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I have enjoyed this whole series.   Sweet lighthearted reads.  Each book adds additional characters to the series.   This book adds two newspaper reporters.  One you like right away,  the other you like by the end.   Included in this story is a little mystery,  is somebody stealing from Rhetts restaurant.   A really good read if you want a fast easy read.
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This is the first non-mystery by Pamela Kelley that I have read/listened to. It is the seventh in the series.  It reminded me of a Hallmark movie.  I did enjoy it and would recommend it if you like Debbie Macomber books.  I did not feel lost, this book is a standalone story.
I enjoyed listening to novel. Leslie Howard does a wonderfull job narrating. I found the characters interesting.

We have several subplots in this book.  I found them interesting.  While listening, I was reminded of the soap stories of the eighties and nineties.

I would like to thank NetGalley, Piping Plover Press and Dreamscape Media for allowing me to listen.  This is a late review as it was removed from my shelf prior to my chance to listen to it. I am not required to leave a positive review.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. I am enjoying this series by Pamela Kelley and found this one to be a great addition. I always love the characters and the plot and the reader is one of my favorites.
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An interesting mix of romance and other personal interactions, both on the job and socially.  This novel is typical of other Nantucket novels written by this author--an easy story line and lots of local interest.  I found the narrator (as in a previous novel from this author) to be a bit too "breathless" when describing each meal's menu as well as the various settings.  Businesses are name-dropped a bit too much, making me wonder if there's a deal for the author to promote the businesses.  It sounds like advertising.  It might be a good beach read/listen, but wasn't high on my favorites list.
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Loved this book. Suck a quick great listen. Narrator was great.  Nice clean romance. Really relatable
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Love the narrator , she brings the story alive! The characters are wonderful and personable, their stories are interwoven with each others , easy flow , so the reader/ lister can stay within the story and not get lost. This is a great series , really like this group of characters .
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This is the first book I've read (listened to) in the Nantucket series. It's an enjoyable story and can easily be a stand-alone read, although I can see where it helps to know the background of some of the main characters.
I've visited Nantucket, and this book makes you want to live there. I'd call it a cozy mystery/romance, with more romance than mystery.
If you are looking for a stress-free, feel-good story with a little romance and mystery (and will make you hungry with all the good food mentioned!) this is the book, and series, for you!
I enjoyed getting to know the characters in this author's Nantucket series. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me a copy of this fun book.
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3.5 stars

Nantucket News is part of Pamela Kelley's Nantucket Beach Plum Cove series, which contains family stories with Hallmark Channel-type romances. The book works fine as a standalone.


Lisa Hodges, who has four grown children, runs the Beach Plum Cove B&B on Nantucket Island. Lisa enjoys frequent visits from her daughters and grandchildren, who regularly show up for breakfast on Saturday.

One of the guests at Lisa's B&B is Taylor Abbott, a fledgling journalist who roomed with Lisa's daughter Abby in college. Taylor just moved to Nantucket to become a reporter for Nantucket's weekly newspaper, and she's staying at the B&B until her rental cottage is ready.

At the B&B, Taylor enjoys chatting with innkeeper Lisa and Lisa's husband Rhett Byrne, who runs an upscale restaurant called Rhett's. Rhett is concerned about the eatery's accounts, because profits are low given the restaurant's success. Rhett fears an employee might be ripping him off and installs hidden cameras to see what's what.

As soon as Taylor settles in she starts work at the Nantucket newspaper. There Taylor meets her supervisor Blake, fellow reporters Joe and Victoria, and other members of the staff. Wanting to fit in, Taylor joins her colleagues for trivia night at a nearby pub and for the occasional after-work drink.

Taylor is very attracted to Blake - who's friendly, genial and handsome - but she knows it's a bad idea to date the boss, so she keeps her distance. In the meantime, Blake's mother keeps trying to play matchmaker, dangling beautiful women under his nose.

One of Taylor's assignments is to interview the owner of a new needlepoint store, and Taylor decides to enroll in a beginner's needlepoint class with her good friend Abby. Abby confides that she and her husband are struggling to conceive a second child, and this is one of the story's plotlines.

Since Taylor is a newbie reporter, she tries to learn from her more experienced colleagues Joe and Victoria. However Taylor finds that Victoria's methods are a bit dodgy. Victoria likes to take candid photos of newsworthy people, then write gossipy stories about them. Thus Victoria photographs a romantic-comedy actress and her co-star doing a movie scene, and makes it seem like they're having a romance. Victoria does the same thing with a well-known marketing executive and her ex-husband, who are attending the same business conference. 

This publicity could cause trouble in the subjects' REAL relationships, but Victoria doesn't seem to care. In a way this works to Taylor's benefit, because she snags an interview with a famous person who's peeved at Victoria.

Taylor does this celebrity interview at Nantucket's 'Daffodil Festival', which she's writing about for the newspaper. The festival features a classic car parade - in which Blake and his dad participate - followed by posh tailgate parties. Many of these tailgate fetes have private chefs who prepare steak and lobster, and appetizers like sushi, stuffed mushrooms, caviar, foie gras, fried chicken strips, and scallops wrapped in bacon.

In the course of the story Taylor hobnobs with her friend Abby and Abby's siblings; enjoys working in the newspaper's dog-friendly office; interviews a mystery book writer; makes cute needlepoint tchotchkes; gets a visit from her dad; eats pizza and watches movies; and more. To see the story's more dramatic occurrences, you'll have to read the book. 🙂

This is a pleasant homey book, perfect for an afternoon's relaxing reading.

