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Once again, Neil Lancaster has produced a tightly woven, edge-of-the-seat thriller, featuring DS Max Craigie and the  Police Standards Reassurance team. It follows on from Dead Man's Grave so I would recommend reading that first. No hardship. It's also a cracking read, like this one. The pace is steady in the beginning and escalates until it's fairly hurtling along to a dynamic conclusion. Strangely enough, I found the team – Janie, Ross and Nora –   to be more fully fleshed than Craigie himself, who tended towards a bit of navel-gazing at times. He had his moments of derring-do, though, and masterminds some of the more outrageous elements of the investigation. As a passing note, the descriptions of the Scottish countryside and coastal areas are excellent and serve to enrich the book 
I'll definitely be looking forward to the third offering from this author and will recommend it to friends.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Love, love, love it!

If you like a good police procedural this is for you. The characters are natural and not over blown, the language is rich and descriptive-quite a few times I stopped and appreciated the way the author described certain things.

It doesn’t reinvent the wheel but there’s no need, it’s a perfect example of the genre and thoroughly enjoyable.
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The Blood Tide is a wonderful followup to Dead Man's Grave where we are introduced to DS Max Craigie. After reading the first book I hoped our author would continue to add to this arresting series (pun intended).

Characters from the first book appear again here so it's recommended to start with Dead Man's Grave for character development.  I'm loving the team and Max's partner Janie Calder.  There is tension, police corruption, drug deals, organzied crime and murder packed into this novel. 

Author Neil Lancaster worked with the Metropolitan Police so the plot and scenarios are very believable about how investigations work. Write about what you know, right? There is also humor in some of the banter between officers which comes across as very believable.

If you enjoy police procedurals and good mystery with thrills, this will be a series you'll enjoy.  Additonally, fans of books set in Scotland will enjoy the beauty and isolation described in the plot.

Publication date is February 23, 2022 by HQ Digital.  Genre: General Fiction, Mystery and Thriller.

Thank you to Netgalley for the advanced reader's copy of this book.  I was not compensated for the review, all opinions are mine.
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f you enjoy Line of Duty then this book is for you. Blood Tide is the sequel to Dead Man's Grave and features Max Craigie and the anti corruption team based in Scotland. Face paced book that makes you want to finish it in one sitting.
Thank you to NetGalley HQ and for the advance copy of this book.
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Well Neil you certainly know how to write a cliffhanger!  I couldn’t put it down. It carries on from Dead Man’s Grave. Max and Janie are still working to remove corruption in the police force and even though Tam Hardie is in prison he still manages to control his drugs network. It’s one of the most fast paced books I’ve read in a while and I could just imagine the things happening. The ending is amazing. I won’t give anything away but I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen. I almost cheered at one point. It’s a must read
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Wow! What a story! The narrative never flags, and zips along at pace. There are several completely unexpected twists which keep the reader on the edge of their seat. All too scarily believable, this tale of corruption and dodgy dealings in high places, within the police, NCA, and other crime agencies, and the efforts of Max Craigie and his small team’s efforts to get to the bottom of it all, is fascinating. Max and his colleagues are hot on the heels of an organised crime gang, who are using Scotland’s coastline to bring in large quantities of drugs. Their efforts to stop this evil trade and the untold misery it would cause all over UK, had me reading far in to the night. 
Although this is the second in the Max Craigie series, it works very well as a standalone story, with one or two brief references to what went before, making sure the reader is not left wondering. 
The characterisation of all the main protagonists is so strong and rounded, a talent which not all authors possess, but which makes a book for me. Immensely enjoyable storytelling. 
My thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for my advance copy of this novel. I will read more of Neil Lancaster’s work, I am delighted  to have found such a good author.
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This sequel to Dead Man's Grave, finds DS Max Craigie working with his colleagues Ross and Janie in Police Scotland's exclusive anti corruption squad and the notorious Tam Hardie locked up serving a life sentence. 

Tam's drugs network has been taken over by a Liverpool gang under the leadership of the ruthless Scally but someone is challenging his network. 

Another great story from Neil Lancaster which ranges fast and furious over the Highlands and Islands of Northern Scotland. 

The best book I've read in ages!
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Having read book one in Neil Lancaster's new series, DS Max Craigie, I was privileged to receive an advanced copy of THE BLOOD TIDE and looking forward to reading this novel.  

Neil's writing is sharp, witty, full of Scottish humour.  I loved the characters connection within the team  which is full of laughs and witty dialogue.

I would recommend this novel.

I give a 4 star rating. 

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Second in the series featuring Max, Janie & Ross.
A mixture of corruption in the the higher level of Uk policing and security mixed with drug smugglers, throw in a few murders along the way and you have the basis for an excellent book with a fair few twists along the way.
A five out of five without any hesitation.
This kept me hooked form the off and can't wait for the next installment.
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.   I really really enjoyed this book, fast paced, great characters and a great storyline.   Would recommend to other readers
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Cracking! This gripping and brilliantly police procedural will (hopefully) set the standard for crime fiction for years to come. Vicious criminals and realistic coppers set against a bleak Caledonian landscape. Terrific stuff. Highly recommended.
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The Blood Tide is the sequel to Dead Man's Grave and again features Max Craigie. If you want an experience more thrilling and with greater acceleration, I suggest you strap yourself on to the side of a Saturn 5 rocket! It was blistering and sometimes you had to concentrate hard on your own breathing. This novel deals with high level corruption and drug smuggling and it's a dog eat dog world. Additionally, Max Craigie's nemesis escapes form his prison cell with revenge first and foremost on his mind and there's a bloody confrontation brewing. This novel was hard to put down, I have the stiff neck to prove it. I don't know where Neil Lancaster will go next with Max Craigie as there really is no hint within The Blood Tide of more water under the bridge. It's a five star review from me and I thoroughly recommend it.
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Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for this ARC.  

