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The Binge Watcher's Guide to Supernatural

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This guide is well written and well organized. Any show with 327 episodes is quite an undertaking to binge. A roadmap is helpful for a journey of this size. I didn't know what to expect from this book. I'm a fan of Supernatural. In fact, I've watched every episode multiple times. This book states that the reader should "Think of this as John Winchester's journal, guiding you through trivia and tribulations to enrich watching this incredible show." If you call your book the "John Winchester's Journal" of the show, you should offer a deeper understanding than this offers and less bias. I wanted more insight into the characters, their motives, the storyline and even the production.
Thank you to Jessica Mason and Riverdale Avenue Books for the ARC.
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This guide is a little basic / surface level but does what it sets out to do. I liked the author's commentary on deaths, fan favorite lines and music notes the best.
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I'm a huge Supernatural fan and have seen every episode and was excited to read this book, but sadly I wouldn't recommend this book to other fans. There wasn't anything new in this book. The only thing I liked about this book was the cover which is pretty awesome.
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Do you love Supernatural? Do you enjoy extra facts and information to share with people and annoy the heck out of them? This book is exactly what you need. This was a great book that looked deeper into the world of Supernatural. I LOVED it. I always love MORE in worlds I enjoy, and this left me so satisfied. I highly recommend this to anyone who is nerdy enough to want to stuff your brain with facts.
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Due to the nature of this book and the way it's designed to be read as a companion along with each episode you watch, I haven't yet finished the book. So, my rating may go up or down once finished.

I can say that other books of this kind that I have enjoyed, always have photos and visuals, so it is sad to see this one doesn't have any.

Although I haven't finished it, I did want to leave some feedback to assure that I am actively reading the book.
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As a big fan of supernatural and having watched every episode this book gets a big NO from me. 
The mistakes are terrible (not to mention the spelling mistakes) and makes me wonder has the author even watched the show?
A great big thank you to for giving me an ARC of this book to review, you saved me wasting my money.
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This is definitely a must have book for the die hard supernatural fan. It not only gives you the episodes but the lore behind it. It delves into the meanings they wanted to incorporate into each episode. I could never pick a favorite episode because I love them all.  I am extremely happy with this book and added to my special collection.
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As a huge "Supernatural" fan, I liked this book, it's clear the author knew what they were talking about and had a real love for the TV show. I found the author's passion for the show clear through the fun facts, ships, synopses, and name game bits. The author went through every single show and gave a quick review of each (yes, all 300 + shows) and talked about the themes and best parts. The author also has the ability to write about their experience watching the show as the shows were coming out and speak on behalf of the fandom after major episodes. While the author clearly loves the show, that doesn't stop them from critiquing it when it deserves it. The show isn't perfect and the author was able to put into words some of the problems I also had with the show that I couldn't quite explain like themes, continuity, and characters. But the author mostly has good things to say. Overall, this was a fun book that any big fan of the books should give a read.
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This is a great book for any Supernatural fan, it tells you what happens so definitely not for someone who hasn't watched the show.
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Two Stars.
Supernatural is one of my all-time favorite shows, so choosing this book to read and review was a total no-brainer for me. Rewatching episodes while reading The Binge Watcher’s Guide to Supernatural brought the book to life. The author is obviously also a fan, and her love for this series and the characters really shone through. On one hand, the guide was invaluable for remembering some details that had escaped me over the years, identifying characters, actors, and songs in the show. I loved all the little bits of trivia. I can see how it could be helpful for a first time watcher as well as a seasoned fan. Unfortunately, on the other hand there were also some glaring typos and factual errors that really make the book hard to recommend.

I’m grateful to Netgalley and Riverdale Avenue Books for the opportunity to read and review The Binge Watcher’s Guide to Supernatural AND the excuse to rewatch a few episodes of my favorite show.
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Unfortunately, I read the critical reviews on Goodreads/Amazon of 'The Binge Watcher's Guide to Supernatural' by Jessica Mason only after downloading the book. I was still under an impression from the thorough, yet easy-to-read history of Looney Toones and thought this book would be something of the same sort. Instead, I received a subjective eulogy with no slightest hint of serious analysis. 'The actors are great... because they are great;' this is a summary of the book. Plus the constant pedaling of the ship Dean/Castiel, which is great for some fans but not for me. 

The fans of the books also noticed factual mistakes in series' descriptions. I'm not such a fan to know what is the uniqueness of every episode but, overall, with the same result, I could have looked the information on the Internet without buying a book. I'm happy for the author that she found her calling. I'm also happy it's only an ARC, not a book I spent my money on.
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Since I’m currently watching Supernatural with a friend I thought this might of been a fun little book to read alongside. I’m currently on S8 so was only able to read up to this point but I unfortunately found this book to be dull. The episode synopsis are lacking any depth or flair and I could of just as easily have read Wikipedia. I enjoyed reading the authors opinions as this is something I enjoy with fandoms and the added Easter eggs & trivia at the end of episodes was interesting. Unfortunately I am ware that there any many spelling errors and wrong information listed throughout which goes a long way to explain my low rating.
Fine for a quick skim through but I would take the information with a pinch of salt & it would probably be more beneficial to seek out supernatural fan pages & wikis instead
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Honestly, I really enjoyed this book. I found it very interesting to read about the individual episodes and I enjoyed the fact that the author calls our attention to things that we might not have otherwise noticed. For example, the author would mention when an episode was directed by Jensen, Misha, or Richard as she knew that we probably weren’t looking at the director for every episode. 

The “Driver Picks the Music” sections were a nice addition as I was able to easily identify songs I enjoyed from the episode. 

Also, the “So, Get This” sections were always quite interesting/informative. The analysis for each episode was honestly quite illuminating. 

