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This was a fun, albeit unrealistic read. It centers on Lucas who plans to kill his wife in order to inherent all her money. The book takes you through the planning and aftermath of what Lucas has set up in order to get his wife out of the way. 

The author managed to make Lucas not exactly likable, but as likable as a cold blooded killer can be. His backstory was done well and his overall attitude was fun to read about, even though I definitely had to suspend my disbelief throughout. 

I didn’t love the end- it was somewhat predictable and contrived;  someone else mentioned that it felt like the end of a Scooby Doo mystery and I laughed out loud because it was such an accurate depiction. 

Overall the book was a fun read as long as you go in with the expectation that this is a bit of a dark fairy take versus a true psychology thriller. Thanks to Netgalley for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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A character driven, dark psychological thriller comes your way via Hannah Mary McKinnon. I like her style of pivotal points that leads down to life-defining events. When Lucas Forrester has redeeming qualities to bring himself out of his father's lack of paternal instinct, he creates an identity that turns even darker than his father's. He hones in on a wealthy, beautiful and extravagant Michelle to be his wife. His decisions are despicable and evil but come with a dark humor that I found entertaining.

Lucas tolerates his wife's quirks and annoyances to rob her of her life and riches. He dives into the dark web to find a hit-man to dispose of her and soon plays the role of a grieving husband. Receiving partial images, and cryptic notes, paranoia sets in. He makes irrational moves even toying with Michelle's dying mother and her drug intolerant brother Travis to hopefully gain all of the family's inheritance. 

Told by the antagonist Lucas, you endure his humor and psycho analysis of his crime. It is shocking and sometimes justified when allegiances and collaboration from an even more sinister group enter the scene. There are twists and sometimes obvious situations that occur leaving the ending expected and unexpected, which you may not understand that description until you have read it. 

Thank you NetGalley and Harlequin Trade Publishing for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Don’t you just love it when someone evil gets what’s coming to them? If so…Get the popcorn, (big bag!) get yourself good and comfortable, and ready…Chapter one!

Lucas is soon to inherit his wealthy wife’s estate. One ittsy-bittsy problem. His loving wife isn’t dead – YET!

But Lucas can take care of that pesty problem.

Best laid plans…

Unfortunately for him, things don’t go as smoothly as he hoped. He’s been receiving disturbing, anonymous notes informing him that someone knows exactly what he did!

Well, well, well, Lucas. Isn’t Karma a b****!

This was a fun thriller told from Lucas’ POV. I positively relished watching him squirm as the heat turned up!

For a thriller somewhat on the lighter side this, will fit the bill perfectly. A great summer (or spring time) read!

Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Trade Publishing/ MIRA
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I received an ARC of this novel from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Lucas's wife goes missing.  He is not terribly upset about her disappearance.
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I did not like this book and did not finish it. I felt it was too predictable and did not pique my interest. It did not get me questioning what was going to happen, which is something I look for in a book. I read A LOT, and have been known to keep reading even when I'm not totally into a book in the hope that it will get better. That did not happen in this case. Honestly, I didn't think it was written very well like maybe it should have had more editorial review before it gets published. I do not want to give this book a star rating, but apparently, I am forced to give one.
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Okay, WOW. I don’t think I have ever read an ending that made my jaw drop like this one. Of all the possible ways this story could have ended, Mary absolutely knocked it out of the park with her choice. 

This thriller was so creepy, and eerie I kept looking over my shoulder every night I was up late reading. It was also so nice to read a book with the setting in Boston. 

Lucas was such an interesting character and I found myself fascinated by him, scared of him, but also simultaneously rooting for him. I think because the story is written from his POV, even when he is making terrible choices (like hiring a hit man to kill his wife), you’re still on his side. I enjoyed getting to find out the backstory to Lucas’ life as well, because that helped me understand his character and his choices even more. 

Overall, I think this is going to be one of the best thrillers of 2022! Thank you to Net Galley and Harlequin Trade Publishing for an advanced copy of this book, in exchange for my honest opinion.
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If you like a dark and twisted mystery as your beach or poolside read, put Never Coming Home on your summer reading list. This books comes out in late May and is perfect for fans of Samantha Downing and Tarryn Fisher. 

