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Thank you Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for the digital advanced readers copy of this book in exchange for my review.

In D. J. Palmer's "My Wife is Missing", Michael, Natalie and their 2 children take a trip to New York City. While running out to grab dinner, Michael comes back to the hotel to find his family missing. Yikes! This book was non-stop action from the beginning. Some of this is a little "out there" to me and I kind of did an eyeroll while reading. But otherwise, I enjoyed this book and it definitely kept me guessing until the very end. You'll be like, "Whaaaatt?!!" when you get there.

There are some trigger warnings that come with this book but in order not to spoil anything, I won't disclose them.
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This is exactly what to expect from a DJ Palmer book: brain whiplash from the many twists and lost time from staring into space after finishing the last page because your mind is blown!! Natalie and Michael were having marriage problems that Michael blamed on Natalies’ insomnia.. They took their two kids Addie and Bryce on vacation hoping to have some much needed fun. When Micheal left the hotel to pickup pizza for dinner his wife and kids had disappeared. Their suitcases were gone too! Micheal was distraught and didn’t know where to turn.  He had the hotel investigate and he couldn’t believe what they found. Many dark secrets were revealed that will leave you gasping in surprise!  Best thriller I read this year by far !
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What an exciting, easy to read book!  Warning:  Do not start this book at night or you will never get to sleep!  It keeps you guessing all the way through and has a surprise ending I never saw coming.
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"My Wife is Missing" was quite good.  The book starts with Michael Hart returning to his hotel room with dinner for his wife and children (Natalie, Addie, and Bryce), only to find his son's teddy bear (Teddy) in the hallway, and his wife and children gone.  He searches the hotel restaurants, talks to the valet and concierge, and repeatedly calls and texts his wife, but cannot find her or the children.  He assumes the worst -- that someone has kidnapped them.  However, when the police arrive and the hotel security footage is viewed, he sees his wife and children getting into a town car and driving away, no signs of coercion or force.  

Michael and Natalie Hart's marriage has not been going well.  Natalie is battling insomnia, and her lack of sleep is significantly affecting her functioning, including making her irritable, unfocused, and paranoid.  She had become convinced that Michael was having an affair, and her investigation had uncovered even bigger secrets -- secrets that made her fear for her life and that of her children.  The book alternates between Michael's search for his wife,  for which he receives unexpected extra assistance from Detective Sergeant Amos Kennett (who seems to know or suspect at least some of Michael's secrets); the journey of Natalie and the children after they leave the hotel; and the past events involving Natalie that have led her to discover secrets involving her husband and to fear for her life and the safety of their children.  

The author has created interesting and complex characters and a creative plot with twists and turns.  Natalie's insomnia, and how her lack of sleep affects her thinking and reasoning, is effectively used by the author to keep the reader guessing as to whether Natalie's perception of events is accurate. What makes this book "five stars" is the quality of the plot twists.  Even when you think you have figured it all out, you will likely find you are wrong. The "truth" is much more complex and convoluted than it appears, with numerous surprises in the final chapters.

I received a copy of the e-book via NetGalley in exchange for a review.
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This is a story I could not put down.  I kept telling myself, just one more chapter….just one more!  Michael’s wife Natalie disappears with their two children while they are on a vacation in NYC.  Natalie sends Michael out for Pizza, and when he returns to the hotel there are no sign of his family……except his son’s teddy bear that had been dropped in the hallway of the hotel.  Now Michael is on the hunt for his family, and many layers start to unfold as to why Natalie is missing.  This novel kept my interest throughout, and I found this story to be a fast paced page turner.  The ending came to a crashing conclusion that you will not want to miss.
My thanks to the author D.J. Palmer, St. Martin’s Press and Net Galley for allowing me to read this great novel for my honest review.
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Fantastic!  I think this is DJ Palmers beat book yet!  I try to figure out the ending, but this one kept you guessing.  Is the wife really cray or is the husband a murderer??  You will not be disappointed!  My husband will be happy that I will be making dinner instead of reading!
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I have enjoyed all of Palmer’s books so far, but My Wife is Missing really sank it’s hooks in deep and (as cliche as it might sound) I couldn’t put it down. The plot was so well hashed out, and it had my heart racing during several chapters. I’m usually able to see plot twists a mile away but I was freaking blind the entire time with this one. That’s a winner for me. I’m officially putting THIS book on my “Palmer pedestal”, and that’s not easy seeing as The New Husband is… er… was my favorite. (I mean, my name is one of many mentioned in his thank you’s in that one for crying out loud).
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DJ Palmer has another winning thriller that keeps you guessing.  Michael Hart has hidden secrets from his family for years; when his wife discovers evidence of Michael’s lies, she sets in motion events that will keep the reader engaged until the final pages. Well worth the read and highly recommended!
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*Thank you to St. Martin's Press, D.J. Palmer and Netgalley for providing me with an E-ARC of "My Wife is Missing" in exchange for an honest review. *

So D.J is an incredible writer and I have LOVED every single book he's written, including "My Wife is Missing". It was intense and twisty and a everything a thriller should be. Seriously, D.J NEVER disappoints me.
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Honestly, the book captured me pretty quickly, and I was really curious to see what was going to happen. However, the author had some digs about Christianity in the book and I thought that was really unnecessary and offensive (personally speaking). I do like this author but not a fan of that element being added.
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D. J. Palmer has become one of my favorites and this book did not disappoint. Once you start reading be prepared to not want to stop. It was a fast paced thriller that will keep you guessing until the end.
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Thank you to St Martin's Press and NetGalley!

