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The Blood Tide

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This is an exciting, fast paced thriller where the police are chasing corrupt officers.  It gets off to a great start and kept my attention throughout.  The main characters are likeable and I loved the Scottish settings.
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This is the second installment of the crime series featuring DS Max Craigie, DS Janie Calder and DI Ross Fraser. Yet another action packed police procedural once again from Neil Lancaster. I read this in one day as I just couldn’t put it down. There is not one page which doesn’t grab you and want you longing for more action and to discover the ‘inside man’. 

Once again, set in the Scottish Highlands the story starts with PC Hamish Beattie witnessing a suicide. Then the action really gets going with another suicide, or was it? Max doesn’t believe it and also thinks the two deaths are linked somehow, but how and why? 

A gang of Liverpool drug dealers, corrupt senior officers, a well connected inmate and a corrupt prison guard certainly keep the pages turning, not to mention the escalating body count! 

Written in chapters from the point of view of several main characters, really flows well and you can tell Neil has an excellent understanding of police procedural as it is so well written. 

Although this could be read as a stand-alone novel I would highly recommend you read Dead Man’s Grave first, you won’t regret it and you will then be more familiar with some of the characters in this book. 

This is a massive five star read for me and I hope there is more to come featuring Max, Janie and Ross. 

Many thanks to netgalley, the publishers and the author for an arc.
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This is a well plotted police procedural set in Scotland, with a team of three detectives on the trail of drug traffickers and corrupt police officers. The faked suicide of a police officer who witnessed a suicide of a frightened man on a bridge in Glasgow sets off a train of events which lead to an incarcerated drug lord who is a sworn enemy of the hero DS Max Craigie. The team of police officers have a good rapport and are believable and the plot is tightly crafted. A great Scottish setting reminiscent of the Rebus novels.

With thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher for an advance copy to review.
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Hard to top Ian Rankin's blurb 'Think Jack Reacher fronting Line of Duty' which perfectly sums up the premise of this, the hugely enjoyable second in the Max Craigie series.  
Thanks to Netgalley and HQ for ARC, which I was excited to get stuck right into.  
Two seemingly unconnected crimes at opposite sides of Scotland come to DS Craigie's attention and he is firmly steered away from investigating in a way that sets his antennae quivering.  So of course he persuades his boss and his colleague to investigate on the quiet, in a romp that takes us across the length and breadth of the country, 
It is pretty violent in places and the body count escalates alarmingly, but this is a cracking read from someone who knows policing and knows how to write.
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A page turner and a half. Who can you trust? Max Christie working as part of an elite Police Standards Reassurance unit with his partners in busting crime Janie and Ross uncover an operation in drug smuggling which has his arch enemy Hardie at its core. This has it all with corruption at various levels abounding..
Bring on more tales from this team
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Gangs and police corruption in Glasgow. Tightly-written and tense. Full of action and humour amid the darkness of Glasgow's seedy side. Strong characters, a twisty plot and a very satisfying ending (with a touch of Robbie Burns) make for a good read, though there's an awful lot of bodies. For fans of Rebus and Jack Reacher.
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Oustanding book yet again.

The realism in the plot really stands out. The high tension and drama keep you flying through. Once I started I did not want to put it down. 

I absolutely love these main characters. I laughed out loud at Ross a couple of times.

Loved it and cannot wait for book 3.

I can't recommend this series highly enough.
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This is a well done and very atmospheric Scottish procedural with- know in advance- a pretty high body count.  DS Max Craigie, DI Ross Fraser and DC Janie find themselves looking at a series of seemingly unrelated events but then realize that this is all about control of narcotics importation and distribution in Scotland. It's hard to describe but fans of this genre know that there are good guys, bad guys, and some twists.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  It's the second in a series and I missed the first but it was fine as a standalone.
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The second in my new favourite crime series did not disappoint. Had me gripped and I can’t wait for more.
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Another cracker from Neil Lancaster. I really enjoyed his 1st book and this one didn't disappoint either. This book can be read as part of the series but always works as a stand alone. 
Another complex police investigation with DS Max Craigie, DC Janie Calder and DI Ross Fraser. With their newly expanding team of quirky and interesting characters, this was a great read. I loved returning to Scotland and the descriptive nature of the place. Slow build up that continues on a faster pace and great build up to an unexpected ending which I loved. Can't wait for the next book. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers HQ for an Arc in exchange for an honest opinion
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As this is only book 2 in the series, I decided to go back and read the previous one first which was certainly helpful as it gave me greater insight into the main characters. That being said, it reads well as a standalone too as that it what my husband did.  Lots going on in the remote Scottish countryside with plenty of corrupt people still in high office in the various government and civil service departments.  Great descriptive writing and lots of pace in the book. This is turning into a very good crime series. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC to review.
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I sort of knew after the first one that this may be a good book. Well I was not wrong, it’s a little cracker. It’s one of those that starts of slowly then ramps up and up to an ending I just didn’t see coming. Highly recommended.
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Although I had clearly missed the backstory from the first book in the series, the author brought newbies up to speed pretty quickly.