We all know the wife goes missing plots, but this little gem takes us through the story from the despicable husband’s prospective. Lucas thinks he has it all figured out…missing wife=huge inheritance. Maybe he does? Maybe he doesn’t? It’s a fun jaunt to find out if good or evil will prevail. I hate to admit it, but Lucas might just be a likeable villain for a few brief moments? Eek. The movement of plot also reminded me of the tv show Good Behavior…deplorable people who are appealing one minute and have you with a little smirk on your face the next.
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A new author to me, and the promise of a darkly humorous thriller I picked this up with high hopes. I was hoping for something like a Peter Swanson or Samantha Downing style.

Lucas is the husband, Michelle his wife has disappeared, believed to be kidnapped, while Nora's mother lies terminally ill waiting to die. 

No spoilers, Lucas is revealed from the start to be behind a hitman plot to kill Michelle to cash in on the family fortunes. Brave, making your main character a murder plotting fiend.

It gets off to a good start, I felt it had real potential, and when we learn about Lucas's past I was very nearly won over. His planning is meticulous, to me it felt over-explained and slow.

I was hoping it would pick up in the second half, accelerating to a tense finale or epic twists, but it didn't, I didn't get any real tension. I could see the the main twist coming, found it hard not to with so few characters.

The plot was fairly good, Lucas's past life was my favourite bit. I wanted it to work, but sadly for me it didn't. Others may love it, and I hope it finds an audience.

Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin Trade Publishing
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Another fabulous read! Never Coming Home by Hannah Mary McKinnon was my favorite of all the books I’ve read by this author. I gave this book five stars which I don’t give out a lot. A book REALLY has to be terrific for me to give out all of those gold Goodreads stars and this earned every one of them.

Lucas Forester didn’t hate his wife. Michelle was brilliant, sophisticated and beautiful. Sure, she had extravagant spending habits, that petty attitude, a total disregard for anyone below her status. But she also had a lot to offer. Most notably: wealth that only one percent could comprehend.

For years, Lucas has been honing a flawless plan to inherit Michelle’s fortune. Unfortunately, it involves taking a hit out on her.

Every track is covered, no trace left behind, and now Lucas plays the grieving husband so well he deserves an award. But when a shocking photo and cryptic note show up on his doorstep, Lucas goes from hunter to prey.

Someone is on to him. And they’re closing in.

You are going to love and hate the character of Lucas, an excellent villain!

Coming out on May 24
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Lucas Forester knew that Michelle was the one he had been waiting for from the moment he met her at the private party being held in a London Art Gallery. 


He knew that she would be his golden goose-his future meal ticket-a means to an end. So, it wasn’t personal when he took a hit out on his new wife-it was just business. 

Yes-Lucas is a character you will love to hate, as he confides all of his secrets to you! 

It’s FUN spending time with him-he isn’t ALL BAD!!

After all, he saved Roger, an abandoned dog that Michelle thought would be better off euthanized. And, he makes sure that his brother-in-law never drives home drunk. He even arranged a swift and painless death for his new wife.

He isn’t a TOTAL monster!!

But just when he becomes convinced that his careful planning would lead to success-he receives a shocking photo and note, letting him know that someone is on to him-and they are closing in…I had my suspicions about who it was and I was correct but that isn’t what bothered me! 

Things began to unravel about the midway point, when cliché hit men made an appearance. And, they unraveled further as the final reveals became more and more implausible. If that doesn’t bother you-this is definitely an entertaining story. 

But, I prefer my thrillers to be a bit more realistic. 

Available May 24, 2022.

Thank You to Mira books for a gifted copy! It was my pleasure to offer a candid review!
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I really liked that this book was told from the villains' point of view. Lucas was a somewhat likeable character until his evil deeds become apparent. Lucas had thought he had covered his tracks meticulously until he realized someone knew something about what he had done, but he didn't know who it was and what they knew. The ending was quite clever and satisfying to the reader.  This book was riveting from the first page to the very last.
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I enjoyed this book, although I thought the premise was outlandish (aren't all thrillers though?) It was fun to see Lucas twisting in the wind, Overall, an entertaining book,
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Иєνєя ¢σмιиg нσмє
By Hannah Mary McKinnon
Release Date 05/24/2022