Before reading this book, I hadn’t noticed the sheer extent to which the “monster of the week” reflected the personal situations of Sam, Dean, and sometimes Cas. 

I certainly did not expect the author to give me an in-depth analysis of Sam and Dean’s sex scenes, but lo and behold, my expectations were exceeded. I certainly wouldn’t have noticed on my own that “Dean puts himself out as all domineering and strong, while Sam seems like a puppy. But in bed, Dean is the tender, gentle lover, and Sam is Mr. Bitey McManhandling.” Then again, maybe my asexuality is shining through in not realizing this. Side note: “Mr. Bitey McManhandling” is my new favorite phrase.

I think this book did a pretty good job of teaching me new things about the show, because I don’t think I ever would have come across some of this information on my own. For example, I wouldn’t have known that “Tiny” was played by Jared and Jensen’s driver/bodyguard, and I find that pretty cool. 

The plot hole sections were pretty cool too, I usually just ignore plot holes because the show is too complicated for me to remember everything, but I found it interesting to see them laid out.

It is also clear that the author is a true fan of the show. For example, she says, “spoiler alert: You know, one day, someone will tell Dean they love him because he’s not just daddy’s blunt instrument and… yeah, I need to go cry again.” Not gonna lie, this also made me cry, but I appreciated the comradery. 

Additionally, the author’s sense of humor was perfect; and that is all I have to say about that.

This is not all to say that this book is without faults. For one, the spelling of certain names is sometimes off (Misha Collins, not Collin). 

Also, some of the facts were just wrong. For example, I would have absolutely loved if OA’s Brit Marling was in Supernatural, but that simply is not her, it is Brit Sheridan. Also, the author says that a victim-turned-vampire named Kate shows up in “Carry On,” but it was actually a vamp named Jenny.

Also, there are just some things I would have included that the author didn’t (and this may have just been because the author didn’t know them, which is fair). For example, I would have mentioned the “I shot the sheriff but I didn’t shoot the deputy” joke in season 3’s “Jus in Bello” and how they continued it in “Baby” when Dean says “Turns out I did shoot the deputy.” Also, I feel like the episode “Sam, Interrupted”’s [I know this probably isn’t proper punctuation, but it is what we get] summary probably should have mentioned the fun fact that Misha Collins was in Girl, Interrupted (maybe in a So, Get This section). 

There are also some other inconsistencies like when the author says that season 4 episode 8 was the first one where no one dies, but then saying the same thing for season 4 episode 18.

Also, the summaries were lacking for the episodes. I get that the author was trying to add humor to her book, but it sacrificed the quality in this department for example, here is a direct quote. 

“Guest Cast: Random people who go on to be in much better shows.
Synopsis: something something, monster families, something something, Chicago. This was a failed back door pilot for a spinoff that never happened.”

Overall, I found this book quite enjoyable. There were a few errors that I feel like were pretty careless, but if you look past those, you should enjoy this book. I re-watched along for a lot of the episodes and always found that the episode guides improved my enjoyment. Overall, would recommend.

Thank you NetGalley for providing me a copy of this book for an honest review.
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I'd like to thank Riverdale Avenue Books and NetGalley for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
I started watching Supernatural in 2019, I got so consumed that I kept bingeing episodes and reading a lot of fanfics. And with this book, it made me want to go back and rewatch the series. It certainly took me down memory lane. The author's love for the series just shines throughout the book and reading it made me so happy I loved the little summaries of each episode and all the author's notes on the characters. Would definitely reccomend this to any Supernatural fan.
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle by Riverdale Avenue Books and #NetGalley for my honest opinion. Opinions expressed are completely my own. 

I was totally new to the show and this helped my journey.
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I love this book and the series it's about. Keep up the good work. And keep on writing. I felt the characters come through your wording.
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I'm a huge Supernatural fan and I've always been since I started watching the show back in 2009. I can say I was really obsessed with the show back then, always watching and re-watching the episodes with my best friends, reading theories, fanficts, creating fan arts, I even went to a SPN convention! So yeah... big fan here. 

I always loved the show, even when it was not very good, and it's clear that the author is also a big fan, her love for the story, the characters and everything that the fantom created is present in every single page of this Binge Watcher's Guide to Supernatural. This is a fun book, filled with interesting details and trivia, there was not much I didn't know already (which really surprised me) but still I think it would be a nice gift for someone who likes the show without being obsessed with it (so any normal person).
4 stars.

* I'd like to thank Jessica Mason, Riverdale Avenue Books and NetGalley for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I’m a huge fan of Supernatural. I started watching the show when it premiered in 2005. I grew up with these characters and loved the story so much that I even attended several conventions because of it. (I had no idea what a convention was prior to.) Needless to say, this show has a special place in my heart. 

This is a fun guide! If you watch the show but you’re not super invested in trivia or behind the scenes knowledge, this book will give you some insight. As for longtime fans, you’ll be aware of these things immediately. It’s always nice to hear what a fellow fan thinks of an episode or a season. Thank you to NetGalley and Riverdale Avenue Books for this eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is one of those books that the world didnt need. There is nothing here that hasnt been done before and the interesting trivia/facts are all things that can be found anywhere there is a whisper of Supernatural. The way the "author" kept going on about how attractive the actors were was silly. And she (yes I have assumed her gender, sorry) comes across as someone, who would be screaming about the sexualisation of women if a man wrote about actresses in the same way. There also seemed to be some desperate need for a sexual undercurrent between Dean and Castiel.
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This book does exactly what it set out to do-provides a complete episode guide with enough detail to remind a longtime fan of forgotten plot points and characters while staying vague enough that it won’t spoil the show for a newbie. A fun walk through all fifteen seasons of Winchester goodness!
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