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I liked this book, and feel that many readers of womens fiction will also.
It is not a book that will be remembered through time, but was a good summer read.

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So obviously the wife (and kids) goes missing. As the first half of the story progressed, I found myself hoping that there was going to be more to her escape than his recent actions in life. There were some subtle hints that there was more to it and I couldn’t stop reading to find out what was going on. And yes, things definitely progressed.

There sure is a cloud of mystery over the whole story. Just when you think you know what is going on, something is said or done and it makes you question if your assumptions are incorrect. And then the final twist happened and it seemed like it was as I thought…..but wait….that aura of mystery continued.

This story was well-crafted and had my head spinning trying to figure everything out! Many thanks to NetGalley, St. Martin’s Press, and D. J. Palmer for this gifted review copy, and I am leaving this review voluntarily!

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Although this was a good read, it was a little bit too long for my liking and dragged on a bit at times. I do tend to really enjoy books by DJ a Palmer, so I look forward to their next release!
Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for an ARC!

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I loved this book. It was a great book because it kept you guessing until the very end. The ending ess definitely a shock. I spent the whole book thinking I knew how it would end but I was wrong.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced reader copy.

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I usually am blown away with D. J. Palmer's books but this one was just ok. It just didn't have that WOW that his books usually leave me with.

This story is told from two povs. A husband and wife. Michael and Natalie. Also from different timelines which I usually love. It goes from before Natalie disappeared to the present. Also back to when Michael was young in parts. Michael is in my opinion a bit of a jerk. But does that make him a murderer? The wife suffers from horrible insomnia. Does that make her a murderer?

This book takes you on somewhat of a chase when Michael returns with pizza for his family and they have disappeared. What happened to his wife and children? Were they taken or did his wife, Natalie, take the children and leave him. He has no idea where they are or why she would leave. He is worried about them all. He loves his family with above everything else. He would do anything for them. He's worried because of Natalie's intense insomnia. It could be dangerous for her to be out there alone with them. Lack of sleep can cause delusions. Make a person do things they would never dream of doing. What has she done and why?

Natalie is terrified of Michael. She needs to protect her children no matter what. She knows what he did and who he really is. She knows what he has done in the past and the present. Or so she thinks. Could it be her delusional mind seeing things wrong? She even thinks about that but is not willing to take the chance. After all he has lied to her so many times. Or has he?

This book could have been so much better. It starts out so strong. Really pulls you in and makes you want to know what happened to Michael's family. Were they kidnapped and if so why. Did she run and if so why. Michael eventually calls the cops and reports his family missing. The main cop takes this case personal it seems. He really seems to want to find out exactly what happened. Who is he and why does he care that much?

I found this to be a bit unbelievable though. I mean what are the odds that a cop from twenty-five years ago gets wind of this case and wants to help Michael find his family. He makes it his top priority and travels to Michael's home. Of course without him there may not even be a story. Then there is the murder from Michael's past. That and the fact that the two victims are tied together.. possibly. Is Michael capable of murder? Or is it Natalie in her delusional state that did this? Or maybe someone else all together.

I did figure out who did it. There were little signs that gave it away for me. It didn't take away from the story though and there were things that I had no idea about. As from the affair did it actually happen? Who knows. Well if you read this you will know, right? lol I do believe that this book was a bit too long for what it was. The story focuses a bit too o much on some things and not enough on others. I loved the timelines and the back story that was there. The very last was perfect also. I was very happy that that part was addressed. But it seemed to lag in places also. From the great pull you in start to the much needed and great ending with things tied up quite nicely. But the between parts just dragged in places for me. Too much of the same thing being said over and over.

Thank you #NetGalley, #DJPalmer, #StMartinsPress for this ARC. This is my honest opinion of this book.

3/5 stars and I do recommend you read it for yourself. It's good, just not his best by far.

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Palmer is a go to author for me and this one did not disappoint! I loved it. Unputdownable, Page turning, twisty and fun! I want more.

