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DIY Resin Crafting Projects

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I used to work with resin and I found it a pain to use and I didn't like what I was making very much.  Then I started foraging plants and other natural things and wanted a way to keep them, so this book was extremely helpful!  I feel like there is often a lot to learn about resin even if you've done it before because it's a bit of a complicated process and one that can be very slow and requires a lot of careful application. But as this book shows, you can create completely unique items for yourself and others!
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Great book if you’re interested in getting started working with epoxy resin. I really liked some of the projects and even as a resin crafter, some of the ideas were new to me.
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Resin crafting is a perfect way to preserve meaningful artifacts like floral pieces from a wedding, bouquet, flowers from grandma's garden, a found feather or butterfly wing: etc. 
DIY Resin Crafting Projects is a great place to start for beginners interested in starting out with resin.  The author does a great job of explaining different types of resin, tools required, and the process involved.  There are a variety of projects presented from coasters to jewelry and my personal favorite: rocks.  This author focuses on epoxy resin for the projects presented in the book.
One thing that didn't sit well with me is that I found it lacking in safety information as burning bubbles out of resin produces harmful vapors and crafters should be encouraged to consider a vapor respirator.
Many thanks to NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for the opportunity to preview this ARC and leave an authentic review.
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This is a good starting place for resin. Most resin craft books are not helpful. your entire project is dependent on your molds and the fillers you have so resin books are often just shopping lists. This one had some good tips on what to do if it goes wrong. Otherwise, Amazon Here I COME
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Resin can be a daunting craft to get into, but DIY Resin Crafting Projects presents a great opportunity for beginners.  The instructions are straight-forward and easy to understand.  The pictures are thorough and informative.  And I appreciated how attention was also given to the prep stages, as well (such as drying flowers and how to set up the resin).
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This book starts with a nice description of the different types of resin as well as how and when to use each type. This is followed by a useful glossary. I like this format. You do not need to flip to the back of the book when you don’t understand something; the terminology is given to you ahead of time. 

I like that prepping for resin is included, such as how to dry and use flowers. You aren’t dropped into a project without knowing how to prepare your items ahead of time. 

The book includes very understandable directions with a lot of pictures to aid understanding and prod creativity. There are also plenty of tips and troubleshooting suggestions. There are many different projects to try. Some you will need to buy molds for. I love that you can modify some of the projects to make similar items. 

I thought resin looked interesting, but this book made me really want to try my hand at it. If you have any interest in trying out resin to create a variety of projects definitely give this book a read. 

This is a book that I could see myself purchasing to keep on hand with my crafting items.
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For some reason I've been afraid to try resin projects.  I had managed to convince myself that a) the resin would somehow kill me, b) too much math involved in getting the ratio right, c) I'd ruin my one project I really wanted to get just right.     This book soothed my fears by making resin crafting seem doable and far less complicated, and yes....not likely to kill me or any innocent bystanders.     I will stop trying to learn about this craft on the internet where there is far too much information and will simply stick to this one resource.     I will still avoid math at all costs, but no longer suffer from "resin ratio" anxiety.     Thank you #netgalley and #TeodoraPetvoka for this wonderful tutorial on #DIYResinCraftingProjects.
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I received a copy from NetGalley and this is my freely given opinion.

I love crafting books and do a variety of different crafts myself. Dabbling in resin is one of them - I have made a variety of small projects with resin, including jewelry pieces, coasters, magnets, and a house sign. I have worked with UV cure resin, different types of 2 part resin, and resin clay. So I was very interested in this book.

I am hoping that, as this is a preview copy, that the issues at the beginning of the book will be fixed. The first 3-4% of the book appears to have pictures that likely are examples of some of the projects inside. But in the copy I have, they are all blurry white squares, with XXXXXs where I presume there are titles or reference numbers. Annoying to say the least.

From the 5% point onward, the pictures are quite clear.

I liked the information provided about different types of resin, and the equipment needed. One thing I wish was included was that there was mention of the use of gloves and all it said was you do not want to get resin on your skin. I do wish a bit more detail about the cautions of that were put in as resin can cause severe skin problems, especially repeat exposures. Also, the risk of inhaling dust or fumes when working with resin, heating resin, or sanding resin was not really addressed, so I wish there was a bit more on safety.

Also, this crafting book focused mostly on working with resin and botanicals or organics such as insects. This is great if that is what you want. One issue I had with working with some botanicals is that they can capture a lot of bubbles and there were some tips on how to address that in this book which I found helpful, and I liked the step by step pictures provided on the projects and things like finishing.

I loved some of the projects; that cast resin LOVE sign using wedding bouquet botanicals is a wonderful idea for a wedding keepsake! I quite like the wood pendent with the floral arrangement and may give that a try myself, and love the collage photo idea too.

