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Meet Michael Hart -- family man on vacation in New York City with his wife, Natalie, and their two children. Michael heads out to get pizza and returns to an empty hotel room. Initially, Michael believes that his family has been kidnapped but then realizes that Natalie left willingly, taking their children with her. Rather than divulge his past to the police, Michael decides to find his family by himself. 

I have read many books by D.J. Palmer and this did not disappoint! A fantastic domestic thriller for 2022!!!
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I have mixed feelings about this book.  While I liked it, I found myself getting a bit bored towards the end, something I'm sure the author did not wish for his audience to feel!  I just wanted him to wrap it up.  Michael Hart goes out to pick up a pizza when he and his family arrive in New York City for a family vacation, only to find his wife and children missing when he returns to the room.  They must have been kidnapped he thinks.  We learn of marital discord, an alleged affair, a murder 20 years ago, and a wife who has insomnia and is not sure what is real and what isn't.  There are lots of twists and turns along the way, and I must admit the ending was a shocker, especially as the author threw out quite a few red herrings.  But still, it just left me a bit cold.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the book, it could be I was just not in the mood for this book at this moment.  Having said all that I would recommend for public library collections.  I'm sure many will love it.
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Great vacation reading  and one that had me hooked from beginning to end. New to this author and will read more by them.

PS: Read a physical copy of book vs download
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A solid thriller from D.J. Palmer. This book dragged a bit in the middle but I finished it nonetheless. A married woman suspects her husband of having an affair and takes her children and runs from him. But of course, things aren't always what they seem. A good twist at the end.
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I was very happy to get this book, so maybe my expectations were too high. Still, the mystery did get me curious, as it was hard to know in what to believe. At the same time, it was as hard to know which character to like. 

Natalie can't sleep and to make things worse, she's found out the truth. Michael is happy he could get Natalie and the kids to a trip to New York after so much they've been going through. But he doesn't get to enjoy it because next thing he knows they are all missing. To make things worse, the cameras show Natalie taking their children away from the hotel by her own volition. What did she find out to make her run away from him?

This is the type of book you know very little about the characters and have to find out little by little without even knowing if what comes up is true or not. 

I can see why many people loved the story, but it is not the kind of pacing for me. I thought the book dragged too much for something you couldn't trust the characters to keep you engaged. As I said, I was curious, so that made sure I got to the end, but it was just that. The characters really weren't for me. The plot twists were good, though. 

This is above your average thriller, but we could have been better and more entertaining, thus why I was disappointed.

Honest review based on an ARC provided by Netgalley. Many thanks to the publisher for this opportunity.
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I reallllllly enjoyed this books. From the twists to the writing, it was welll executed. I will be looking out for more from this author in the future
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Once again, I find myself reading thriller novels back to back, and you know what? I'm okay with that. I love diving into these different worlds of thrills and intrigue. They certainly help make the night go by quickly! My latest read is My Wife is Missing, by D.J. Palmer.

It was supposed to be a fun family vacation. That's what Michael Hart keeps telling himself, even while dealing with the real fact that his wife and children are missing. They just up and disappeared while inside their hotel. Or so it seems.

While looking into his missing family, certain truths come to light. Such as the fact that his wife may have left on her own – and that Michael's history may have played a role in her disappearance.

If you're looking for a slow-burning thriller with lots of family drama, then you've got to check out My Wife is Missing. This book is perfect for readers that aren't in a rush to solve the puzzle (though I promise the mystery does get solved).

It was a unique read for me for that reason. Normally I like trying to figure out the whole story, but this time I was content to let the story ebb and flow as needed. That speaks volumes about D.J. Palmer's writing style – there's something so captivating about it.

Despite how the description makes it appear, My Wife is Missing is told from two perspectives: Michael and Natalie (the wife). This helped that slow burn I mentioned early, steadily building suspense as we got to the final reveal.

That said, I have not expected the unreliable narrative subtext that came with Natalie's side of things. I think overall, that twist worked pretty well, though. Especially once they explained what was going on.