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My Wife Is Missing by DJ Palmer is a page-turning thriller that keeps you guessing right to the end. Imagine being on vacation, going to pick up a pizza for dinner, and returning to your empty hotel room that's completely devoid of your wife, children, and their belongings. That's the premise for this book. Discovering what has happened to his family keeps the reader turning the pages. A suspenseful and fast-paced thriller that is made for summer reading. Read and enjoy!

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Michael and Natalie Hart along with their kids just started their vacation in New York City. Michael goes out for pizza and when he returns, his family is gone, along with all their belongings except for his son's teddy bear. Michael reports his family as missing, having no idea why his family would up and leave him.

He fears it has to do with Natalie's insomnia, which he claims makes her delusional. Or is she right about his adulterous ways and that she and her kids are really in danger?

This is my second book by DJ Palmer, and I must admit I didn't like this one as much. I found parts of the book to be a chore to get through, due to repetition that really wasn't necessary. Did we really need to be told about Natalie's insomnia so many times? I personally don't think so. I thought the beginning was good, but after that, it seemed to slow way down until about the last 30% of the book. I liked the use of three different POV's, and I feel that helped the book some. The two main characters weren't really likable and I just found myself needing to take a break from them at times. Overall, I would categorize this one as just "ok."

Thank you to St. Martin's Press, author D.J. Palmer, and NetGalley for gifting me a digital copy of this book. My opinions are my own.

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D.J. Palmer is always coming through with the thrillers. Perfect to pick up and read in one sitting! Highly recommend.

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It’s funny as this is not my typical genre and yet I am always excited when DJ Palmer has a new book released. I know I am guaranteed a dark creepy story that will have so many twists and turns along the way that will have me guessing until the very end. This book does not disappoint. A family vacation turned into a horrific waking nightmare when Michael realized that his wife and 2 children are missing. Poof, just gone and he begins to questions everything when it seems that his wife took the kids and left of her own volition. Did she or is there something more sinister going on? Where are they, whats happened and who, if anyone can he trust to bring them home? He is hopeful and yet he is hiding a huge secret that can be the downfall of any and everything he holds near and dear to him. This is a complex, well written thriller/mystery about what what one man will truly do for love. This was seriously creepy at times (in the best way) and kept me on the edge of my seat until the end.

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My Wife Is Missing is an absolute rollercoaster ride of a thriller that is sure to hook readers from start to finish! I couldn't put the book down for anything, even though I planned to get a lot done. It was worth it! There are tons of twists and turns throughout. The writing is engaging and addictive. I was truly on the edge of my seat the entire time. Books like this are rare - ones that keep your attention and have you constantly dying to know what happens next. My Wife Is Missing is THE thriller you cannot miss. Highly recommended!!

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This book was excellent, one of the better thrillers I have read in a while. I loved how the story was told from different character perspectives, and how pieces of the puzzle were slowly revealed and eventually all tied together in the end. Will definitely check out more of this author's work in the future.

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"My Wife is Missing" by D.J. Palmar was a wonderful, thrilling, twisted, unpredictable mystery. Great characters and amazing suspense. Thank you NetGalley, the author and publisher for this review copy. All opinions are my own.

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D.J. Palmer is a must-read author for me. He writes some of the best thriller books. If you have not read one of his books, I highly suggest you do!

My Wife Is Missing, is a twisty thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seats. Captivating and fast paced, it will hold your interest until the very end. I highly recommend this book!

Thank you to Netgalley, St Martin's Press, and D.J. Palmer for my copy for my honest opinion.

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I enjoyed reading this book very much! Multiple times over the course of reading this book I was sure I solved the mystery, only to be proved wrong by the incredible plot twists. This is one I’ll still be thinking about long after turning the final page.

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People cannot outrun guilt, and secrets do not stay hidden forever.

“My Wife Is Missing” has a pervasive atmosphere of the unknown; things are unstated but suspected. There is the illusion of danger where there may or may not be danger and the impression of truth where there may or may not be truth. There is suspicion, a lot to be suspicious about, but a question hangs in the air -- “Is it real or imagined?”