I fell asleep reading this late at night and woke up to immediately finish it.  It is a wild ride with characters that aren't perfect, so it is impossible to pick a side.  The twists and turns aren't immediately obvious, and I could not put this down.  

Michael and his wife are visiting NYC.  He goes to pick up take out and finds out his two kids and wife have left the hotel.  It's told from both of their points of view.  Is the wife right about Michael or is it her insomnia?  What is Michael hiding?  Great thriller!  Well done writing.
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This Book is awesome-
The first page drew me into a plot so involved that it made this read just fly by because I felt like I was actually in the situation and needed to just keep going to see if what I felt was what was happening for real.  
This read just flew by and the ending was not what I expected which just made it even better!
Thank you D J Palmer for yet another awesome read & St Martins Press for granting my “wish” to have an ARC-
You are both awesome!!!
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I downloaded the book around 10pm, planned to read a chapter or two before bed, and have read through the night, finishing at 6am. It is one of those books you have to keep reading to find out what will happen but you don’t want to finish it because then it will be over (if that makes any sense). Another great DJ Palmer story with lots of twists and surprises. I find myself guessing what will happen and most often being wrong, lol.
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My Wife Is Missing by D.J. Palmer is an adrenaline-fuelled rush from beginning to end.  This is an author who has very quickly become a favourite of mine, and I absolutely devoured this latest offering.  

I would suggest going into this one blind, but trust me when I say that you will be holding your breath in heart-stopping anticipation for the duration of this twisty narrative as it delivers all of the components necessary to keep you reading long into the night.

Many thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for an ARC.
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This book was a quick read - I needed to get to the end to find out who did what and why. I thought I had it all figured out, but everything I thought to be true or guessed was going to happen, was not and did not. When I got to the epilogue and got all the answers, I was surprised. I didn't see it concluding that way. I am not sure how I feel about the ending, but it was a twist to say the least. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars.
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This book is a Trojan horse awash with red herrings. The twisting plot of false assumptions and misleading clues makes for a tedious tale, which I wish, in retrospect, I had not finished reading. Yet I slogged through to the bitter end when all was finally revealed, and it was all nothing like it had  seemed throughout the wild and crazy ride that preceded it.

If you like thrillers with twists and turns and surprise endings, this book is for you. Sadly, it was not my cup of tea.
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I just finished reading My Wife is Missing and let me tell you it was quite a ride. Like a twisting, turning roller coaster. It's full of surprises and action. It was really hard to put down. And when I did I just kept asking myself "what's next, what's real, and who's telling the truth?" It was one of the better thriller/mystery books I've read in a while.
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DJ Palmer has a tremendous imagination!  This plot is totally different than those from her previous books, "The New Husband" and "The Perfect Daughter."  This is the story of a married couple, Michael and Natalie.  Michael has some substantial secrets.  Natalie finds some information about his past, becomes afraid for her and her children's safety, and we're off to the races.  

Each chapter is narrated by either Michael or Natalie and reflects either current day events or are flashbacks to the past.  In this way, we learn what we believe Michael is hiding and what Natalie is finding out about his past.

But is anyone what they seem?  This story has so many twists!  I read through the wee hours just to find out what the truth really was.

I thought "My Wife Is Missing" was extremely well-written and the characters were believable.  I heartily recommend this book if you're searching for a spellbinding thriller that will hold your attention all the way to the end.
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***Thanks to NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of MY WIFE IS MISSING by DJ Palmer in exchange for my honest review.***

On a vacation to New York City, Michael’s wife Natalie and their two children go missing. Video footage suggests she left voluntarily, perhaps due to an affair she believes he’s having with her coworker. Why leave rather than filing for divorce? Natalie has reason to be afraid of secrets from Michael’s past. Very afraid. But how rational is she, suffering from chronic insomnia which can lead to psychosis. Is either a reliable narrator? 

Oh what a tangled web DJ Palmer has woven with MY WIFE IS MISSING. Palmer always writes compelling characters and plots that keep me turning pages well past my bedtime.

Slow to start, I didn’t care about the minutia of his steps when he first found out, I wanted to get into the hows and whys. I think I was *supposed* to be on Natalie’s side, but I was on his. Having an affair wasn’t an excuse to run off with kids and lie to them; her behavior seemed more vengeful than fearful. Soon the secrets and twists emerged, my loyalties and theories shifted as the pace quickened and my interest deepened.

I love endings I can’t predict and DJ Palmer gave me just that. Don’t even try to guess. Just enjoy the ride.

Mystery and domestic thriller lovers, add Palmer to your must read list, no matter which book.
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