Lucas Forrester may be of my favorite villainous characters I’ve read in a long time. He was lying about his past from the beginning to his wife and her family and living a complete lie. And I loved him from the start. Not only was he brilliant, but he was also diabolical. 
His wife had been missing for 31 days; he was out of the country when she was kidnapped. He’d planned it for months, covered his tracks, and eluded the police's apparent investigations on the spouse. She was never coming back. He knew that. He’d planned it. He’d come from nothing. She was a trust fund baby. He wanted everything she had and more. 
One day he got a letter, pictures of his wife, just her neck, and the earrings he gifted at Christmas. Then another comes, and this plan and acting as the grieving husband compromises his dreams of being single and rich. 
His acting skills are being compromised. 
Did I tell you his mother-in-law is about to die as well and leave a boatload of money to him? Oh, and Michelle’s brother Travis who’s a drug addict and alcoholic, lived with them/him now as well. 
You have to ask yourself, do men plan as well as women? 
Did Lucas?
Omgah, this book was fantastic. Skillfully written in Lucas’s Pov, you wouldn’t believe a woman wrote it. (This is a compliment to the author )
5 S̤̈T̤̈Ä̤R̤̈S̤̈ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Unfortunately I did not love this book. I realize that it takes a lot for a thriller to wow me anymore especially since I read them pretty consistently. I did enjoy that this book was told from the POV of the bad guy as he went through his day to day justifying his actions and thinking he got away with it. But. I missed other POVs which I am sure would take away from the big twist in the end but Lucas annoyed me. Not in a "hate to love" way but just couldn't stand his incessant internal monologue. Drove me nuts. And I guessed the big twist 20% in which took away from the fun of trying to figure it out. However, the twist was 10x bigger than I thought but just seemed so far fetched and not really explained. I wanted more. Again. Clever concept and plot. It just wasn't for me.
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Absolutely amazing!!  No surprise there though!  Hannah Mary McKinnon is one of my favorite authors.  Why?  Because she is so SAVAGE with her characters and I love it!  And I absolutely loved that Never Coming Home was told from the villain's perspective!  Sometimes that's a little more "fun". 

Never Coming Home is 100% a page-turner and one you won't want to miss.  McKinnon's writing is fabulous and I have loved every single one of her books that I've read.  Sister Dear holds a special place in my heart though, so if you haven't read that one yet, I highly recommend that one too!

You should definitely add this entertaining read to your tbr!
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I really have a thing for books where the villain is the main character and you live inside their head. It’s a different viewpoint and I appreciate when authors can successfully capture the balance of bad yet still being a readable character. This one was also really well written and kept me turning pages. 

As the book went on, I was a bit disappointed with Lucas not being as smart as he appeared to be. I got tired of hearing him blame things on all the wrong people. I also figured out the ending very early on. 

My biggest issue, however…what happened to Roger???

3.5 stars. 

*Thanks to Harlequin Trade Publishing for providing me with this ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*
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Never Coming Home is a book you won’t want to put down. Lucas’ wife is missing and he has a secret. He wanted her dead and thought he had gotten away with it. Then letters start showing up that tell him he’s not the only one who knows his secret.

Lucas is a complex, conniving man. He comes from a rough background and is not afraid to do anything to get what he wants. At the same time he is very protective of those he loves.

This book is masterfully written. As you learn about Lucas, you understand him more. I loved the big twist at the end. It was a perfect ending to an amazing book!
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4.5 stars - 
Hannah, Hannah, Hannah!!

Every time I read a Hannah Mary McKinnon book, I just always know to expect the unexpected! Plus, assume an insane ending – and this one did not disappoint!! 

A husband puts out a hit on his wife, and thinks he’s so smart he thought of absolutely everything to not get caught, but someone is onto him…

This was such a brilliant premise – and it was so bizarre that I ended up rooting for Lucas, the psycho “grieving husband”.

The story was a tiny bit predictable, but I was still entertained the whole way through! I’ve read all of Hannah Mary McKinnon’s books and I’m definitely a die-hard fan! She is an excellent thriller writer! Highly recommend!
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This was a deliciously wicked read about a horrible, devious man who I was astonished to find that I couldn’t help but like.  I mean, he loves a mutt stray dog and gives him a home.  He’s smart and clever and just snarky enough for me to relate to him.  Making me like an evil protagonist is the sure sign of an incredible storyteller.  

Here we have a fast-paced thrill ride of a story.  I highly recommend it for those who love a good thriller.  

My thanks to NetGalley and Mira Books for the opportunity to read and review this book ahead of its publication date.
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Michael has reinvented himself as Lucas. His greed to be rich has ruled his life. He married rich and mastered a fool proof kidnapping- murder of his wife, Michelle. All his careful planning is paying off. He got rid of his father in law and is working on getting his fortune. But has he thought of everything? Is he being blackmailed?
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