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I liked this book a lot! It was fast paced, entertaining, and kept me on the edge of my seat. I always like a little dark humor in my books and this one definitely delivered. Lucas was evil, but I did enjoy some of his internal dialogue. This was my first book by this author. Will definitely read more of her work in the future. Thank you very much for the ARC.
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I always want to love this authors books but this one was just not it for me. 

I’m not sure if it was the characters or plot but it fell flat and I wish I could have loved it.
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Lucas Foster and his wife Michelle are living the life that a lot of money offers.
However, Lucas would like ALL of Michelle’s money and comes up with a well-researched plan to inherit her fortune.
Story is told from his POV. Lucas is an amazing actor and seems so devastated when she disappears. He is devious, cagey, a bit psycho, plus has a sense of humor. 
I am a big psychological thriller fan and having protagonist like Lucas was a bit different nut definitely fun.

I am a big Psychological thriller fan; I expect twists, secrets, most of all I know I need to be suspicious of everyone!! Knowing all that, I had my suspicions but sure didn’t know or have details. 
The ending is great!

 Additionally I always enjoyed the Author’s Notes and/or Acknowledgements and in this case it also included a “Reader’s Guide as well as Q & A with author, Hannah Mary McKinnon.
In the Q & A, she gives us a big hint regarding her next novel. Not the title but a bit about Frankie the main character. 
On my list ~ well true it is difficult to put a book title on my TBR list when I don’t have a title but I do have the name of the author: she is someone who does NOT disappoint!

Want to thank NetGalley and Harlequin Trade Publication for granting my request with this eGalley. This file has been made available to me before publication in an early form for an honest professional review.  
Publishing Release Date scheduled for May 24, 2022.
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Probably one of the most create plots I’ve ever come across. In this book you know who the bad guy is, he’s telling you his story. You empathize with him even though he doesn’t deserve it, because we all connect with the main character. This unique perspective was a whole new reading experience. So many twists and turns and surprises that I didn’t see coming. I had to keep reading because I had to know how this was going to end. Absolutely genius storytelling. Jaw dropping and heart stopping!
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Yes, yes, yes! I love an evil villain narrator and Never Coming Home delivered. This book is totally binge-readable with lots of twists and turns. Although I figured it the ending early, it didn't prevent this book from being immensely enjoyable. The dialogue is wonderful. Lucas is evil but quite witty with a dark sense of humor.
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Written from the perspective of Lucas Forester—a compelling and dynamic character that readers won't know whether to revere or abhore him—this book is both sinister and humorous. 

Told with McKinnon's signature wit, Never Coming Home is deftly plotted, perfectly paced, and deliciously deceitful. You may never look at your spouse the same way again. 

Never Coming Home is a simmering and suspenseful read that absolutely explodes at the end. Hannah is the queen of shocking endings and this is no exception. The finale will blow your mind.
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A devious husband ….a missing wife …a perfect plan … Until it all starts to go downhill  .. oh and a dog 🐶 …and a cat 🐈 

✔️ I loved that this was written from the perspective of the husband who has hired a hit man to kill his wife. I loved and yet hated Lucas and kind of wanted a different ending for him 😆
✔️ those last few paragraphs - definitely didn’t see that coming 😱
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First off I adored You Will Remember Me and thought how could HMM top that,  well age completely blew it out of the park with Never Coming Home,  I wanted to wait until closer to pub day to read it,  but I just couldn't.  When I started I  was immediately sucked into the story and couldn't put it down.  It was written in such a unique prespective from the males pov and such interesting aspect to inside the killers mind,  like how does the sweet HMM think like this? With an ending that just takes your breath away 5 stars all the way
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Lucas Forrester had a difficult upbringing living in the UK. His mother died when he was a young boy and his father was disabled after getting beat up by a mobster. Lucas made the decision that he had to escape and went to America. 

