part of a grieving husband searching for his beloved wife. However, it is more sinister than that. Lucas has a dark past, all unbeknownst to Michelle and her family.  He thought that he planned everything seamlessly however, photographs and notes begin to show up indicating that something has gone awry with the plan. I was completely surprised by the end and couldn’t put the book down. I highly recommend this book. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advance review copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Five glowing stars!! This is definitely a page turner and filled with so much suspense. I am a huge fan of this author’s writing style and will definitely be reading more from her. The ending had me shocked and speechless - did not see that coming!! This book deserves more than five stars as I can see so much effort and time going into this book. I enjoyed this thriller and is one you should definitely look forward to this year!
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Do you want to know what happens in a villian’s mind throughout a story? Then Never Coming Home by Hannah Mary McKinnon is the book for you. Lucas wants his wife’s money and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. It was so interesting getting to experience the story through the eyes of a morally questionable character. Lucas is certainly not a good guy but he made me laugh more than once. Although there were funny parts, this still was a psychological thriller, one that suitably scared me to see what people can be capable of. This story was perfectly pulled together by the end and Never Coming Home was a great read.
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Wow. It's been a hot minute since I have read a thriller, let alone any book, with a male narrator. And Lucas was an extremely full of himself, but it was entertaining to read. I absolutely loved how there was an inner monologue and he was in it to win it with the long game. It was interesting, and kind of creepy, to read about how he went about getting this done. In a way it is scary to know how easily someone can make this all happen, but it's fine. Some people did not like the ending, but I did. It was a little unbelievable, but not in the way that is any more far fetched then what we read about in the news.

My biggest "issue" was sometimes the length of the inner dialogue to explain one thing or how long the inner monologues about his past would take. Those definitely could have been a little more condensed.

Otherwise, it was nice to read a thriller that did not involve a woman narrator that is either being gaslighted, has some sort of addiction, or a mental disability that is then used against them. Other thriller writers please take notice.
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I’m a little disappointed I didn’t love this more but I think this’ll satisfy readers a little less grumpy and picky than moi.

The most interesting thing about this story was the fact that we know who did the deed. And, in fact, we spend the entire time in the head of the one who has committed the crime. I quite liked that. But I found Lucas.. kind of insufferable? It wasn’t even the fact that he was a con-man mastermind responsible for his wife’s death, that he’d been orchestrating a particular end result for the entirety of their relationship. It was maybe moreso the narrative voice. And perhaps the pacing.

I never fully engaged in this story, I was completely uninterested in all of Lucas’ backstory, and while I enjoyed the enjoying, I’ll admit I did see part of it coming. It was still a good gotcha moment but it didn’t quite redeem the journey to where we finally get there (though I’ll likely round up on GR). I’m not quite sure this had the dark wit that was promised in the pitch, either.

This was my first read by McKinnon, and while she’s got a good few books out and seems to be well loved, I’ll admit I had never even heard of her. I’ll likely peek through her backlist to find another that might work better, though, because I have’t quite given up yet.

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This book was solid throughout but the ending was in particular the best part. It was interesting having a bad guy narrator. It did drag in some parts though. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free copy in exchange for review.

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Life wasn’t kind to Lucas growing up, but he was always smart.

Now, after reinventing himself, he has the perfect plan to finally have the life he’s always wanted.

He engineers a plan to marry a wealthy woman. Then, he hires a hitman to kill her, to inherit her fortune.

He is meticulous in his planning. There’s no way he will ever get caught…. 

I love the way this story was crafted. The author must have had to write herself a lot of sticky notes to keep it all straight 😂 
It all comes together flawlessly, at a engaging pace throughout. 
I actually found myself pulling for Lucas, despite the despicable things he did - that’s a true talent.
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This was my favorite HMM book so far! Told in first person perspective from the villain, it was fun to watch him losing his mind! I kept jumping from theory to theory to theory and back again! And yet I was still surprised at how the ending played out! It was a super fun twisty roller coaster of a book! Highly recommend!!!
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Is hiring a hitman worth the risk and worry?

Lucas thought so until he started receiving blurry photos and notes about Michelle.  Who are the photos and notes from, and who was in his backyard?

We meet Lucas who met Michelle at an art function and knew she would be able to take care of all his money worries.  He loved her, but didn't want her - he only wanted the money.

He thought he had planned everything perfectly, but did he?

Lucas tells his story as we listen and as we learn and as Lucas starts to get paranoid. 

There is no way, though, that anyone could suspect him or have figured out what he did…he was very careful and had planned this for a few years.

Getting nervous and hoping to find out if the hitman could have left clues anywhere, Lucas does something pretty risky and dumb. 

Just what did you do, Lucas?