Thanks to Netgalley, Pamela Kelley, and Piping Plover Press for a copy of the book.
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Pamela Kelley does a fantastic job of creating communities that you want to be a part of.  All of the residents of Nantucket are so kind and helpful that you feel welcomed in and want to hear their stories.  I enjoyed getting to know Taylor as she made her way on her new island and in a new job.  I did have a hard time keeping all the people straight; I haven’t read the rest of the series so this may have been why it seemed so confusing in the beginning.  Otherwise, this was a quick and comforting read.

Narration was well done; no issues.
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This just wasn't a book for me.  I listened to this for over an hour but just wasn't interested and did not finish.  It was hard to keep the characters straight; perhaps because it is part of a series that I hadn't read already.   The story was slow and their problems seemed uninteresting.  Several scenes were slow and felt like nothing really happened.
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Pamela M. Kelley does is again.  Another adorable novel from Nantucket and Beach Plum Cove. I love these!
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I didn't realize this was part of a larger series but Ms. Kelley does such a great job describing characters that this novel can stand alone. A great story about a small town and it's cast of characters. This novel focuses on the town's newspaper and a new writer joining the paper. There's town gossip to cover and other stories affecting the local business. We get to meet all the people that make the town special. I found myself wanting to visit Nantucket and stay at the Inn, try the local bakery for sweets, and get food from all the local spots. Small town charm comes alive.
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Another cozy, Nantucket novel by Pamela Kelley. I listened to the audiobook of Nantucket News and thoroughly enjoyed it! It had a great narrator and was easy to follow. As always, this book contained amazing descriptions of delicious sounding food that makes me want to jump right into the pages. Hoping for another book in this series!
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I give 4 stars to this entertaining, well-written small town romance. 

The main character, Taylor Abbot,  leaves Charlestown for Nantucket, the home of her best friend/college roommate whose mother owns the local B&B. She accepts a job as a junior reporter for the local newspaper where she crushes on her boss, but thinks it’s wrong to date him. There’s lots happening with many secondary characters  Taylor gets to know through numerous fun-filled gatherings—  filled with great food and wine. I look forward to reading more by this author. 

The narration flows well, and it was easy to distinguish the various characters.
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Can I just say this book made me hungry? I loved the setting, I’ve never visited Nantucket but it’s on my list of places to go.

I loved that this story is more about friendship and other struggles than it is about romance. Although Taylor and her relationship with her boss were kind of the main focus, I can’t say that they were the only focus because every other chapter had a POV from a different character.

I really enjoyed seeing how Taylor, despite her minimal experience as a reporter, called out Victoria whenever she crossed the line.

I also enjoyed how Victoria turned back around from her selfishly wild ways and became part of the “women’s group”. It was kind of a reality check for her. I think of all characters, Victoria is possibly the one that completely transformed.

All in all, if you live for Hallmark movies, this would be the perfect book for you..
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Many thanks to #NetGalley, #Dreamscape,and #PamelaKelley for sending me an advance copy of this adorable audiobook.  So fun to just get wrapped up in this methodically slow boil spend all day Friday with..  A  young college graduate accepts a reporter job in Nantucket just happens to be where her college roommate lives and her mom, Lisa,  runs a B&B and does have an available room for Taylor to occupy for a season.. As it happens Taylor’ loves her job and her new boss is handsome and newly available..  location I’d fun to hear about, characters,are,do very well developed, makes you want to be their friend..I will absolutely be recommending this to my friends. Quite the fun listen which translates to a fun read.  Once you start you won’t want to stop..Thanks again to NetGalley.
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I want to thank Dreamscape Media and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review the audiobook of Nantucket News by author Pamela Kelley.
This is a warm, fuzzy story about romance, food, and a local newspaper where you can bring your dog to work.
There are vivid descriptions of Nantucket and the characters are the kind of people you would like to have for your friends.
I gave this book a 4/5 star review because it held my interest and made me happy!
This is written for women. It recently published October 28th, 2021.
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I was given the audiobook of Nantucket News by Pamela M. Kelley Narrated by Leslie Howard through Net Galley for an honest review. 

I do not typically read or listen to this cozy romances but it makes me want to cozy up next to the fire and soak up this sweet romance. Pamela is a wonderful writer that captivates her audience with wonderful charecters who are so vibrant and have such depth. I was so sad once the book was over, this is defiantly a book that you could re-read all fall long!
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One of Kelley's strengths is being able to build tiny little worlds that readers can drop in and out of when they want. Even though I hadn't read the previous novels in the series, I was able to listen to Nantucket News and feel like I hadn't missed anything. In fact, I enjoyed the low stakes world of this community so much, I'm ready to go back and read books 1 to 5.
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This was my first Pamela M. Kelley novel and I did like it.

Taylor Abbott is a new reporter for the newspaper in Nantucket and staying at an inn until her cottage is ready. She is enjoying her new job and making friends there, but she's also starting to fall for her boss.

While navigating everything new, there is also rumors that a celebrity is in town that she happens to score an interview with rocketing her career since the story goes viral.

Nothing earth shattering happens and no big drama in relationships which was a nice change of pace. It was just a very nice story of a young adult fulfilling part of her dreams and being successful at it. Kelley created a welcoming and enjoyable story and I will read more in the series.
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