But do keep in mind that the focus seems to be on the use of botanicals/organics. I would have liked to have seen more about using things like inks/paint and other additives since I have had hit/misses with uses of stamped images, printed images, etc with resin. For example -mica powder and glass glitter, or iridescent paints look gorgeous under resin, but things like faceted gems and sequins looks their dimensionality under resin. Some coloured papers bleed with resin and Sharpies too as well. But I seemed to have good luck with acrylic paints, and archival inks. Tissue paper just about disappears in resin, which has a neat effect also. Some glues or the thickness of glues seem to interfere with how some resin cures. Regardless, the projects were lovely and I am inspired to do a bit more with resin and botanicals - when the weather warms up enough to work with resin. Cold causes bubbling and cloudiness with resin too.

4 stars out of 5.
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Another fantastic instructional book! This time, it's for resin crafting, which I do a lot of in my small business.

There are projects in this book that I would never have though to do, like a resin wall hanging! It also walks you through the best ways to dry flowers to preserve them, which is something I've been searching for a good tutorial on for quite some time!

This book also gives you supply recommendations for each project, as well as TONS of education on the different types of resin and how to choose the correct type.

This is a great book to read if you want to do any kind of preservation with resin!
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Absolutely fantastic book on resin crafts. There is a huge variety of craft projects with very good quality instructions and pictures. I was very impressed with how much information is packed into this book. I found several things I intend to try. I can't wait to get started. I highly recommend this book.
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This was a fun book to learn about resin crafting!  I'm new to it and wasn't really sure where to begin, but this book has some really easy first-timer projects that I can't wait to try!
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I'm very new to resin crafting and this book was a really nice way to learn more and get project inspiration. It's well organized and has beautiful, clear pictures, which I find extremely helpful as a visual person. I also loved the additional resources section at the end. 

One small thing that I didn't love was that though it's mentioned that you should always work in a well ventilated area, I could not find any recommendation that folks wear a face mask or respirator as epoxy can be damaging to the lungs. 

4.5 stars rounded up.

Thank you to NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for the opportunity to read this book early. All opinions expressed are my own.
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I love working with resin. This book gave great tips on projects and technique. I can’t wait to utilize them. The images for each project are an added bonus.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

DIY Resin Crafting Projects by Teodora Petvoka is an absolutely beautiful DIY book that will teach you how to use resin crafts.  The book is illustrated with plenty of full-color photos and step-by-step instructions.  According to the description, "from flower paperweights and wood coasters to insect keychains and more, learn everything you need to know to successfully work with and pour resin, and how to preserve flowers, bugs, feathers, shells, and other natural treasures."

Overall, DIY Resin Crafting Projects would make the perfect gift for the DIY-er in your life.  One highlight of this book are the beautiful full-color photos.  Some of the books in this genre tend to skimp on the photos or only provide black-and-white photos.  Thankfully, that does not happen here.  There are plenty of photos and step-by-step directions here.  Also, the crafts that the book teaches you to make are absolutely gorgeous. If you're intrigued by the description, I highly recommend that you check out this book when it comes out in July!
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A great book full of unique projects. All the projects are well explained and seem easy to follow. Great for a crafter/hobbyist
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This book actually makes resin jewelry making seem possible for the beginner. There are a variety of different projects to try and the instructions and photos make it seem like the process won’t be as difficult as I anticipated.
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Very informative read for anyone looking to start with resin crafting. Geared for adults but set up with very clear instructions and beautiful clear photos. Recommended for library collections with adult crafters
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

DIY Resin Crafting Projects is a beautifully presented and put-together book of resin craft projects with step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs.
The book starts with an introduction to Crafting using resin and includes some fantastic tips and tricks along the way, too. The author/artist opts more towards Crafting with resin using flowers as her theme, but don't let this put you off if your not a fan of flowers or floral as there is still so much to learn and will give you great ideas too. I really want to try and make some resin  crafts at some point soon and this gave me some great ideas, tips and information to get started.
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I’ve seen craft segments on TV for resin projects and I wanted to try them but didn’t know where to start.

This is an excellent book for someone with no experience.  It gives very good description of tools and processes.   There’s a nice variety of projects from signs, coasters, hair clips, jewelry, trinket box, keychains, ring dish, cutting board, napkin rings, picture frame, rocks, wall art, holiday ornament, and a paperweight.

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) copy of this book and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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This was a great introduction into resin to craft beautiful pieces of jewelry or art. The pictures were clear and the instructions were easy to follow with plenty of useful tips and tricks from the author to insure your projects come out perfect. I will for sure be heading to the craft store in the near future to pick up some resin so I can put some of the info in this book to good use.
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