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This story about a young child who finds a powerful robot of unknown origin is a compulsive read. I found it impossible to put it down and was up through the entire night finishing it. This story posits some intriguing themes and seeks to answer the following questions.  What happens when a young child without the reasoning and impulse control of an adult receives the most powerful weapon in the world? And how do the people around her react? What happens when people try to manipulate the child with the most powerful weapon in the world? 

The story begins when the seven year old finds the robot and determines God gave her the robot in order to make everyone in the world "be good". It is quite the ride and just keeps getting more intriguing as it goes. 

The ending felt abrupt to me and left me with a lot of questions, but I believe this was also intentional on the part of the author. This is not the book for those that want tidy endings.  God's Gift is a worthwhile read that will leave you pondering well after you put it down. There is violence but it is fairly sanitized (not a lot of gore).

Five stars.

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Thank you to netgally and the publisher for sending me this book as I am very grateful as this was such a great book I have heard a lot about. 

The weighting style in this book was superb and I will be reading from this author again she is now on my instant purchase list. I liked the characters and the progression the rythen wasn't too slow or fast and I think overall it was great.
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Thank you so much publisher for providing an arc! I just devoured this book. It was so nerve-wrecking so I can not express enough about the plot. The plot is so interesting that you will find yourself gasping everytime you find something new.
I really like the worldbuilding, and how the author can create a world that has the capability of making us vicariously live through it. I feel like the introduction was a bit too slow-paced for me. The characters are fairly interesting. 
Henceforth, it was quite a good read.
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