This now makes the second novel I've read by D.J. Palmer (the first being The Perfect Daughter), so I think I can officially say that I love his writing style. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!
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I had zero ideas who to believe throughout this whole book. I felt dizzy trying to do figure it all out and where it was going. 

 I loved this book and all the characters.
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Anytime I see DJ Palmer I will stop everything to read his book. One of the only male thriller authors I can stand :). The twists kept me guessing until the end. Definitely recommend.
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Natalie Hart’s crippling insomnia is leading her to believe all sorts of horrific things, the least of which is the certainty that her husband Michael is having an affair. As she investigates, though, she finds herself in a tortured web of half-truths, missed opportunities, and a dead body. Frightened for her life, and the lives of her children, Natalie plans her escape, running away from a New York hotel with the children, leading Michael to trace her path halfway across the country, forcing them both to come to grips with the demons of the past.

Natalie’s desperation and terror, fueled by a lack of sleep and the unsettling discovery that her husband is not the man he seems to be, are a driving force throughout the book. Her actions and reactions are all driven by her firm belief that she and the children are in imminent danger, and this makes for interesting reading. Michael’s need to hide his past from Natalie is overshadowed by his desire to find his family and bring them home safely. My Wife is Missing is a fascinating read with many unexpected details that easily held my interest.
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Do you really know who you have said "I Do" to after years of marriage and two kids.   Natalie begins to wonder after recent discoveries or is it her insomnia?   I could not put down this book even though it frustrated me at times.   I felt like I was going down a very steep mountain with so many twists and turns and at times it accelerated fast.   Get ready for an exciting and thrilling read even if you feel some of it is crazy or maybe overdone and unnatural.   I love the different points of view the story is told in and all the secrets that are slowly divulged but makes the story spiral to a suspenseful ending!  The first half of the book is a slow build as you get to know the characters, past and can almost feel present in the story.  But hang on, you will quickly begin to accelerate towards the end!  I can't wait to read more from D.J. Palmer!

Thank you to Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for the opportunity to read and review this fantastic book.
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D. J. Palmer does it again!   I was afraid it would be hard to top The Perfect Daughter, but am very happy to say I was wrong.
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My Wife is Missing by D.J. Palmer is a mystery full of twists and turns. I couldn't put this book down, I was so caught up in learning what was going on and what was the story behind the missing wife and children. This is the story of a couple on vacation in NYC when the wife goes missing while the husband is out getting pizza for dinner. The couple, Michael and Natalie Hart, are busy in their everyday lives being parents to their children and she suffers from debilitating insomnia, it is truly a terrible situation that has caused a lot of problems. Michael vows to not stop looking until his family is found. This is a very involved story that held my attention throughout while I was eager to find out "who done it". I get scared very easily and steer clear of a lot of mystery novels, but have found that D.J. Palmer gets me right to the edge of not being able to take it, but never pushing into the area where I can't sleep after reading his books.
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I really wanted to love this book. However, it fell flat. 
I had a hard time connecting to and liking all of the characters. 
The first quarter of the book had me somewhat interested, but the rest of the book seemed pretty repetitive. Again, this is just my thoughts. I really enjoyed Saving Meghan by DJ Palmer and I will still read more work by this author!
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I really enjoyed reading this book. It kept me up late into the night because it had my attention completely consumed by the story. 
A consequence of reading a lot is that predictions get made about the direction of a story. I had quite a few predictions for this one and all of them were wrong! It was a refreshing feeling when the book finished in a way that I had not imagined. For those that enjoy a well-written mystery, this is one to pick up.
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I'm having a difficult time deciding how to rate and review the thriller My Wife Is Missing by DJ Palmer. 

The beginning pulled me right in: husband Michael arrives at his family's hotel room with carry-out pizza, only to find that his wife Natalie and their two children are missing, along with their luggage. Were they kidnapped? Did they run away? Of course Michael gets the local police involved. Of course Michael has secrets he doesn't want the police to uncover. He's devastated and worried, but also a bit cagey and possibly guilty of .... something (but what?). Is Michael a reliable narrator? 

