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I wanted to like this book more than I did. I thought it would be inspiring the read stories written by the first Black woman to visit every country in the world (though I've learned that this was actually claimed by Woni Spotts one year before Jessica Nabongo, so the title is actually contested), and in some ways it was. I think it may just be that I am not the target audience. Nabongo is an Instagram influencer and her book reads as such. If I was younger or interested in influencer culture, I would have appreciate the book more. I do give Nabongo props for all of the travel she did and the terrible instances of racial discrimination she experienced along the way.
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Although this is a sample, but It does make me want to read more.  The individual brings to light some of the different places she has traveled to, almost 200 (In the full book, of course) And full of beautiful pictures and so well written.  It makes me want to travel that much more to see the beauty for myself
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Thank you for the ARC of this book. I absolutely adored this sampler and can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the full book. Many of my girlfriends, and myself, travel solo and travel abroad fairly often. Will probably purchase copies as a gift (after I read it!)
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The Catch Me if You Can is a fascinating look at Jessica Nabongo's favorite travel destinations. I only had access to a sample, but it's wonderful! Looking forward to reading the finished book.
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Blogger Jessica Nabongo was the first Black woman to visit all 195 countries. In this 418-page book, she shares some of her personal story and provides an overview of her 100 favorite travel destinations illustrated with her own photographs. In addition to her stories and photos, each country’s entry includes the month and year she first visited, how many times she has visited, and a small map showing where the country is located. 

The text isn’t detailed enough to function as a travel guide, but this is a wonderful way for armchair travelers to learn about exotic locations. For those wanting to pursue their own adventures, the book concludes with the author’s suggested bucket list for readers.

At roughly 7 by 9 inches, the hardcover book is smaller than most coffee table books. However, I’ve found that I like this size; it's easier to hold than a larger book.

Thanks to National Geographic for providing me with an unproofed ARC sample through NetGalley.
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I really wish this sampler for review was longer. I love JN's voice. It is very conversational. Very readable. Easy to understand. Filled with facts and opinions.

When I want to decide where in the world to travel to, I will definitely buy her book to help decide which countries to visit,which attractions/activities to explore. Very well done.

Now it's time for me go find her on social media and start to follow JN.

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Many of us talk about traveling the world, but an intrepid woman ditched corporate life to fill her passport to global adventure.  I was keen to read about Jessica Nabango’s memoir on the best 100 destinations in her 195 country record-breaking journey.

The Catch Me If You Can introduced Jessica Nabango from her childhood living in Detroit as a first generation Ugandan American and visits to her mother and father’s homeland, her early thirst for travel and the roundabout path she took to get there through corporate America.  Starting her own travel agency, Jet Black, and lifestyle brand, The Catch, adding professional travel photographer, and online influencer with her The Catch Me If You Can website, Jessica proceeded to become the first black woman to visit all 195 UN recognized countries.

Her book is loaded with her own photography (my eARC copy only captured a portion of these) and a plethora of lush destinations.  Her vignettes about places, experiences, and people are tinted with emotion and reflection.  I felt I was there with her visiting a mountain top Buddhist temple in Laos, attending a family wedding in Uganda, celebrating Persian New Year in Iran, and so much more.

    “While I have a lot of rules of thumb for traveling, there is one that I live by as much as possible: I do not travel to new countries with a fear of the unknown… I choose instead to live by what is true, to be in the moment.”  Pp. 332


In the end, she sums up her thoughts and leaves a bucket list to her readers.  I felt my mind broadened and enriched simply from reading her book so I can’t imagine how much better following in her actual footsteps would be.  Don’t hesitate to pick this up if you love travelogues, memoirs, or simply want to learn to appreciate the wonderful world we live in.
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Writer, entrepreneur, travel influencer, and nomad, Jessica Nabongo is the first Black woman on record to visit all 195 UN-recognized countries in the world. Now, in what I would call a graphic memoir, she reveals her top 100 destinations. 
With this 20-page sampler, we get to peek at three of the locales (Uganda, Laos, Iran) that Nabongo describes in her 416-page travelogue. The color photos are exactly as sharp, enticing, and dramatic as you expect from a National Geographic title. If the full book is as luscious as this sampler, it will make for an armchair traveler's dream.