Lucas did what every thriller character does...he gave us an amazing, clever, can't-put-down read.​  

And oh is it a good one.​

Do NOT miss this book. 5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.
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Never Coming Home will keep you turning the pages, trying to keep one step ahead of the devoted husband, Lucas Forester as he attempts to conceal his role in the disappearance/murder of his wife, Michelle.  Having come from a rough upbringing in England, Lucas decides the only way to make it big is to find a rich American woman and marry her.  He meticulously plots for years, developing the sympathetic role of the loving and devoted husband to his uber rich wife and "perfect" son-in-law and brother-in-law to her family.  When his mother-in-law is diagnosed as "terminal", Lucas's plans must kick into high gear before the old woman decides to leave the family fortune to charity instead of to Lucas. But Lucas's perfect plan has gone awry somewhere, he is receiving messages from someone regarding Michelle's killing.  Frantic to keep his role and identity secret, Lucas goes on the hunt for the person who is now hunting him.  Readers will try to figure out who this blackmailer could be and just when you think you've got it, another plot twist arrives.  The ending leaves readers thinking, "wow, I never saw that coming"  and neither did Lucas!
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Hannah Mary McKinnon has written her next great thriller and you will not want to miss it!  Never Coming Home is a devious, suspenseful mystery you will not be able to put down.  Told from the male point of view, I highly recommend you buckle up and hop on this ride as he plans, grieves and orchestrates a very deceptive scheme that will keep you on the edge of your seat!  The twist and turns are throughout the whole book and they will make you dizzy!   You will keep reading this one right into the night just to find out what is coming next!!!  McKinnon writes a heart pounding ending that only she can do!!!!  I always look forward to her books, they are a must read!!!

Thank you NetGalley, Harlequin Trade Publishing and Hannah Mary McKinnon for an advanced copy of this addicting book in exchange for my honest review.
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Wealthy, beautiful Michelle is missing, and her husband of three years, Lucas Forester, is devastated. Or, really, not so much, since he's the one who hired someone to kill her for her money. He's feeling pretty smug about the whole thing, but when some photos and a mysterious note show up, Lucas is certain someone is onto him. Chaos ensues. 

I love a book with the bad guy as the narrator (hello, YOU). There's something so fun about rooting for a terrible human who lies nonstop and plans his wife's murder and thinks he's smarter than every single person on earth. I didn't *want* him to get away with it, but I maybe kind of did? Anyway, this is a fun, super bingeable thriller. A few things are pretty obvious, but seeing it all unfold was highly entertaining anyway. And the ending was perfection.
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“Never Coming Home” is a book you won’t want to put down. Lucas’ wife is missing and he has a secret. He wanted her dead and thought he had gotten away with it. Then letters start showing up that tell him he’s not the only one who knows his secret. The pacing was great, there weren’t any lulls throughout the book. I find it unique to read a novel from the bad guy's point of view. It offered such great insight into the mind of a killer. Lucas was such an interesting character and I found myself fascinated by him, scared of him, but also simultaneously rooting for him. I think because the story is written from his POV, even when he is making terrible choices, you’re still on his side. I enjoyed getting to find out the backstory to Lucas’ life as well, because that helped me understand his character and his choices even more. I was completely blindsided by the absolutely perfect, satisfying ending. I loved this book from start to finish and would highly recommend to anyone who loves a fast paced domestic thriller.  I think that this is Hannah Mary McKinnon’s best book yet.  Thriller fans, put this on your TBR pile for 2022.  I would highly recommend this book to those that enjoy mystery/thrillers.  Thank you to Hannah Mary McKinnon, Harlequin Trade Publishing, MIRA, and NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for my thoughts.
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I find it difficult to enjoy a story when I dislike the main character. Never Coming Home (Hannah Mary McKinnon) has a man named (Michael) Lucas whose only redeeming quality is that he loves his father. Lucas will go to any lengths to get money and save his own skin. I want to thank NetGalley and Harlequin Books for an early copy to review.
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There is no such thing as a perfect murder, and if you are sure you have just gotten away with it, think again. Enter Lucas Forester, who thanks to an ironclad prenup, decides the only way to acquire his wife's fortune is to kill her for it. After all, she is busy spending it on silly things like a new car for him. It is a fun change to read a book from the villain's point of view, especially when that villain is so sure he has done everything right, yet nothing seems to go completely right for him. You can't quite hate Lucas for his ruthlessness, especially because he is so kind to a dog he rescues (nice touch there). While I found part of the end predictable, there were some surprises and it is definitely worth hanging in to see how the author wraps up this villainous story.
Thanks to NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Harlequin Trade Publishing, and Hannah Mary McKinnon for the advanced copy of Never Coming Home in exchange for my honest review.

Lucas Forester has been planning for years to get his hands on his wife's money. It's not that he loathes her, he just feels he's more entitled to her fortune than she is. His plan: take out a hit on her.

He's feeling incredibly proud of himself when everything goes off without a hitch... or so he thinks. When weird photos and notes start showing up at his home, he is left wondering if there's something he missed.

This story started off super strong, and I actually found it really intriguing that we find out right off the bat Lucas's wife, Michelle, isn't actually missing and that Lucas hired a hitman to take her out. I'd say about 40% in, I became less invested in the story and wasn't quite as hooked as I was in the beginning.

I think it's fair to say that the big reveal in this book has two parts. Unfortunately I predicted the first part super early into the book, and that ultimately took away from the ending for me. The second part, however, I did find quite intriguing. 

This is ultimately a well-written book, as I utterly despised Lucas, and I can always appreciate when an author makes me have such big feelings about a fictional character.
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