I really enjoyed this book and think it is a great follow on from Dead Mans Grave.   I thought it got off to a fairly slow start, and I couldn't imagine how the separate story threads would come together.   But the more I read everything started to fall into place and at times I felt like I was unwrapping layer after layer of secrets, deceit, and lies.   I love the main character and his work colleagues, and particularly like reading of their working rapport and the little glimpses the author gives into their personal lives.   Here they investigate widespread corruption and not just within the Police Force.   This is a very well written book, I loved that it was told through different characters which, for me, added depth to the story.  The author certainly knows how to connect with his readers and to hold that connection from the first page to the last.   The last part of the book was absolutely riveting and it raced towards a thrilling final conclusion I would never have guessed!   Overall, this was a very engaging read, and I hope there is another book to follow, I am really enjoying this series so far, and I would recommend this author and his books.
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Very gritty crime thriller. The story was good but the huge amount of bad language spoilt it for me. 
Do police inspectors really talk to their teams like that?
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Scottish Police procedural featuring DS Max Craigie and his team in the Police Standards Reassurance dept who have been given a wide brief to investigate corruption within Police Scotland.
Story starts with a suicide and dives into the murky world of drug smuggling/distribution and the associated violence in that world.
Well written, fast paced with lots of twists and turns including the involvement of an old enemy.
Highly recommended.
Thanks to Harper Collins and Netgalley for allowing me to read this book in return for a fair review.
4 Stars ⭐️
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DS Max Craigie and his two colleagues are now working under the auspices of the Chief Constable as they try to uncover corruption within Police Scotland. So when a friend of Max's contacts him with concerns over a recent suicide their next investigation begins, but it soon becomes clear there is far more to discover than first met the eye. As a case from the past also brings danger to those he loves and values the most, Max can only watch as things begin to disintegrate around him. 

The second Max Craigie novel continues on from where book one ended and is just as breathtaking as the first. The three main protagonists are back, along with the stunning countryside, to weave another tension filled story to keep any reader engrossed from beginning to end. Max himself is a great character and I hope there will be more outings for him and his team in the future. 

I was able to read an advanced copy of this book thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the opinions expressed are my own. This is crime writing of the highest quality but to get the full impact you do need to read the previous book first.
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A new author for me, and one I'll look forward to reading again. DS Max Craigie and  his team specialise in looking into corruption signing the police find themselves drawn into a conspiracy of drug related deaths, hardened criminals, corruption in law enforcement and ultimately revenge after looking into two suspicious suicides. I couldn't put this one down.
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Three and a half stars.

A police officer witnesses a suicide, but the man who committed suicide says that he is being forced to commit suicide in order to protect his family, and he references that they have accomplices in governmental agencies and were responsible for a recent murder at a loch. The policeman is sufficiently convinced that the man is being coerced by persons unknown that he records the conversation carefully in his statement to PIRC (the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner) and calls his old friend DS Max Craigie to discuss it and invite him over for a dram while he (Max) is touring the Highlands on his holiday.

When Max arrives to see his friend however he finds him hanging from the bannisters of his home, his police notebook has disappeared, and his witness statement has no references to coercion or any other murders. As the member of a small (three person) team with the long-winded title The Police Standards Reassurance Team, Max is responsible for identifying and tackling corruption and this stinks to high heaven.

So this is a police procedural with a difference, in so far as the reader knows who committed the murders, the mystery is who is the mysterious person feeding them information. I enjoyed the pace and plot of this novel, the first I have read by Neil Lancaster. However, I did have some concerns that there seemed to be a lot of coincidences/strokes of luck where someone not only could make the necessary connection but then off-the-cuff provide chapter and verse about the person and their associates (being deliberately vague). There were at least two separate instances where that happened. Also, I still can't wrap my head around how the final 'thing' happened and how they found out. Maybe I need to reread the book ...

Overall, another Scottish detective series to add to my growing list - what is it about Scottish murder mysteries?

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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What can I say, other than is is without doubt,  one of the best books I have read this year.
No real need to add anything further.
Gripping story line, excellent characters. What more can you ask for.
Highly recommended.
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As Neil Lancaster hoped, #TheBloodTide is a "right old ripper of a story"!

An absolutely brilliant follow-up to Lancaster's debut, #DeadMansGrave, #TheBloodTide continues to show the work of DS Max Craigie and his team take down corruption at the highest levels. Intricately plotted and thought out, this novel will leave you desperately trying to cancel any plans so that you can carry on reading. 

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Neil Lancaster, I predict big things from this writer and I feel very lucky that I have been able to read #TheBloodTide ahead of its release in February 2022. I cannot wait for the next DS Craigie instalment and to see what case he will tackle next.
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