This Scottish police procedural is competently handled, with good differentiation between characters and enjoyable banter.  Tension is built nicely and gradually ratchets up to a satisfying dénouement.  

Personally, I would probably have engaged slightly more if the plot didn’t centre around drugs and cartels but still an enjoyable and pacy story well told.

With thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher, HQ Stories for an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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Having already read the first book in the series I was pleased to be offered the chance to review book 2.
This second book speeds along at the same fast, breathless paste as the first. In Max Craigie we have a supercharged Rebus, a hero for the modern-day. Corrupt senior police are getting involved in the drug trade in Scotland and Max is on their trail. The book is excellently plotted without going over the top. I can recommend this to all readers of modern police procedurals and thrillers.
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Loved book 1 so was excited to read book 2 in the DS Mike Craigie Scottish Crime Thriller series; whilst it would help to read Book 1 for context this can be read as a stand alone story as the pertinent points are covered. The author describes this as a ripper of a story and it really is the best way to describe it.  I could make a long list of appropriate superlatives but here’s just three brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!  Max, Janie and Ross work to uncover police corruption, a thankless task at the best of times. 

Briefly, a fisherman disappears in a loch in Scotland and shortly afterwards a man jumps off a bridge in Glasgow. A friend of Craigie is the last person to speak to the jumper but then the friend apparently commits suicide.  Craigie starts investigating and finds links between the two suicides but not the reasons why. More bodies pile up and suddenly Craigie finds himself pitted against an old enemy. Helped by his colleagues and friends Janie and Ross he faces a race against time to bring a major drug smuggling operation to a halt.

This was a real page turner!  Fast paced, great banter, more action and suspense than a James Bond film and fabulous storyline; a worthy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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This is going to be quite a short review! If you like excellent crime/police tales this is most definitely a book you will enjoy. I almost read it in one sitting but had to sleep, just like when I read Dead Man’s Grave (the first volume starring DS Craigie). For me, this book is a benchmark and I hope Neil Lancaster manages to find some other crimes for DS Craigie to get entangled with - please.
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Detective sergeant Max Craigie is part of an exclusive team of three that reports to the Chief Constable in the Glasgow area of Scotland, on internal corruption.
When a policeman known to Max has supposedly committed suicide, following witnessing the suicide of a crime agency employee. Max and his boss detective inspector Ross Fraser and the third team member detective constable Jane Calder, start to investigate what is behind the suicides.
 Max arrested the gang boss Tam Hardie who is now in prison in HMP Edinburgh.  Hardie's drug pipeline is now under threat from a Liverpool gang.  However someone is targetting some of the gang members.  Hardie meanwhile dreams of escaping and joining his family in Northern Cyprus, but not before he has killed Max!
Their investigations reveal two people in one of the crime authorities who are targetting the Liverpool gang, but also realise that someone in authority is leaking information to the rogue police.
A very involved story which keeps your interest.  The author has two series in publication currently.  Recommended.
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This is the second book in the series although please note it will work as a stand-alone as there are explanations of pertinent points. 
It was great to be back in Scotland for another complex police investigation with DS Max Craigie, DC Janie Calder and DI Ross Fraser and their newly expanding team, full of interesting, quirky characters. Think Scottish ‘Line of Duty’. 
As with the first book in the series, we seem the team working on crimes which just don’t quite ‘fit’ the result they have been given, characters in authority who may not be all they seem and blocks at every turn. The descriptions of Scotland were fabulous (for me helped by the fact that my last holiday was touring the NC500) along with the weather which added to the atmospheric and tense action throughout the book. 
The story is well-told and runs at a great pace, gripping the reader throughout. I found myself tense and anxious at several points, especially when the action was near Nutmeg, the gorgeous dog who lives with Max. 
The plot twisted and turned unpredictably as the investigation unraveled. It was challenging to see where the story would end. 
I recommend this read and look forward to more investigations with ‘the team’.
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In this story, Max, Janie and Ross have to investigate corruption within the police force.  

With two ‘suicides’, Max knows there is more going on than meets the eye.  

This was a great read.  The characters are solid and I enjoy the relationship between them, as much as they torment & banter with each other, they all have each other’s backs.  

With fabulous descriptive writing from the author, you can visualise the settings.  This is a series to look out for.  

My thanks to HQ Digital and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This starts with a police officer spotting a ‘jumper’ on the Erskine Bridge and trying unsuccessfully to stop him. Before jumping he alluded to pressure on him and police corruption. The story takes us on a complex police investigation involving drug smuggling and corruption. Written by a former police officer it is a great police procedural, but it is more than that. The characters are interesting, funny, true to life. It was a real page tuner for me.
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