The dialogue then switches to Natalie. She suffers from insomnia, but only because she has discovered terrible secrets about Michael. She will do whatever it takes to save herself and her children, but with her paranoia and hallucinations, is Natalie a reliable narrator?

The point of view alternates between Michael and Natalie throughout the book, and also bounces from "before" to "present." Unfortunately, the story moves very slowly; I guess some reviewers would call this a "slow burn," but I wish it had been more fast-paced. Additionally, I really disliked Michael's "justification" of some of his previous bad choices.

What I did love was the way the story wrapped up toward the end! Wow! I'm tacking on an extra star simply because the wrap-up was clever and amazing! 

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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This novel brings unreliable narrators and building suspense surrounding an almost whodunnit narrative as a husband searches for a wife whose run with the kids.

I liked that I found myself wanting to know how it ended and debating different things like psychosis and pathological killers. I didn't connect with any of the characters but I do tend to read this genre more as an observer than someone invested in the people. It's like my evening reality TV shows; there for the plot twists.

While I definitely did not see the ending coming I did feel the pacing was a bit off when the climax hit. We spent a lot of time going between the POVs of Natalie on the run and Michael trying to get to her that when we come to the pivot point it felt like a side note. I'm not so sure if I enjoyed the overall plot twist considering how invested I was when my train of thought was very stuck to the path it was on. It totally fit though and I can't deny that I'm still thinking on it.

This is a mix of secrets and accusations that pulls you along wondering who is in the right or wrong. Palmer did an excellent job making me second guess my ideas and kept me tethered to the storyline in anticipation. Thank you St. Martin's Press for the gifted digital copy in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own.
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✨My wife is missing✨


Thank you to @djpalmerauthor and @stmartinspress for sending me a copy of this book to read and review 💛

Okay in full transparency, if I walked past this book in a bookstore I would not have given it a second glance 😬🥲 However, maybe it really is what’s on the inside that counts! While this cover was not my favourite, I loved this story…. Maybe even enough to say that it’s my favourite mystery of 2022 thus far 👀🙊

This book was so necessarily stressful and dramatic which is exactly why I loved it! 
Michael and Natalie are having issues in their marriage and decide to go on a family trip to New York. But when Michael returns to their hotel and finds that his wife and kids are missing the story really starts to get interesting. There is a torrid affair, a secret past and a few murders thrown in to keep things interesting.

When I first started reading this novel, I was under the impression that Natalie ran away (like planned to change her identity and disappear ran away) because Michael was a serial cheater. And while I am one for theatrics, I did feel like this could all have been resolved with a divorce and a few conversations, but as I kept reading everything started to make sense 😭

Anyways…… this novel was pretty wild and I did not see the end coming! The only thing I would change *spoiler* is that I hate a happy ending in a murder mystery. For some reason, I get immense pleasure from an ending with a massive reveal and then a cliffhanger. This ending was wrapped up a bit too perfect/happy for me….. and there was absolutely nothing left unsaid.

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My Wife Is Missing had potential but it missed the mark for me. I have read two other books by this author, with The New Husband being my favorite. I compare any books by this author to The New Husband. Michael and Natalie Hart have a marriage that isn't working. Natalie is suffering from a debilitating bought of insomnia. I really felt for her. Michael was a suspected of cheating and was a MAJOR gaslighter. I did not like him at all. I'm not sure I liked Natalie much either but her character was at least tolerable.

The secrecy and mystery surrounding Michael seemed unnecessary and Nancy was in a constant state of hysteria. This was just an okay read. Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Whoa! Did I just get whiplash from this thrilling roller coaster ride of awesomeness?!  So many twists you won’t ever see coming. 

What an intense, thrilling, heart pounding read!! I HIGHLY recommend this one!! 

Thank you to the publisher for a physical copy, an e-arc and an audiobook. And yes I experienced them all and enjoyed every last one!! The narration made me feel like I was right there, as I read along with the physical book and reading the e-arc at night elevated the entire reading experience. Absolutely loved this one!! Can’t wait to see what DJ Palmer comes up with next! 5 truly heart pounding and captivating stars!!
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