Upon arriving in America Lucas vowed he would never be poor and would do whatever it takes to have a better life and help his father. His life starts to change when he meets Michelle, who he falls head over heels for and they are eventually married. One tragic day Michelle goes missing and Lucas is stunned and beside himself. Time is ticking to try and find Michelle and hopefully she is still alive. Of course all things might not be as they seem…

This read was terrific and probably the authors the most different storyline. I really enjoyed the character of Lucas who was also the narrator of the book.  I loved that the descriptions within the story were very detailed and nothing was glossed over. The ending was a complete surprise and thought it was the perfect ending. I don’t really have anything bad to say about this one and would highly recommend reading it.
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Never Coming Home is the perfect game of cat and mouse. Lucas Forrester didn’t hate his wealthy wife, he just loved her money more. The only way to get his hands on her money is to kill her and that is okay with him. He has everything all planned out. He took his time and set everything up perfectly. There is just no way he will get caught. He hires a hitman off of the dark web to handle his wife. Obviously, the killer is a professional and Lucas never gives his name. All he asks is that at the end of the kill, he is told where the body of his wife is located using an app that gives the coordinates but uses three phrases instead of numbers. 

Everything is going to plan until a picture of his wife turns up at his house with the earrings she was wearing when she was killed. He can tell someone has been in the back yard and possibly in his house. Maybe it is time he went and looked at his wife’s body himself to make sure she is dead. 

This thriller is dark with a husband that has a screwed up moral compass but it is laughable too. Lucas is just so sure of himself. The revelations were predictable to a point but the ending chapter had me laughing out loud! This is a devious and darkly funny thriller. Lucas is magnetic and so compelling you almost want him to get away with it. Great character development by Hannah Mary McKinnon.
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You know that feeling when you are reading a book where you are on the edge of your seat, your stomach has this funny feeling of anticipation and no matter what you are supposed to do there is no way you are putting the book down?
Well that’s this book. Typical mind f**kery of @hannahmarymckinnon and I.Am.Here.For.It!!!
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This book kept me guessing. I couldn’t put it down and it was a struggle not to jump to the end to see how it all turned out. I liked the main character  despite his faults since we got to see his  vulnerable side,too. SoI was a little disappointed things didn’t turn out a little better for him.
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I have to admit, my #bookmail this past week has been INSANE! Whenever I can get an advanced physical copy from one of my favorite authors of all time, that's cause for celebration! @hannahmarymckinnon will always be a show stopper for me. And guys ... if you haven't read #theneighbors by her, you're literally insane. A top 5 of all time for me!!

If you live for HIGHLY UNLIKABLE CHARACTERS, you must read #nevercominghome. I may punch Lucas in the face if I ever personally meet his fictional character 🤣 Its been a while since I read something where a male was the main protagonist, so this was a nice surprise. Lots of family drama, bad decisions and of course ... suspense!! I would have loved some flashback chapters to get a better picture of Michelle's character ... I think it would have made her feel more "real."

QOTD: who is your least favorite male character in a book and why?

This book publishes on May 24, 2022 by @_mira_books_ >> if you like #domesticthrillers, then you must give this author a shot!!
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A perfect game of cat and mouse- Lucas has arranged to have his wife murdered. We know this from the beginning of the book. At times we love Lucas and at other times, he's just despicable. Someone else knows what Lucas has done, though, and lets him know that they know. OR do they? At times funny, at times scary,and a perfect little twist make for a fast-paced read.
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It started with a hit on his wife with money being his top priority. It was a great plan until one shocking photo and a note, left on his doorstep, altered his plan. Now everything he planned was threatening to crumble. 

Lucas Forester wanted to be rich so he married a wealthy woman. He wanted control over the money so he came up with a plan. Lucas portrayed the loving husband like a pro actor giving his best planned performance of the distressed husband.

Michelle grew up in privilege. Lucas married Michelle for her money. Michelle controlled the money. Spending her money wasn’t enough for him he wanted to take control. 

Lucas is a money hungry criminal. He is a con artist, a liar, a thief, and a murderer. In reality the game he’s playing is for a pro not an amateur. However, he is a master at adapting his behavior. 