[Thanks to National Geographic and NetGalley for an opportunity to read an advanced reader copy of a portion of this book.
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Visually beautiful with enviable locals. I wish there was more to judge but the focus was on personal growth and interaction with people she meets on her teavels.
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This is just the sampler that I was able to get on NetGalley but well done because I am totally hooked and I can't wait to read the rest. I am in awe of the premise and I am dying to know where she goes and how this adventure plays out! It's at the top of my summer reading list. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this sampler ARC. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Author Jessica Nabongo is living the dream of those who like to travel.  She found a way to ditch her to 9 to 5 gig and make traveling her occupation.  I imagine she became comfortable with travel as the American-born child of Ugandan parents and traveling to Uganda several times.  She published this book after she became the first Black woman of record to visit all of the 195 United Nations-recognize countries.  It includes her top 100 destinations.
Even getting visas to places like North Korea and Sudan and is quite an accomplishment, and it would be worth picking up this book to see her impressions of each.
I read a sampler which included material on Uganda, Laos, and Iran.  As in all books published by National Geographic, the photography is spectacular, colorful and vivid.  She includes a one or two page narrative with each country, and I liked her commentary, for instance when visiting Iran she said, “I do not allow what I read in the news to taint my idea of a country or its people.” She talks about the beauty of the mosques there and the warmth of the people, as well as the delicious food.  It’s a good reminder that a place we sometimes think of as being full of deserts and violence if it has had a vibrant culture for thousands of years.
I will say that I found myself wishing she could be a little more specific with her stories.  When she talks about having a “proper Persian meal” with an acquaintance in Iran, she says that they laughed, had a lot of food, and a “unique opportunity to learn more about Persian culture,” the words are general enough that I don’t get a real picture in my mind.  I also found myself a little frustrated when she describes the sites she sees, but there’s no accompanying photograph.  For instance, she said that when she entered one of the mosques, “my jaw hit the floor,” because it was so stunning.  She says that it had multi- colored tile that covered every wall and a bright yellow tiled dome, but I so wanted to be able to see a photo of what she was describing.
All in all, it looks like a good book for perusing, picking up interesting details from time to time, and  dreaming about countries that we’d like to visit.
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I've been following the author on Instagram for a few years so I've heard and seen about some of her trips. It's so cool to see that she has been able to create a volume with a summary for each country. The photos in the book are stunning, and the author's story and context are what makes the book unique and stand out from the typical travel book. 

I'll be grabbing a print copy of this as a coffee table book when it comes out.
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I like to read travelogues and Nabongo’s adventures are enticing to read. This small sampling has whetted my appetite. The pictures are crisp and correlate with the narrative. I look forward to reading the full book/
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Thanks to National Geographic and NetGalley for the eARC of THE CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (Sampler).  Since this is only a sampler, I could only read a small piece from this travel book.

The photos are gorgeous.  The text was well written.  IMHO, this works better as a print book than an ebook.
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Although this was just a sampler I found the photos and text to be very appealing and I felt I would like to read more.
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I somehow missed that this was only a sampler and was so disappointed because it looks amazing!  The pictures and the stories make you want to hop on a plane and travel right alongside the author. Looking forward to reading the full book!
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I didn't realize this was a sample until I started reading it. Even though it was all out of sorts with the text and pictures, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to read the whole book. Jessica has a wonderful way of writing. It's like you are sitting with her and she's telling you her travelling takes while showing you her gorgeous photos.
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Although this is a sampler, it makes me really excited to read the whole book! The pictures are beautiful, and I really enjoy Jessica Nabongo's voice. She definitely dropped out of the "rat race" and decided to live life on her own terms, and it's something I hope to do as well.
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A well laid out book – with pictures interspersed among travel excerpts. It has the feel of a travel log or diary– only longer, this may be because I received a sampler of the actual book. I particularly liked Jessica’s writing style which is accessible – I agree with other reviewers that describe the sampler as a snapshot of different countries. I also found her personal account of travelling as woman of colour to various countries very enlightening – this book would be useful to educators who teach cultural geography or feminist geography. My only comment would be that some brief set up of the different people she met in the  various countries she visited is needed – in Nabongo’s excerpt on Iran she talks of Ali, my assumption is that he is a local contact, however, I was not entirely sure – a brief introduction about Ali  would be good to avoid leaving the reader unsure. Otherwise I would love to read the full book. Well done Jessica Nabongo!
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I enjoyed this sample so much, & I'll be looking for the release of the book. What an amazing story & beautiful pictures. It's incredible to think of someone visiting all the countries on our planet. Jessica is brilliant & brave to make this happen. I'll be living through her adventures as a pore over her book. Can't wait!
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