Michael Hart, his wife Natalie, daughter Addison, ten, and son Bryce, six, are staying in a hotel in Times Square. He returns to the hotel and finds the room empty; his wife and children are gone. Michael is frantic; he calls the police; he demands access to the hotel’s security cameras. He does admit that lately his wife has managed on only a few hours of sleep and has suffered from problems as a result, but he is positive that she would not have just “left” with the children, especially without Bryce’s teddy bear. What he absolutely will not share with police is that there is a reason, a very good reason why she left.

The drama unfolds in Michael’s narrative now, Natalie’s account now, and Natalie’s story before she disappeared. Natalie was desperate; there was that note. She correlated her escalating sleep issues with her increasing questions about Michael’s fidelity; she had to get away. She researched and planned, however, she found that it was not easy to get a fake ID and just disappear. Still, she could not go on after what she found; Michael would come looking for them, and he wouldn’t stop until they were found. She was doing this for the kids. But just when things seem to be settled, they are far from over.

“My Wife Is Missing” is filled with secrets and guilt. People cannot outrun guilt, and people eventually tell secrets. People crack likes eggs, and every rotten little secret comes out. I received a review copy of “My Wife Is Missing” from D.J. Palmer and St. Martin's Press. It is like a 5000 piece puzzle with unconnected, random pieces. It seems impossible to assemble, but after the first few pieces connect, the rest of the picture comes into view.

“My Wife Is Missing” is now available in print, as an e-book, and on audio from independent bookstores, online booksellers, retail stores, public libraries and anywhere you get your books.

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A husband acting strangely: working out more, changing his style, etc..

A wife also acting (even more) strangely: insomnia, hallucinations, forgetfulness..
Natalie and Michael Hart are trying to mend their marriage and save their family, so they decide to take their two kids on a trip to New York City in order to discover and enjoy new things together. But, when Michael returns to the room with dinner, shortly after they arrived at the hotel, Natalie and their children are GONE.. and all that's left behind is his son's teddy bear.. and hello thrills!!

Michael sets out on a road trip and a wild goose chase, with a detective that he finds nearby - that doesn't mind keeping an eye on Michael himself, anyways -, to find his wife and children. From there we are taken on a ride through both Natalie and Michael's past and present, never knowing who to really believe or trust!

D.J. Palmer always amazes me with his books, because he is always so, so researched and knowledgeable about the topics, (insomnia, in this book specifically), that he includes in his books! They are always a fun, fast ride, and I will continue to read them!

Thanks to NetGalley, D.J. Palmer, and St. Martin's for yet another opportunity to read this amazing author!!

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Meet Michael Hart -- family man on vacation in New York City with his wife, Natalie, and their two children. Michael heads out to get pizza and returns to an empty hotel room. Initially, Michael believes that his family has been kidnapped but then realizes that Natalie left willingly, taking their children with her. Rather than divulge his past to the police, Michael decides to find his family by himself.

I have read many books by D.J. Palmer and this did not disappoint! A fantastic domestic thriller for 2022!!!

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I have mixed feelings about this book. While I liked it, I found myself getting a bit bored towards the end, something I'm sure the author did not wish for his audience to feel! I just wanted him to wrap it up. Michael Hart goes out to pick up a pizza when he and his family arrive in New York City for a family vacation, only to find his wife and children missing when he returns to the room. They must have been kidnapped he thinks. We learn of marital discord, an alleged affair, a murder 20 years ago, and a wife who has insomnia and is not sure what is real and what isn't. There are lots of twists and turns along the way, and I must admit the ending was a shocker, especially as the author threw out quite a few red herrings. But still, it just left me a bit cold. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the book, it could be I was just not in the mood for this book at this moment. Having said all that I would recommend for public library collections. I'm sure many will love it.

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A solid thriller from D.J. Palmer. This book dragged a bit in the middle but I finished it nonetheless. A married woman suspects her husband of having an affair and takes her children and runs from him. But of course, things aren't always what they seem. A good twist at the end.

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