This is my fourth read by Hannah. I found the writing style a tad bit different from the other three books. Unfortunately, I wasn’t hooked. I never felt a connection with Lucas or with the concept. There was relevant information and then there was irrelevant information. It was the irrelevant information that had me skim reading. The concept was interesting and unique, unfortunately the delivery was lacking. I wasn’t entertained the way I had hoped. His unsettled nature didn’t procur any unsettling behaviors. This could’ve been more suspenseful. The words didn’t reach the intended level of fear. I’m not sure what feelings I’m suppose to get I just knew I grew impatient and bored and that’s not a good combination to have from a book. 

Never Coming Home is told from Lucas’s perspective. This is a character driven story. Never Coming Home read like a cozy murder mystery. From the beginning the readers were made aware of Lucas’s plans and intentions. Alongside his actions the reader follows his every move while he tries to solve the mystery behind the mysterious notes and pictures allowing readers to play amateur detective. Along the way, Lucas will misdirect readers with his assumptions as to who he thinks is behind the threats. I knew early on who was behind the notes. Granted Hannah pulled a few surprises towards the end.
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You think that you know exactly what happened in this story from the very beginning. The author tells you himself. But, of course, there is so much more to it than that. Lucas Forester took out a hit on his wife and now all he has to do is act shocked and concerned. Which proves easier than he imagined when he start to get hints that someone is on to his crime. You will hate Lucas (he is awful) but kind of admire him (he is so smart) and maybe understand him just a tiny bit. This story is great because it keeps you on your toes both with the plot twists and your own feelings about each event. You will read this fast, you won’t be able to help yourself.

Thank you to Hannah Mary McKinnon, Harlequin Trade Publishing, MIRA, and NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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And the winner of Villain of the Year goes to ....... Lucas Forester!

I hated him, then I liked something he did, then I hated him again. But I enjoyed getting his POV (who doesn't want to hear the baddies side/ a man's perspective). We rarely get to hear from the husband and he is calculating, cagey and such a endearing psycho with a sense of humor! Yes, he had me laughing with his devious one liners. His wife Michelle is wealthy and Lucas has a plan to line his pockets. If it involves murder, so be it.

This thriller is a bit darker, with a husband who has an agenda and a skewed moral compass. This one had me hooked from the beginning and staying up late to finish. The last few chapters were so engaging, I couldn't stop reading. I did have some things figured out, but the ending really took some of my breath away...... unnerving!
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For years Lucas has been developing a flawless pan to inherit Michelle's fortune.  His plan seemed perfect while he played the grieving husband until a photo and a cryptic note showed up on his doorstep! Never Coming Home is an easy-to-read psychological thriller with a love-to-hate main character.  I enjoyed the ride as Lucas executed his plan.  Another one of Hannah Mary McKinnon's hard to put down books! Absolutely brilliant!
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🔪 Never Coming Home 🔪 
By Hannah Mary McKinnon
Publisher: Mira (May 2022)

“If you want lies to be believed, wrap them in truths”

Have you ever read a book from the killers point of view? Have you ever wondered how someone gets to that point that they’re desperate to kill someone in order to “fix” their life? Have you ever felt like you hated and yet felt sympathy for a character that deserves both? 

Oh Hannah, you knocked this one out of the park. Brilliant and clever idea for a thriller as we step into the shoes of a MC that offs his wife and the steps and devious steps taken. Guys, this may not come out till  May, but it’s an easy pre-order. Thriller lovers, here’s a good one coming down the dirt path of creepy. Especially when you know that there’s gonna be a “damn straight” moment that closes it up in the best way possible. 

Easily my favourite of hers now. And my first 5 ⭐️ of 2022.
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It could have worked.  All the planning could have gotten Lucas to the end game.  

One too many murders to hide made it difficult. I truly hadn’t read a story like this one in awhile but I must say it’s well thought out. 

Nice beach read or quick read just for fun.  Whichever you’ll enjoy the twists and turns Ms McKinnon has developed for her readers. The best part there were a few items to keep you thinking long past finishing this book. Enjoy
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