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Overcoming Insecure Attachment

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I didnt know how badly I needed this book. In 2022 I decided I was done clinging on the people because i tend to choose the wrong people to do this with. I like the phrase "insecure attachment" and that is definitely a problem I have and something i look forward to saying "I used to have" soon. 

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Overcoming Insecure Attachment by Tracy Crossley provides insight into insecure attachment and actionable strategies  for  developing healthier attachments. The author is vulnerable in discussing her own attachment patterns and working through them. Great follow up read after Attached.
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Love is hard, especially if it doesn't come easy. Tracy's "Overcoming Insecure Attachment" is a practical and insightful read that is bound to help any person desiring to heal, experience more integration, and engage in wise strategies to help overcome insecure attachment. Well done!
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This book talks through many topics, such as reactions, triggers, your emotional baggage, and all the other things we bring into our relationships... like just our personality type. It talks about how perfectionism can lead to unhappiness, but so can people pleasing... and personalising everything. It's a great book for getting you to think about the patterns and habits you and your partner have taken on. It's written in more of a conversational style, with examples, than research-driven, so depending on the reader, some may prefer this, while others may find it too conversational.
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