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Will You Keep Me Tomorrow

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I found this book much more enjoying to read than I thought that I would. The story was so interesting and compelling and the characters were well developed and well written. I couldnt put it down.
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This had the premise and the promise of being a five star novel.  However, I had to deduct one star for very graphic sex scenes and another for very objectionable language (which I wouldn't have expected from the heroine).  The third deduction is for the presentation.  Granted, this was an ARC, and, hopefully, everything will be corrected buy the time the book is published.  But many sentences on each page were never finished, leaving the reader to wonder what happened. Then there's the fact that with stories told from different viewpoints, they were all lumped together in the same paragraph which led for a whole bunch of confusion.  A lot of the font was large and bold, while the rest of the page was "normal".  Then there was the space between paragraphs, which was sometimes more than a whole empty page.  The words "COPY" and "REVIEW" were all over the place, right in the middle of something interesting... very distracting.  It was so hard to read for these reasons.  

Like I said, it could have been a good book, and it seems a pity that it wasn't.
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Tragic story about a young mom faced with impossible choices decides to leave her baby at the side of the road, and proceeds to end her life. The baby is found and Ferns life begins with a loving childless couple. This is a story about her journey and the people along the way that help her.  Fern’s life is turned upside down when her father is diagnosis with cancer and has only weeks to live. He decides to tell Fern the truth about how she came into their life. This new information leaves her gutted. After her fathers death she begins working on a project that will help her to deal with her origin. 

Thank you Netgalley for complimentary copy. 
This book will stay with you and you really only want what is best for Fern.
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This book was good but! I have to listen while I read and there were these numbers after almost every sentence?! It absolutely drove me crazy! It really took away from the story! I'm assuming they will be gone when the book is out?? I hope so as the storyline was good but hard to take in because of the number thing! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!
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Thank you so much publisher for providing an arc! I just devoured this book. It was so nerve-wrecking so I can not express enough about the plot. The plot is so interesting that you will find yourself gasping everytime you find something new.
I really like the worldbuilding, and how the author can create a world that has the capability of making us vicariously live through it. I feel like the introduction was a bit too slow-paced for me. The characters are fairly interesting. 
Henceforth, it was quite a good read.
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